Title: Pieces (3b/3)

Chapter Three (B): All You Wanted

Rating: PG-13[T](For language, fluff and sexuality)

Pairing(s): Rachel Berry/Santana Lopez, Quinn/Puck

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee.

Summary: Based on a prompt from the PezBerry community. Basically, Quinn refuses to believe that she's gay and sleeps with Puck, getting pregnant in the process. Rachel's heart is broken to pieces and retreats within herself, quitting Glee; Santana comes along, however, and picks up the broken pieces to make her whole again, falling in love with each other along the way. Things quickly become complicated when Quinn begins to pursue Rachel again & Puck chases after Santana. (Paraphrased Summary)

Author's Note: …I sincerely apologize for the long awaited update. To make a long story short, our computer has been broken since November and the only access to the internet I had was through my phone and attempting to update Pieces on a crappy Windows Phone? It was frustrating so I patiently waited for this moment and now that I have a computer to use, I'll do my very best to update/create new stories for this fandom. Otherwise, I'll be tuning up my writing in the process.

Author's Note 2: I stopped watching Glee. I honestly have NO idea what's been going on since the Rocky Horror Glee episode and from what I attempt to watch is upsetting. I just can't…no. Season 2 will not exist in the universes I create for Glee, aside from new characters and maybe using some of the storylines that were very interesting. All I know is that I miss writing for this fandom and I'm going to ignore shipping wars even though it's all over my tumblr lol. Anyway…here is the chapter you've all been waiting for. Seriously, a huge thank you goes to the readers who continued to stick with me. This update was purposely written in a different light/mood than the previous ones though what happened in the past isn't neglected.

"All you wanted was somebody who cares.
If you need me, you know I'll be there
…" Michelle Branch

As soon as the clock struck '6:00' A.M. on one seemingly ordinary Saturday morning, Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls began playing on Rachel Berry's iPod dock and a warm body underneath a comfortable layer of pink and white floral sheets stirred on the bed next to the nightstand. However, that warm body did not belong to one Rachel Barbra Berry. "You forgot to shut that damn thing off last night, Rach. What's wrong with you?" A familiar raspy voice whispered playfully. The brunette in question smirked as the lingering effects of sleep began to wear off but she wasn't making any move to sit upright as the body practically lying on top of her made it difficult to do so. Not that she wanted to in the first place anyway so she could procrastinate for a little while longer. Rachel sighed happily as she attempted to shift to her side but Santana grunted and scooted her body closer towards her girlfriend, keeping her in place because this felt too good to let go. It was almost surreal, the events leading up to this small, peaceful moment in their lives but neither regarded this as something negative to dwell upon later. Santana was satisfied despite all that had happened in order for her to obtain the object of her affections but all that was in the past now. Rachel was whole again, no longer the shadow of a broken hearted person who refused to move on and she was happy because of the effort Santana had put in order for this to work. At that thought, Santana sleepily opened her eyes and found herself staring at the most adorable sight she's ever seen before(not that she used adorable to describe things often, but because this was Rachel she was dealing with, she could get away with it).

The diva was trying extremely hard to politely extricate herself from Santana's iron grip around her waist, her tongue peeking out through her luscious pink lips as she fully concentrated on achieving her goal. Being the mischievous and overall shameless attention whore that she was, Santana narrowed her eyes and decided to properly distract her girlfriend. Seriously, she wasn't going to just let her girl choose exercise over cuddling with her so you couldn't blame Santana for being slightly offended in the least although she was well aware of how Rachel Berry worked. Suddenly pushing herself off the mattress, she startled the smaller girl by twisting her body, grabbing onto her shoulders and quickly straddles her, making sure that there was no possible way for her to escape. In order to establish her dominance further, she used one arm to forcefully spread Rachel's legs open that way she could settle in between them while at the same time it encouraged the other girl to wrap herself around the taller girl's body. Santana's wicked grin caused Rachel to blush but she couldn't tear her gaze away from the predatory look in the cheerleader's eyes…it was incredibly enticing. "G-good morning, Santana! I wasn't expecting such enthusiasm this morning." The diva nervously chuckled as she said this, squirming underneath the beautiful Latina which only served to briefly arouse them both.

"Morning, beautiful. I needs me some lady lovin' and I thought I might as well go for the gold since you're already up." Santana says with a small smile on her lips before she leans down to peck Rachel on the lips. What was intended to be a G rated kiss turns out to become something more for the next ten seconds as the eager diva sucks onto Santana's lower lip, her tongue licking across the Latina's lips bashfully. Unwilling to back down from any opportunity that presented itself to her, Santana grips onto the bed sheets below her and proceeds to kiss her little gold star hard, as if the world was going to end tomorrow so she didn't want to take any chances. By now, Rachel is succumbing to a submissive state and rakes her nails up and down Santana's spine, though in her mind she is trying to tell herself to stop before they took things to a whole different level. When Santana finally pulls away for oxygen, Rachel giggles and says, "How romantic. The morning breath kind of takes away from it, don't cha think?" The Hispanic girl rolls her eyes and reluctantly pulls herself off of the singer, chuckling as she did so. As much as she wanted to stay in bed with the girl that she deeply cared about, they had set their first date to today and Santana had made some rather…unique and complex plans that needed to be executed perfectly. When she lazily got out of bed, casting a quick glance over to where Rachel was shyly slipping out from under the sheets, she felt her heart tug a little at the sight. She never wanted to forget that feeling now that Rachel was hers.

She had spent the night with the singer before but that was before anything romantic took place between them and it felt so different now but better. As she continued to watch Rachel move about in her explosively colorful room, she couldn't help but stare as the smaller girl took a minute to herself in order to stretch her arms above her head while she was on the tips of her toes. Santana snuck up to her girlfriend from behind, carefully suppressing her laughter, before wrapping her arms around the girl's chest to pinch Rachel's nipples. She wasn't wearing a bra and they were showing through the thin fabric of her camisole top so it was totally fair game, Santana reasoned. Squealing loudly and jumping about – oh say, ten feet in the air- Rachel turned around and began to swat Santana in the arm with a half-hearted scowl on her face. Laughing obnoxiously, the cheerleader pushed them towards the nearest wall, reaching for the smaller girl's wrists and pinned them above her head. Blushing furiously, Rachel bit her lip as she sought a silent connection between herself and Santana. The Latina, without any hesitation, brushed a stray strand of hair away from the singer's face and offered the other girl a small, crooked smile. "You're so beautiful." The electricity in the air intensified, the chemistry undeniable and Rachel was rendered speechless. Santana was taught to love with all her heart, to protect those closest to her, and to never be ashamed of who she was. Yeah, she thought she might have been a little cheesy at that moment but she didn't care. She wasn't afraid of expressing how she felt about her loved ones, especially Rachel, who appeared to be melting at her words. She meant everything she ever said to the other girl and she was going to take care of her. It didn't mean that she was going to go soft, however, she was still Santana Lopez so being in a loving relationship with her long time best friend? It wasn't going to change anything.

Rachel was mesmerized by the taller girl's words of appreciation but was unable to verbally respond. The huskiness of her voice paralyzed her, sending her chills as she briefly wondered how she was so lucky to have the Hispanic girl in her life. Leaning up to capture Santana's soft lips in a passionate kiss, the Latina stayed put until their lips made slight contact and teasingly pulled away from the other girl, who was obviously still dazzled by the romantic moment. "You better get in the shower, champ, we don't want to waste the day away fooling around. Also, you better get dat ass in some booty shorts and a tank top 'cause where we're going, we're gonna get hella dirty, babe." She told her with a broad smile on her face, enjoying the face Rachel made when she spoke 'ghetto' to her. "Oh my god, just because you're from Lima Heights Adjacent, it doesn't make you any more 'badass' when you speak to me in a way that offends the English language." Rachel lightly mocked, enjoying the taken aback expression on her girlfriend's face. Santana seriously studied her counterpart for a minute, hands on her hips before raising an eyebrow at the dramatic diva before her. "Girl, I knows I ain't gotta tell you again. Get your ass in the shower 'cause we gots places to be." Mildly annoyed by the manner in which Santana was speaking, Rachel sighed and reached for the clothes that she had set aside last night and merrily skipped over to her bathroom across the hallway. On the way out, however, Santana slapped her butt firmly when she got the chance and Rachel pretended to look scandalized.

"Oh, don't forget to make me a sandwich while you're in there or else it's a deal breaker." Santana joked with a smirk playing on her lips as she walked out into the hallway with the diva. Rachel was about to reply when all of a sudden, Santana nearly fell down the nearby stairs when she accidentally took a big step backwards until she caught herself on the railing. "Ay, Dios mio! Oh don't rush over to help me, Berry. I'm bent over backwards here, trying not to fall. I'm completely fine!" The cheerleader huffed out awkwardly as Rachel hit her head against the bathroom doorway laughing at her girlfriend's expense. Dating Santana Lopez…well, it was certainly entertaining. "I'd love to, babe, but I'm naked over here and you know how my dads feel about female nudity." The singer called out from the bathroom doorway, bouncing in surprise when Santana forcefully pushed herself away from the stairs and ran towards Rachel like a gazelle. Squeaking playfully, the singer quickly shut the bathroom door just as soon as Santana made it to the doorway. Groaning in disappointment, Santana lightly slammed her palm on the door, "Ugh, you tease!" She could hear Rachel's melodic laughter echoing in the bathroom as the girl jumped into the shower, leaving Santana to gather her bearings and thoughts now that she was almost completely awake. She was surprised that she had been able to keep her composure for so long as the excitement bubbling up within was beginning to overwhelm her. Today was going to mark significant progress for their relationship and Santana wanted to be certain that all was going to go as planned. She knew that despite being officially together for two weeks, she was satisfied to know where this relationship was already going. She knew she might be overdoing it today but knowing Rachel as well as she did, she was going to love the grand gesture she had set up for her.

Walking away from the bathroom door, Santana pulled out her phone and sent a text message to somebody who owed her a huge favor. She sighed, irritated that she still associated with this particular boy but he seemed to be walking on the path towards redemption when he accepted her request.

"Puck u better be there by 8. U know I can't haul all that shit in my car w/o her finding out what I have planned." Not even five minutes later, the boy responded back.

"You know I'll be there. Look, I only agreed 2 this cuz you know how I feel about you kicking me in the nads. I do this solid for you, and we never bother each other again, cool?"

Santana rolled her eyes. It was amazing how much his stupidity hurt. She owned everybody at McKinley High. No matter if they were enemies, teachers, or strangers, she could make them do whatever she wanted at her bidding but she didn't have time to argue with the Neanderthal.

"Yeah ok, sure. Just haul the load over to where I told you on time and split. Then when we're done, u can clean up our mess." The Hispanic girl placed her phone in her bra and proceeded to head downstairs in order to use the guest restroom. Today was going to be beautiful and she didn't care if people saw her frolicking with Rachel throughout the day. She was still badass.

About an hour and a half later, after both girls had showered and gotten dressed, Rachel's fathers had just woken up and began preparing a healthy, vegan breakfast for their daughter and her companion. Santana strutted into the dining room adjacent to the kitchen, wearing a tight black and grey knit long sleeve knit top, black cargo shorts and matching black knee high socks to match her outfit. Her hair was held up in a loose ponytail, sunglasses hiding the twinkling mirth in her eyes as she walked over to greet Rachel's fathers. The eldest Berry, and quite possibly the most intimidating of Rachel's dads, Steven, looked up from whatever he had been occupied with and offered Santana a genuine smile. "Good morning, Ms. Lopez. I trust your evening was very well spent. How did you sleep last night?" He asked, taking a sip of his coffee before focusing on his non-vegan friendly bacon strips and sausage links in the frying pan. Santana lecherously grinned at the older man and replied, "Oh, your daughter and I were way too occupied to bother sleeping last night, ya know what I'm saying?" Surprisingly, Owen Berry reacted first by snorting out his coffee as he chuckled at his husband's reaction. Steven set a firm straight line with his lips and shot the Latina a death glare. The feisty cheerleader, however, made obnoxious gestures with her hands, as if she were silently communicating, "Come at me." After a tense moment of silence, Steven finally broke out in a fit of laughter, shaking his head at his daughter's girlfriend. "I don't think I'll be able to get used to you just yet, Santana. I trust you though. I'm just really glad she has you in her life. I've never seen her so legitimately happy before. Thank you, for everything." He told her quietly, showing vulnerability she hadn't seen in Rachel's dad before. Santana dropped the act and walked over to embrace him in a hug but because he was so tall, it was slightly awkward but the gesture meant a lot to the both of them anyway. "She's special to me. Rachel doesn't even realize how good of a person she is to justify why I feel the way I do about her. I love her, that's all I have to say about it." Santana replied, blushing when Owen teasingly 'awwed' at the sentimental statement.

Before anything else could be said, Rachel made her appearance at the foot of the stairs, smiling sheepishly as she tried to adjust to her new look for the day. She had been sporting a pair of regular denim shorts, a loose black, pink and green Fox racing tank top and to complete the look Santana had been hoping she would achieve for today's activities, she wore matching black knee high's and SWISS hiking boots her dads bought for her when they went on a hiking trip not too long ago. Rachel's hair was swept back, a black and white polka dotted headband adding the Rachel Berry essence to her casual look. Owen had to a double take when taking in his daughter's appearance, Steven raising an eyebrow at his daughter's choice of apparel while Santana inwardly thanked Brittany for taking the girl on a shopping spree recently. "So…um are we ready to head out, San? I have a couple of surprises that I honestly can't wait to show you." Rachel says shyly, trying her absolute hardest to keep from blatantly staring at Santana. Owen Berry, the silent observer of the family, couldn't help but put his rare two cents in the conversation. "What kind of surprise, darling? It better not be what I'm sure you know what I'm assuming it is." He says sternly, taking off his glasses for a brief moment to wipe them clean. Rachel gasps, stomps her foot on the ground as she vehemently denies the accusation. "Daddy! What kind of girl do you think I am? No, okay, I guess I have to prove my innocence. Otherwise…they won't let us go out on our date. Here, Santana, I thought you would appreciate this. I've been saving up my allowance in order to present this to you when the time was right and I know your interests are rather…well, let's say dangerous and this could be a fun thing for you and whomever you wish to be bring with you."

Santana was mildly amused by the fact that Rachel usually didn't need oxygen when she spoke but she nearly lost it when Rachel huffed out that last word, trying to remain calm as she received a small neatly wrapped package fit for a necklace. Though she was tempted to comment on how she didn't necessarily have to do that for her, the needy part of Santana was more than willing to accept any kind of gift from her lover. She wanted to feel appreciated as well so this small gesture sent her heart soaring. "Oh, Rachel…you shouldn't have –wait, are these what I think they are?" The feisty Latina gasped after she had opened the small box, assuming that it was going to be a piece of jewelry but instead, they were two tickets to a certain show she'd been obsessed with seeing live since the first time she ever watched the action sports movie that came out for it quite a few years back; Nitro Circus. Almost immediately, Santana felt tears well up in her eyes as she began to hyperventilate excitedly, and Rachel knowing how fully well the other girl could exaggerate her emotions, pressed on. "I know that I've been selfish by taking your time away from doing what you love the most by being with me and committing yourself to Glee but please don't think I don't want you to pursue entertainment outside of Glee and myself. I remember you mentioning once or twice about participating in events of this nature and well…I thought you would like this." The singer said shyly as she took in Santana's unbelievable reaction. The girl was hysterically crying with joy, and Rachel was unsure whether or not she should attempt to comfort her or giggle at the sight. Just then, she felt two strong arms wrap around her as she was hoisted over the Latina's shoulders, Santana quickly spinning her around before stopping dead center in the living room.

Not intending to let her go anytime soon, Santana turned to face her girlfriend's parents, who were unable to react to the Latina's sudden outburst. "Sirs, I promise to return her in mint condition by five thirty this evening. Now if you excuse us, we gots to be somewhere. Bye!" She calls out to them giddily, running out the door with Rachel helplessly in tow. When the front door slammed shut as quickly as it had opened, Owen and Steven cast each other nervous glances.

"…is this really a good idea, hon?"

"Probably not."

Santana couldn't stop shaking with excitement though on the outside, she tried to perfect a cool, calm exterior but with Rachel sitting so close to her and singing the songs that were playing on the radio, it proved to be challenging. Not only were those tickets relevant to the activities that she had carefully planned integrating Rachel into, but now she confirmed Rachel would have no qualms about getting comfortable with Santana in her own element, something that was dangerous. As Santana pulled to the next stop, she took a moment to look over at Rachel, who looked so incredibly adorable as she concentrated fully on belting out the final lyrics to Lady Gaga's latest hit single. She looked so happy in that moment, those brown, bright eyes no longer dull but full of life these days and her heart swelled with an immeasurable amount of pride. Oh Santana knew what to expect in this relationship. They would have their ugly moments but because they not only bring out the best in one another, any obstacle they encountered they would be able to overcome it, despite their stubbornness and overinflated egos. Santana knew that they would set aside their own feelings in order to comfort the other but this time…this time the honor belonged to Santana. Caught unaware, Santana suddenly felt a pair of soft lips pressing against her own for a few seconds before they pulled away. The proud Hispanic girl blinked in confusion before she relaxed at the sound of Rachel's voice. "What are you thinking about, Lopez?"

"It's nothing, really. I just can't wait to spend the day with you." At that exact same moment, Cee Lo Green's popular, overplayed(and censored, mind you) hit blasted through Santana's speakers and the girls' eyes lit up noticeably. "I see you driving 'round town with the girl I love and I'm like 'Forget you!' I guess the change in my pocket wasn't enough and I'm like, 'forget you!'" The lovers continued singing enthusiastically, Santana trying her best to distract Rachel long enough to get to their destination without raising any suspicion. And thus, began an epic romantic journey to where ever their hearts desired.

When the suburban scenery changed to a more beautiful, serene background with trees, curves and hills, Rachel finally began to wonder where Santana was taking her. She remained silent, however, in order to respect Santana's ideal romantic ventures and to be honest, she was looking forward to experiencing something entirely new. Although she hadn't been quite used to being romanced, even when she was with Quinn in private, she was becoming comfortable with the anticipation of what was to come. After another ten minutes of driving and engaging in senseless chatter, they finally seemed to be approaching their destination and Santana gripped the steering wheel with an abundance of anxiety and delight. It was amusing and so unbelievably cute to see so much emotion in such a feisty human being. "Okay, let me just find a decent parking space and it'll be about a five minute walk to a spot I specifically picked out and reserved just for us. Are you ready?" The Hispanic girl asked with a noticeable tremor in her voice and that alone melted Rachel Berry's heart. "With you, I've just about learned to expect the unexpected and embrace the crazy." With that said, Santana grinned and winked at the smaller girl before concentrating on parking the vehicle without crashing into the nearest tree or person. With Rachel around, it was always so easy to get distracted.

When Santana finally settled on a space, she immediately got out of the vehicle to politely open the door for Rachel, though she had to ask permission for it first since her girlfriend had a thing for independence. After assessing the things that would be needed, the girls proceeded to walk down a pleasant trail as they proudly held hands, despite some curious onlookers. Rachel sighed at the sight of the beautiful sun rising over the tall trees in this part of Ohio she hadn't explored before, the birds chirping with beautiful melodies in their hearts and the air oozing with passion and mystery. When they reached their reserved area, there was a mixed reaction from both girls. Although Santana saw that the expected load had been delivered as promised and the pre-arranged picnic had been set up as requested, there still remained a rather obnoxious problem. The tent Santana purchased and sent over to Noah came with instructions and apparently, the boy couldn't follow down the simplest steps ever written down in history as he was still attempting to fix it right up. Santana immediately became irritated at the sight she deemed pathetic, while Rachel tensed and backed away from the Hispanic girl. When Santana felt the signs of Rachel panicking, she didn't have to think twice about what she had to do first. "Babe, don't worry. Puck isn't trying to do anything to ruin our date, I asked him to set this up for me. He owed the both of us a favor. Please trust me, just let me go deal with his stupid ass." Rachel hesitated, but nodded towards Noah after Santana had taken the time to assure her. Santana caressed the singer's cheeks for a moment and placed a lingering kiss on her lips before turning her attention towards the self-proclaimed sex shark.

"Puckerman, are you stupid or are you just stupid? You were supposed to have this finished by now. The fuck is the problem?" Santana growled, nostrils flared and fists clenched at her sides. She wasn't angry, but she was quickly becoming impatient as this was supposed to be a perfect moment for herself and Rachel. The boy struggled to stand up from where he had been kneeling but looked up at Santana with obvious fear in his eyes. "Look, Lopez, I've been up since even before the sun decided to grace the day with its presence doing this for you. I'm trying really hard and I must be frustrated or something but I'm trying, okay? I know this means a lot to you but…I'm actually kind of determined to do this for her and myself too, to be a better person. I know this is like an unconventional apology or whatever, but uh…she never really deserved any of the shit I gave her." He said quietly, trying not to become overwhelmed by remorse since this was all new to him, but he'd been thinking a lot about his past actions and the consequences that came with them. He never used to care about other people's feelings but his own but because of what happened with Quinn and what she did to Rachel…well, he didn't like it. Guilt sucked, it totally emasculated him yet he wanted to set things right, especially with a fellow Jew who endured much more abuse than he ever did. Noah sighed, and dropped the things in his hands and stood up to cast a cautious glance over to where Rachel had been standing.

She awkwardly stood next to a tree, fiddling with her fingers as if they were the most interesting things on the planet and he knew had he not participated in breaking the girl that stood before him, she would be her normal, bubbly self with a demanding presence that would not be forgotten anywhere. This was a different Rachel Berry that he was not yet accustomed to and it was uncomfortable. She was making progress though, slowly blooming into the beautiful flower that she'd always been and once again be the passionate diva that made her the person she was meant to be. Puck was hoping this apology would set things in motion, to make up for all his past sins and feel better about himself as a human being because being the bully had never really been who he was meant to be. Santana noticed the softened expression on his face and decided to let up on him for just this one isolated incident. "Alright, I'll handle the rest of this complicated mess you made. You can go, but don't tell anyone I let you go without paying a price 'cause I've gotta keep my bitches in check." She told him firmly, allowing him to hesitate before walking away from the scene as quickly as he possibly could. Santana was not known for showing mercy or handing out second chances so he didn't dare question her. As he walked past Rachel, he stopped for just a second to meet her gaze before he had to look down at his feet in shame. Damn, those puppy dog eyes just killed him, made him feel worse as he walked away but in time, he would find the courage to verbally express his regrets and apologies.

When she was certain that he was gone, Rachel walked up to Santana with a questioning look but Santana shook her head. "I'll explain in due time but let's just say he was doing this because he wanted to clean his slate. Now come on, I'll fix the tent later but let me show you what I've been looking forward to this past week." Santana told the singer softly, her eyes sparkling with what she could describe as a look of pure admiration and love. The singer swooned, hypnotized by Santana's explosive feelings as she gave the girl a tour of the picnic setup. Rachel giggled at the sight of an old fashioned red and white checkered blanket underneath a rather large picnic basket and the necessary equipment to eat and drink the food that had been provided. The tent would provide shelter from the sun as it would be unusually hotter than normal but it would also be for them to relax and reminisce about their date before they headed home. Yeah, Santana had planned it exactly how Rachel Berry would have, so what? That wasn't even the best part. As the Hispanic girl took the singer towards a rather large and clumpy object hidden beneath a tarp set aside for them and this was where Santana looked truly excited. "Okay, you have to promise to not freak out on me but here's what I think would be an interesting thing we could do from time to time together, as a couple. If it makes you uncomfortable, I understand but Rach, you gotta believe me when I tell you this…I'd think it'd be smokin' hot to see you ride this thing." The Latina said, eagerly unveiling the mystery object as it took Rachel completely by surprise.

There it was, a beautiful quad that Santana had spent a couple years riding but even longer to save up for. Rachel stared wide eyed at the ATV she would soon find herself riding and as Santana patiently awaited her girlfriend's reaction, she was honestly expecting her to be uneasy about the visual suggestion but either way, she was here to spend time with her and have a good time. After what felt like a reasonable amount of time to think things over, Santana moved to cover the ATV until she was interrupted by Rachel. "Wait, wait – San, please don't cover it up. I-that thing looks terrifying but just looking at it is quite enthralling. Please, tell me what you know about this thing before I ask you to take me for a ride! I want to know everything regarding your interests and why you like it." Rachel cried out, reaching out to touch and closely inspect the quad before her. Santana was shocked to find that the singer would willingly adapt to something different but she didn't wish to ignore the gift that was being presented to her. A smile adorned her features as both girls walked around the four wheeled menace, Santana explaining the specs in great detail. "Well first of all, what I have is an '04 Yamaha Raptor 660R…," the Latina began as Rachel was sincerely curious about how much her girlfriend knew about riding and was impressed by her vast knowledge. Never before had Rachel shown interest in anything that didn't involve Santana, Glee, and Broadway musicals but this…this was something she could see herself experimenting with and if it meant she could spend more time with her girlfriend, then so be it.

After Santana spent the better half of twenty minutes explaining how one would be able to work it, she proceeded to show how Rachel could get it running without stalling, and how to control the speed and direction she would be going should she choose to ride it herself. When Santana dropped a duffel bag that had been casually hiding behind the Raptor, Rachel squealed in excitement when she found gear Santana carefully picked out for her. They spent quite some time getting geared up as they easily became distracted with each other i.e. feeling each other up, slapping one another's firm behind when they got the chance, etc. Santana had to admit that although Rachel looked totally adorable wearing knee pads and a black youth helmet with a gold star on it was cute, she also looked irresistible showing off those amazingly toned legs. "Alright, Rachel, I'm going to show you how to ride this thing like a motha fucking boss so get on, wrap those arms around me and hold on tight. I like it rough, fast, and dirty but enough about what our sex life is going to be like, let's get to it shall we?" The cheerleader joked, enjoying the way Rachel's laugh filled her ears. "If you were to ever enjoy a sex life with me, Santana, then I'd get onto getting this thing going right about now." Rachel whispered mischievously, motivating Santana to instantly kick start the quad before they shot off into the distance, exploring flat terrain and nearby trails along the way.

Rachel was having an absolute blast, much to her surprise, riding in a quad with Santana leading them further away from reality. If love was supposed to feel like flying, then she never wanted to stop soaring with the girl who had shown her the light. Santana, as cocky as she made herself out to be, finally felt accepted and loved by the one girl she had always held such strong feelings for. She may have a tough exterior but the girl holding her tightly from behind, made her heart beat faster with each passing second. Although she felt loved and accepted by Brittany, this was something entirely new and different and it felt so good. She never truly felt the need to be accepted by her peers since it came easy to her but all Santana had ever wanted was somebody who truly cared about her and expressed it without hesitation. Again, that came with Brittany, but this whole time she had been seeking that attention from Rachel and now that she was hers, she didn't want to let that go ever. As Rachel called out to her that she wanted to take the Raptor out on her own…well, Santana didn't dare question why and pulled to a stop in order to teach the girl how to get it going and how the simplest maneuvering skills were needed to be understood. It took the singer ten-fifteen tries before she was able to get the engine running but all it took was five seconds before the girl toppled over to the side and gained a couple of minor scrapes and bruises. It was all in good fun, despite how concerned Santana was after the girl had accidentally inflicted injury upon herself but Rachel smiled, determined as ever to learn properly. Santana was irrevocably smitten.

This had gone on for well over two hours, the girls riding on and off again as they took turns with the Raptor, making a couple of cute videos and taking many pictures for their Facebook friends to look over. There was a moment in which Santana had stalked away from the quad to allow Rachel to ride and when she looked over, the girl had been standing in a particular spot that caught brilliant light and brought out the girl's beauty tenfold. The Latina took out her phone and aimed the camera when Rachel took a minute to observe their surroundings –click – and Santana took some time to admire the picture she took. As she was uploading the picture to her Facebook account, she hastily typed in "This is mine. Don't hate, appreciate" as the caption before her attention was turned back to the diva, who strode towards her with purpose. Rachel loosely flung her arms around the taller girl's neck and suddenly pulled her in for a sensual kiss. Santana actually gasped for a second before the singer took advantage of it and flicked her tongue across the Hispanic girl's lips. Rachel finally caught Santana's bottom lip and sucked on it hard, her tongue tearing through the seam. Almost immediately, the Latina succumbed to the kiss and allowed the other girl to fully explore her mouth with enthusiasm. Running her fingers up and down Rachel's back, her fingers finally settled for a loop hole in her shorts and tugged her body closer as they continued to kiss. Reluctantly pulling away for oxygen, Santana leaned forward until their foreheads touched, a smile forming on her thoroughly teased lips. "Mmm, what was that for, Rach?"

The only response she received was a shy smile before the girl dragged her towards the tent, which Santana had fixed not so long ago. When they entered, it wasn't long before the Latina felt herself being gently pushed onto her back on the blanket Santana laid out for them. As Rachel hovered above her, dark tresses acting as a curtain around Santana, the feisty cheerleader couldn't help but fidget in anticipation. Rachel was intimidating when she was on top because she always had this intense way of expressing how much she truly desired her. "Santana, do you trust me?" Rachel whispered confidently, her fingers threading through Santana's thick dark brown locks and all the Latina could do was shiver and shakily reply with a quiet yes. With that said, Rachel tightened her grip on the lock of hair she held in her hand and attacked Santana's mouth with open mouth kisses that incited the light tingling sensation to start pulsing hard within the Hispanic girl's core. Rachel licked and nipped with every kiss she had to give but her hands, at this moment, were far more courageous than her own lips and slowly but surely began to explore the body beneath them. Santana reacted vigorously, not ashamed in the least as her moans echoed in the small room around them. She eagerly parted her legs to allow Rachel to get comfortable but the other girl had different plans. Rachel's hands had boldly breached new territory, kneading the soft flesh of Santana's thighs, before she lowered herself to plant soft kisses on the sliver of skin that had been exposed due to the Latina's shirt riding up from the minor grinding that had occurred. Stopping herself before she dared to go any further(though a huge part of herself wanted to) Rachel leaned over the length of Santana's body again and laid against her. As both girls struggled to catch their breaths from one of the most intense sessions they've ever shared with one another, Rachel reached over for Santana's hand and clasped it with her own.

They remained silent for some time now, Rachel's head laying on top of Santana's chest as she hummed along to an unfamiliar tune the cheerleader couldn't quite recognize. "Rachel…I love you." She blurted out, unable to suppress the feelings she held for the diva any longer and for a brief second, the Latina would have regretted letting those three words slip out but any doubts she had disappeared the moment she felt Rachel tighten her grip on her hand. The girl looked up from where her head had been comfortable laying and her eyes twinkled with love and pure ecstasy when she met her gaze. Santana's heart squeezed a little at the sight and smiled, knowing fully well that Rachel felt the same way about her. For the remainder of the afternoon, the girls sang and shared laughter throughout the other activities they decided to participate in, they fed each other the various amount of fruits and vegan friendly chocolates Santana had brought with her but the only thing that really mattered to either of them the most was that they cherished the new memories they had created for the long run.

After what seemed like a long, but very productive day, the date had finallly come to a close and just as he promised, Noah conveniently showed up again to clean up after the girls though Rachel had insisted upon helping in order to appropriately clean up the environment. Santana merely rolled her eyes in response and had to drag Rachel away from the scene to take her home promptly at five thirty. By the time they had reached Lima, Ohio, the sky had been painted with a beautiful streak of gray, orange, and sky blue. Today had been the most fun Santana's ever had in a long time and she was sure Rachel felt the same way as the girl had been bouncing in her seat and chattering non-stop with a cheesy(but gorgeous) grin on her face for about half an hour now. They pulled into Rachel's neighborhood, slowing to a full stop when they approached her home. The Hispanic girl cast the bubbly singer an adoring look, her eyes slightly filled with regret that they couldn't spend any more time together today since they both had duties at home to attend to this evening and Sunday before they went to school on Monday. Rachel let herself out of the car but patiently waited for Santana to escort her to the front door. Santana took her hand and took her time in accompanying Rachel home, enjoying the comfortable silence in the air. When they made it to the doorstep, the singer turned to look up at Santana with an awestruck expression on her face. "Santana, although I detest the fact that we must depart tonight, I bid you a good night. You have fulfilled every girl's fantasy of experiencing the true ideals of romance in the most unconventional of ways. I had the best time tonight, San, and I owe it all to you. You're amazing…" Rachel exclaimed, throwing her arms around Santana. That Latina chuckled at the smaller girl's antics, returning the gesture with a gentle kiss on the diva's forehead. "It sucks that I can't see you tomorrow, but come Monday morning, I'll be outside your door to take you to school. I never want to forget what happened today, you made so incredibly happy. Goodnight, Rachel." After the girls separated themselves from one another, Santana waved goodbye and Rachel giddily waved back before barging into her own home and ran upstairs to her room. She shook with an immeasurable amount of pure happiness until she finally fell asleep that night.

-MONDAY; 8:20 AM-

Monday rolled around and just like Santana had promised, she'd been waiting outside Rachel Berry's door in order to take her to school. Something felt entirely different, however, when both girls had walked in through the main entrance of the school, but it was…good feeling, something Rachel hadn't expected to notice after being with Santana for only such a short period of time. Santana strode through the hallways in her cheerios uniform, wearing the infamous smirk that intimidated others, holding Rachel's hand as they headed towards her locker. The sea of students parted for McKinley's newly christened power couple, some of the students looking quite indifferent towards Rachel's new status while others were genuinely confused. It wasn't that long ago that Quinn Fabray had ordered a full out slushie attack on the girl but now here she was, making cowardly students throw themselves into the nearest classroom when they saw her walking by. Santana Lopez made sure to glare at anybody who dared to throw a funny look at Rachel Berry and it seemed to get the message across. However, when her gaze fell upon her, Quinn Fabray, her blood boiled with rage as she observed the longing stare in her seemingly lifeless hazel eyes. The crowd continued to disperse, Rachel incessantly chatting about Glee and Santana listened, but refused to respond as she was ready to growl and strike at the former head Cheerios captain. The moment the couple walked towards the pregnant girl, Quinn had the nerve to call out to her girl. "Rachel!" Despite how obvious it was that she was desperately trying to latch onto any attention she would receive from the girl, Rachel didn't even flinch. She kept smiling and looking up at Santana as they finally made it past the girl and Santana instantly relaxed, comforted by the fact that Rachel had learned to tough it out. Smirking cruelly, the Latina purposely shoulder checked the blond as she continued on her way to Rachel's locker. Once again, Rachel turned the other way and continued to ignore what had just transpired, no longer allowing the other girl any opportunities to get to her ever again.

As they walked away hand in hand, Quinn felt her heart plummet to the floor. She had been ignored and cast aside as if she were just another nobody in this pathetic little cow town she was forced to call home. Santana checking her on their way down the hall didn't hurt, no what hurt more was the fact that Rachel didn't even stop to make sure that she was okay. No, she kept going along with Santana and left her behind. It stung her so much knowing that the other girl had moved on and perhaps, it was for the best but it didn't mean that's what Quinn wanted. No, not at all. What she wanted was to be loved, to be cherished and she had that with Rachel but her stupid obsession with image, reputation and everything having to do with popularity destroyed all of what she had but lost. A single tear escaped, her heart clenching at the memories of what she had done to the girl came racing back and what was left of her conscience screamed, "You didn't deserve her." It killed her but there was nothing she could do. It was over. Quinn leaned against the lockers and sighed wistfully, watching the lovers from afar interact so casually and she couldn't help but envy Santana. If only things were different, she'd be the one holding Rachel's hand and not be the one carrying Noah Puckerman's child. Her thoughts were interrupted when a familiar voice broke her out of her reverie. Puck had casually walked up beside her, with his hands in his pockets and an unsure look on his face. For the first time, he looked apologetic and human. "Quinn…I need to talk to you. Can you spare a minute?" Quinn, amazed by the fact that the boy had asked permission to spend time with her, nodded in approval as she needed an immediate distraction from her breaking heart. Maybe just one day, she would learn how to own up to her responsibilities and rectify the mistakes she had made in the past. Right now, she knew there would be a lot for her to endure but she had a feeling that she wouldn't be completely alone on the path towards redemption.

Santana was disgusted by that sickening look Quinn had been throwing them from afar but the girl knew better and had kept to herself this time. She would never forgive her for what she had done to Rachel but it seemed as if Rachel was no longer leading her life based on what happened in the past. She had moved on. When they approached Rachel's locker, they had found it occupied by one Brittany Pierce who couldn't stop staring adoringly at both of the girls. This time, Santana actually blushed because she knew she was so fucking unbelievably cheesy and Brittany could see right through her façade. "Hi! Rach, you looked so amazing in that outfit I picked out for you. Ugh and Santana, you couldn't have picked a more romantic quote for that picture you took of her beside the quad? It was so gorgeous!" The cheery blond scolded after greeting the both of them with hugs and kisses on the cheeks. Santana felt as though her body had been lit on fire as Rachel threw her head back in laughter, remembering the caption she read on the Hispanic girl's Facebook page. "Don't hate, Britt, or I will fucking pee on everything you love. I don't need this 'cause girls like me don't do feelings, especially at eight thirty in the freaking morning. You know this." Santana jokingly replied through a half smile/scowl, unable to decide whether or not she was actually embarrassed or annoyed. Rachel shook her head in disbelief as she watched the two girls before her argue back and forth over trifle things that didn't necessarily matter. Brittany eventually gave up and rolled her eyes, looking over at Rachel with a sly smile on her face.

"Come on, I'll walk my girlfriends to their classes 'cause I'm Brittany, bitch! That's how I roll." She told the girls as she encircled her arms around both Santana's and Rachel's waists. Santana raised her eyebrow in confusion whereas Rachel remained oblivious to the obvious hard time she was purposely giving her best friend "What do you mean by that, B? Is there something you gotta tell me or am I about to trip over nothing'?" Santana asked with a straight face, trying to ignore the mischievous look in Brittany's eyes. "Well, technically, since at one point you were my girlfriend and now that Rachel is yours, that ties her to me indirectly. What's yours is mine…" Brittany began, before emphasizing her point by suddenly picking Rachel up and carrying her bridal style. The singer had gasped in both surprise and delight, wondering the direction in which this conversation was going to go. "And what's mine is…well, it's mine. I win." Brittany said with a grin, before rapidly turning around and ran towards the stairs that led to the second floor with a giggling Rachel in tow. Santana stomped her foot in mild annoyance, wondering when her best friend would ever stop giving her such a hard time for being so in love and overprotective of Rachel. "I swear to God I love you, Britt, but that's it…I'm going Lima Heights on your ass. THAT'S MINE!" Santana yelled, the terror in her voice failing to intimidate as she couldn't help but laugh as she chased both girls around the entire school. The beautiful friendship between the three girls only intensified from there, a strong connection had formed the day they had befriended one another but now they each shared a special bond that neither one of them would ever forget.

As for Santana Lopez and Rachel Berry, their relationship progressed with each passing moment and it only continued to evolve throughout their high school career. The laughter, the tears, and the memories they created only brought them closer together and it was something that each girl was proud of. Rachel Berry, the upcoming Broadway star and actress found love and happiness with one Santana Lopez, a headstrong aspiring doctor who pieced together the one woman she loved with everything she had to give. Throughout the remainder of their high school days, they dedicated themselves to each other and only to one another, despite Brittany's occasional request for a threesome, and sought out to live their lives according to their plans. This was what it was to be young and in love…

Final Author's Note: I apologize if the writing seemed shoddy, I am in the process of polishing it but yes, this was the intended final update that I long ago promised. Thank you once again to those who've stuck by me for quite some time, you guys mean a lot to me. Also, I don't want to give any hopes up but there might be a companion piece to this story that I would like to work on but I don't know, it's still in the works. In the meantime, I'll be experimenting a lot with different pairings and genres so don't be surprised if you see something weird and unusual written by me in the future. I hope you've all enjoyed…