Authors note: I've been meaning to post this on here for some time, but haven't gotten around to it. I'm planning on doing a sequel in the near future, so I decided it's a good idea to post the first. This story is around two years old, so as much as I like it, apologizes for any grammar mistakes or just general odd writing. This story apparently was a big hit on BZP and dA, but I'm not sure how it'll be here. Still, I hope everyone enjoys it.

Summary: Tachi is a broken Toa, fueled by vengeance to regain what was rightfully hers stolen by the Makuta. Komas is a flamboyant mercenary, doing the dirty jobs for the right pay. But when these two veteran Toa cross paths, their destinies get entangled in a Makuta's twisted scheme!

Setting: This story is set in the Bionicle universe, most likely after the Makuta went bad, but before a lot of the main storyline takes place; most likely is slightly alternate universe. I really prefer the traditional/fantasy style of Bionicle the most, but I wanted to try my hand at making it sci-fi/cyberpunk as well.

. Glitch



System .

Section 1.0

To reminisce the bitter fires of death, to be lost in the fear, to feel the pain of almost physical nightmares—but to know nothing of it, to remember nothing but black screams, was one way of touching lands worse than Karzahni, or the Pit, with the tips of your fingers. You cannot do anything against such evil. Nothing.

Ignorance is truly bliss.

Tachi would remind herself of this possibly many times a day. It helped fuel her taste for blood, vengeance, —guilt. She ran and pressed on with bitter struggles and stubbornness to attain her goal. Nothing but the stretch of death would stop her. Not even a Great Being could sway her heart. She could feel it, hear it, almost smell it—but she could not remember it.

Tachi, Toa of electricity, would stop at nothing to gain her memories back. Ill means or not, she would kill every Makuta and more to reach what was rightfully hers.

She ran as fast as her legs would carry her, the Toa's purple and black scarred armor was slim, agile, and powerful. Tachi seemed not to blink as she stared at her destination. Her hand clutched tightly to her long buster sword, treating it as if it was a feather.

The whole forgotten alleyway was dark, grimy and had a sickening smell to it. This island was once similar to her own: beautifully prosperous by the main trade routes, nevertheless, it was simple and peaceful. But now it was nothing more than an ailing grave, a meager and small site for the Makuta to enjoy themselves with experimentations, gleefully boasting their grand ability to conquer.

It made her feelings rage to a boiling point, but no one could be able to tell by her blank expression, her dull blue eyes still staring towards the large tower. They would pay for this, they would fear, and they would die.

She had discarded the Toa's code, but no; she was not rightfully a Toa anymore. She was just a fake using the power to her own advantage. Tachi didn't care; for she was just a soulless piece of metal programmed only find peace to her mind.

She bounded up toward a roof, landing neatly and without a moment's rest, continued to race on; her feet clattering almost silently against the metal roofs. The city itself was now empty; but guards still patrolled the various streets and roofs. Her only company was the smoke and darkness of the night.

She raised her weapon, holding it with both hands. With smooth acrobatic prowess, she somersaulted in the air, jumping between a gap and slicing her weapon through a Rahkshi as if was mere water. She landed and her feet clanked against the metal. She turned back to watch the creature attempt to cry out, but to no avail. The visor she wore over her Mahiki styled mask glimmered against some flickering street lights, the device reading over the Rahkshi to make certain it was dead. She then turned back toward her goal, and stood stock still as a statue momentarily. The tall tower of the Makuta loomed up to the cloudy dark sky, far off at the edge of the village.

She placed the weapon on her back, securing it into place, and then she jumped up on a small tower and began to climb. Within seconds she was at the top, perched up at the edge like a crouching animal. She looked down to notice a long barge-like chute going down the street, headed toward the gate. That was her cue.

She jumped off the tower, feeling the dry wind race past her, whizzing and screaming.

Almost too fast to see, Tachi whipped her weapon out and flipped onto the speeding chute, slicing through one Rahkshi, and grabbing the other. She threw it off and it fell, its body hitting mercilessly into a wall. Her eyes were steady with sheer focus as she clutched her sword close by her body for defense. She swung around when she heard footsteps, only to be faced with a large, portentous Exo-Toa. It had stretched its hand out to crush her, and Tachi braced herself for the impact, unable to move out of the way in time. Instead it froze and she heard a thump resonate, then a crack. The suit fitfully struggled to keep its balance, but fell lifelessly over the barge, the body embedding itself in the dirt road far below.

Tachi pointed her weapon toward the shadowy area of where the Exo-Toa had apparently been killed. She heard footsteps, and a figure came walking up, the goggles he wore reflecting the lights from around the area.

"Now, now," He said, placing a sleek gun back into its holster. "You had to come along and ruin it all."

Tachi bit her lower lip, still holding her weapon out toward the stranger. He was a tall, considerably built Toa. Aside from the leisurely smirk he held, it was impossible to tell his true intentions with such questionable goggles over his eyes.

The chute continued to speed towards the building, getting closer and closer to its desired location. The machine had been on auto pilot, and the enemy was unaware of the hijacking for the time being. The unfamiliar Toa seemed to notice the sudden peace and assumed they had a few minutes to spare.

"I had plans to silently sneak in the base," he continued. "though you seem to have a different arrangement."

"What do you want?"

"Maybe what you want; that Makuta dead," he said, pointing towards the building. "Who hired you?"

"I came on my own accord."

"Really now? This is interesting." He walked toward Tachi, his footsteps now completely soundless.

"You may call me Komas, Toa of Sonics. I was hired to assassinate this Makuta. What is your story?"

"I am in search of something. The rest of the information is mine to keep classified."

This Komas newcomer seemed either unaware of her weapon or was purposely trying to get killed. He walked up to her only to have the long glimmering sword pointed at his neck. His head shifted slowly down to her sword, he finally raised his arms upward, "I assure you ma'am I mean no harm to you."

Tachi merely grunted. "That's what everyone says, and then when they get what the want they throw you to the side."

"At least you are aware of how life cycles," Komas responded, his head tilting around the sword to notice the fortress was looming ever so closer.

"Why don't we make a deal. Let's get the job done together, and we'll be on our separate ways after we settle the Makuta's fate."

"Why should I?"

"Well, assuming we're both too stubborn to turn around, we may be of more use working together…" Komas made another eerie grin. Though he had a rough appearance, his voice was convincing.

Tachi could not help but feel curious about him. She had not seen any Toa in…well, she could not recall. But this was her first time to peacefully socialize. He may be some use to her.

Tachi lowered her weapon slowly, her visor reading over the body to make sure he had no tricks up his armored arms. Finally, and wordlessly, she turned to face the fortress.

"What is your plan?"

The chute had arrived on time. It was filled with cargo containing all the necessary items for the Makuta; weapons, technology, items best left to be anonymous for the public eye… It could be all found in those cold metal boxes. The barge slowly parked itself in the small docking area with a hiss, and a green encrusted Rahkshi waddled over to inspect the shipment. Something was wrong. Where were the guards?

Its answer came far quicker than the Rahkshi wanted. A loud bang was heard, a long thin bullet surged through the creature, the metal parts shredding around and splintered apart, falling all around the dock. Komas came into view, shifting the weight of the gun on his shoulder, and calmly looked around. No one had detected them—yet.

Tachi followed behind, coolly walked off of the cargo transporter and looked at Komas with an emotionless glare. He returned the expression and quickly started heading up the stairs. Tachi grudgingly followed.

As a Toa of Sonics, Komas was able to keep himself and Tachi in absolute silence. They were not foolish, naïve Toa barging in with weapon shining. That was simply not a logical approach—unless they wanted to be dead. They knew secrecy and sheer cleverness was the only way to assassinate a figure of this much importance.

But already as the reached the base of the main entrance, lights began to flash around the metal encased fortress, and the shrieks of Rahkshi could be heard far off, preparing to battle the intruders.

Komas rubbed the temple area of his mask and sighed. "This came sooner than I expected."

"We have to hurry; Makuta have a tendency to disappear when it gets messy."

"You know much of Makuta?"

Tachi just looked over the Toa of Sonics for a moment, and then with ferocious power, brought out her sword, jumped over him and swung at a charging Exo Toa, cutting its hand cleanly off. It fell to the ground with a metallic screech, wires twitching and flickering.

She kicked the figure back and sent a blast of electricity, the dark purple flash twisted around the body, and unable to withstand the deadly attack, it collapsed in a smoking heap.

Before any congratulations were sent out, they looked up to see a horde of Rahkshi and other dreaded creatures charging towards them, their feet ramming against the hard earth, swinging weapons around carelessly with blind nerve. Komas would have none of this, and immediately grabbed hold of Tachi, pulling her away and pushed her toward the door. She slid in and noticed at the same time that the door was shutting down. In fact, windows, doors—any means of escape was now becoming obsolete. Komas flipped in the air, steadily pulled out his gun, and with two powerful shots that echoed out, hit a charging Rahi straight on. It stumbled and crashed to the ground, bringing several others down in addition. Komas was able to fall inside the room, just as the large metal entrance slammed shut with a piercing moan. They were left with the sound of enemies ramming the door and trying to claw their way in.

Komas straightened himself up and gave her a conceited grin. Tachi only shook her head, muttering something to herself and then continued up the stairway.

"Say, I never picked up your name ma'am," Komas called out, now rushing up the stairs to catch up with the fast paced female. There was silence for a moment, and only the dull clumps of feet hitting against the winding steps could be heard.

"It is unimportant to our cause."

"With your dashing looks, the name can't be all that bad, right?"

Komas thought he heard a sigh from her, but it was drowned away with the echoes from their feet and other clamor throughout the fortress.

"My name is Tachi," she said, and once again there was no more communication.

Komas found great fascination with her. True, he did find fascination in many females, but she was different. It was not everyday that when he was hired to do an assassination job he met with a strange Toa of Electricity. She claimed she was not hired to do this by any group; then what could she be after? Surely not just for sport?

They reached the end of the stairs. Without any pause Tachi rammed her sword against the small door, tearing it apart with a rupture and bounded in. Komas was quick to follow and brought out his gun.

Up ahead, they were met with a tall, powerfully built, black figure. His back faced the Toa and he seemed to stare out of the large-glassed window in front of him. They could hear his staggering breaths.

"I knew sooner or later that someone would come for me." The Makuta spoke out bitterly, and turned to face the Toa. His black and golden rusted face stared at them. "Makuta that get their claws in too deep will get much worse than what most peaceful beings could offer as punishment."

"You seemed unsurprised that I'm here then," said Komas, edging toward the towering creature.

"Who hired you? The Dark Hunters? Some rich trading company? Whatever the cause, they did not like what I was doing—bad business for them. Since they do not have the courage to wage war on us they merely kill the ones who step out of line…they got one of the best mercenaries out there to get me, which you are, I suppose. It's a pity to see Toa falling toward the darkness, such a pity…" The Makuta stopped in his sentence to pull out a long, battered hammer. Then he slowly looked toward the female Toa, who had stayed silent. Something sent chills through the Makuta as he was faced with her glare. Had he seen her before? Nevertheless, it was not important. The two would soon fall to his power and his station would be back and running smoothly; ten minutes flat.

One should know though, to never underestimate a Toa. That was the first mistake this arrogant and lesser Makuta did. The second mistake; it is far, far worse to underestimate mercenary Toa, ones who know of war and who have gone beyond the Toa code to attain what they want. They are vicious and on the edge between good and evil. They are not afraid to get the dirty business done with.

"You take the head, I'll take the legs," Komas blurted, and fired his silver gleaming firearm straight at the Makuta, the weapon glowed red as it charged up. The projectile was so silent that the being of darkness barely missed it; the bullet merely scraped against the armor and went straight-on into the glass window. It cracked and with a loud crash the window shred to thousands of pieces, all glimmering in the light as they danced and bounced onto the cold floor. The Makuta swung his hammer to distract Komas and then flung his leg out, tripping the Toa, and enjoyed the sight of Komas ramming his head against the floor from the impact.

Before he could do any finishing move, the Makuta was taken aback by the female Toa in a split second. One moment she was simply standing like a statue, unmoving and just staring with ghastly eyes. The next, her hands were on her buster sword, an enraged expression on her face as she jumped in the air, ramming her weapon into the Makuta's shoulder. He stumbled back but was able to block the second attack. The battle seemed to last forever as their eyes locked, dancing with beauty and graceless feats. She completely forgot about Komas. All Tachi could think about was her bittersweet revenge, nothing more. Her personal thoughts fueled her to fight, and fear encouraged it. The thought of death, and being captured again by Makuta put fear in her; literal terror. It was the only thing that scared her in the world, and from what she had learned, the only way to handle it was to face her fear. And kill it.

Tachi was barely able to block a heavy swing that pushed her sideways, and this gave the Makuta an opening that he graciously accepted.

He rammed his hammer into her side, and she spun back. A piece of armor under her chest had twisted back inside her, stabbing her organic tissue and wires. She grimaced, clutching her wound with one hand and stumbling to get up with the other. Shadows seem to suffocate her and swarm around Tachi, her eyes widened as she tried to escape such an attack, but it was useless. The shadows danced around her, twisting around and inside her. She struggled to stay sane; knowing helplessly that the Makuta was succeeding in killing her with his powers.

But then there was a loud bang, and the Makuta clutched his head and reeled, screaming aloud from the blast of deafening sound Komas was sending. His gun had already fired two blasts into the master of shadows, and now he shot again. And again. And again. The last shot charged straight into the Makuta's face, the bullet cracked in the mask. With a roar and a painful screech, the mask cracked and exploded from a small sound blast. The Makuta stumbled back, shocked and wounded. Unaware to where he had stepped, the Makuta cried out as he tripped out of the window to fall to his doom. Down, down, toward a deep dark abyss of unforgiving jagged rocks far below.

Tachi tried to get back up, but was unable to see properly. Her vision was blurring and darkening and it felt like her lungs had been shut off. Before blacking out she saw Komas rush to her side, yelling out something incomprehensible.

That was all she could recall as her body fell on the cold metal floor, her head lolling back.