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Soul Resonance

"Uh uh. You know how to play this game Chris."

The demons' voice was sickly sweet, and it made Piper shiver as she watched her youngest, her little baby boy stop, and his eyes dropped to the ground and it pained her to see such pure resignation radiate from the child, it was almost as if he actually knew and understood what was going on, on a level far above what he should.

"Now, you're going to come over here to me."

"No Chris, go to Mommy, don't worry about me, daddy will be fine, just go to Mommy."

Piper's gaze left her son for a single moment to look at her husband, who was in the grasp of some sort of henchman demon. Leo's eyes were rivited to Chris's back, and she could read the very real fear that Chris would turn around and do as the demon asked. It was a fear she and Leo shared about their son, after all, there was no way to tell how much of older Chris's self scarficing was because of how he had grown up or just in his very nature.

Nature seemed to be winning out.

Her gaze slid across the the demon, one she could not vanquish alone, she had tried the second he had arrived and her powers had had no effect, he and his companions were completely immune to her powers, even freezing had no effect.

"Baby, come to Mommy ok." she head herself say, frightened as she did so that he would not listen to her.

He didn't look up, his eyes still fastened firmly on the floor.

"Chris." the demon smiled, content in the knowledge that he had the upper hand. "Chris, remember what I told you. If you don't come with me I'm going to kill your daddy, your mommy, your brother you-"

"Stop!" Piper yelled, wondering just when had this demon spoken to Chris before? Filing away the fact that Chris didn't move, flinch or do any of the things she expected a little boy to do when his family was threatened, for later reflection. Wyatt would have been an hysterical mess by now she knew, that is if he couldn't just vanquish the demon with a blink. She almost wished her oldest was here to do just that.

"Don't interfere witch, your powers are no match for us, we can and will kill you easily." the demon sneered.

Chris's right hand curld into a fist and he raised his head, his green eyes looking up until they locked with Piper's, and for an instant she was positive she wasn't looking at her little boy, but the young man who had given his very life for his family, and his future.

Everything after that was like a blur of motion as Chris spun back towards the demon sharply, and before more words could be spoken his right arm shot out, two fingers pointing directly at the demon who had been speaking, and it was if a wall of wind smashed into him, throwing him and only him back and into the main door of the Halliweel manor. Chris threw out his other hand, uncurling all his fingers and ten threads of electricity jumped from them towards all the demons.

Piper watched in shock and fear as the electricity hit it's mark on each of the demons, the pendants they wore around their necks, and as her son concentrated all his power on them she realised that they were what had been blocking her powers. Mere moments later the pendants began to crack and Piper instinctively began blasting. She hesitated a little when she reached the one holding Leo still, but it quickly passed as Leo vanished in a wash of blue lights to appear behind Chris.

Leo quickly reached down and lifted Chris, moving him away from the remaining demons while Piper dispatched them. At last there was only the ringleader left, and he was already shimmering out before Piper had the chance to blast him.

"Well played Chris. Until next time."

The words echoed in the now empty hallway, and everything was silent until Chris suddenly broke into a terrified sob, burying his head into Leo's neck. Piper hurried over, sharing a worried look with Leo.

Who was that demon, and what did he want with Chris? Those were only the first of many questions the now very concerned parents had.