Epilogue and real end to this story. There may be a sequel, but it probably won't be soon.

Chris was like a completely different child. That was the only way Piper and Leo could explain it. They worried constantly that the demon had done some irreparable damage, worried that the demon would come back.

They had tried talking to Chris after it had happened, separately and together, but their youngest just smiled at them each time, a smile too old for him, but easy and confident. One good point was that Chris had finally started talking; not overmuch, and not like he had to the demon, but he was talking.

They had tried asking the Elders for some kind of explanation, but all they got in return was a "His twin souls have merged completely, before time, but there is nothing to worry over."

That did not stop Piper and Leo searching their child's face, trying to pick up any clue as to just how much of big Chris was there, and how much was their own little baby boy.

As the weeks passed, and bled into months the incident was put behind them, slowly and with care, never forgotten. Piper could not stop her mind wandering back to her son's words. "He killed you mom." And she wasn't sure if she was glad she knew what to watch out for, or terrified.

Big Chris was gone now, that much they were certain of at last; his memories remained, and Chris would sometimes crawl into bed with them at night and tell them about some of his dreams, about the things that had happened before he was born, and about a future that was dark and frightening.

All Leo and Piper could hope, was that the Soul Collector would not return until Chris was grown, if he had to return at all.

Finished at last. Sigh… man that took some effort to get out, but I am glad I finished it.