The Kidnap

A/N: This is my first Oliver & Co. fanfic. So go easy please. I was a tiny bit disappointed with the film, I always thought Oliver was a street cat through and through ever since he met Dodger. I think Oliver and Dodger are so cute together. Dodger's like the big brother that Oliver never had and vice versa for Dodger. Sorry I'm rambling, enjoy the story.

Chapter One - The Threat

"We ain't finished, Dodger. You guys are gonna pay for this, starting with that cat!" Roscoe threatened, as he and DeSoto slinked away. Oliver's eyes widened at the threat. The gang huddled around him even more. A loud blast of sound made the gang jump. Roscoe and DeSoto left after one last grin that resembled a cat catching a carnary.

-Meanwhile outside the barge-

Mysterious dog's POV

I waited in the darkness outside the rundown barge. I can hear the guy in the huge black car threatening the guy who came out of the barge. I can't even remember why I followed the black car. Oh wait, that's it I remember now. I want revenge on that wayward puppy. He and that stupid female, oh what was her name. Something really stupid like AJ or something. That's it - Angel -stopped my devious boyfriend from taking over their little gang all those years ago. Me and Roscoe would have been the most respected gang leaders ever. I can't even remember when I last saw him. Suddenly the man's blubbering and begging reached a desperate tone. It was really starting to grate on my nerves. I caught snippets of the blubbering; things like "money" and "Sykes" and "Oh please". I rolled my eyes at his pointless begging. It wasn't going to work, he knew it, I knew it, and this Sykes person knew it. A blast of sound cut through the air like a siren. All I heard was a splash.

Out of the shadows came two black sleek Dobermanns. One I didn't know, but I would be able to spot the other one in a crowd of people. It was Roscoe.

"Roscoe!" I barked in excitement. He looked up and his eyes widened in recognition. He smirked at the Dobermann I didn't know. He barked at the Sykes person and he looked at me. Sykes opened his car door and looked straight at me. He motioned ffor all three of us to get in the car. Roscoe and the Dobermann jumped in the car. I followed in a heartbeat. I'd follow Roscoe over a cliff if it meant I'd gain something. We were perfect together.

Normal POV

-In Sykes' posh car-

"Fagin has three days, boys. If he doesn't pull through, you can have his stupid dogs." Sykes told Roscoe and DeSoto while the female white Akita listened in interest. Roscoe and DeSoto snickered.I looked at Roscoe with a question in my eyes.

"DeSoto got attacked by a stupid kitten. We nearly had him cornered and stupid Dodger got in our way. You remember Dodger right babe?" Roscoe asked. The Akita growled in response. Oh she remembered him alright. That stupid cocky I rule the world puppy. She loathed him.

"Oh, I remember that cocky pup, all right," she snarled. "What's your plan, Roscoe, baby?" she asked, fluttering her eyelashes at him.

"If you wouldn't mind helping, my plan is to have Dodger tripping over you. Then you can play with his affections. And if the kitten cares about Dodger like I think he cares, then he'll keep an eye on you. And if he gets suspicious about you, he'll follow you. And if he gets kidnapped Dodger will want revenge especially if the kid gets hurt. Great plan, right?" Roscoe explained.

"Yeah, great plan Roscoe!" DeSoto chuckled.

"I love it. Revenge will be ours, and it will be so sweet." she replied, snickering. Sykes pulled into his reserved parking spot at Sykes' Shipyard. He opened the back door to the car. The dogs jumped out and walked over to Sykes. Sykes stopped the female Akita.

"What's your name, girl?" he asked.

The Akita looked at Sykes and clawed into the dirt under her feet, ALEXIS.

"Oh. That's a nice name, I'll get you a collar. Susan!" Sykes called his secertary.

"Yes, Sykes, sir." she answered, appearing at his side instantly.

"Get me a petal pink diamond studded collar. The one like Roscoe and DeSoto's." Sykes ordered. Susan stood there for a minute. "Well, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! GO! NOW!"

"Y-y-yes sir." she stuttered, getting her phone out. She dailed a number and walked off. Two minutes later, a limosoune pulled up. A bulky guy got out and nodded to Sykes. He pulled a flat box from his jacket and opened the lid, offering the petal pink diamond studded collar - identical to Roscoe and DeSoto's collars in all but colour - to Sykes. Sykes chuckled and picked the collar up and dangled it in his hand, cupping the bottom of it in his free hand to inspect it.

"Perfect. It reeks of fashion, pride, power and class. Come, Alexis." Sykes called, satisfied, for now. "Well, what are you all doing standing around. Don't you have places to be!" Sykes shouted at his flunkies. They departed to do Sykes' bidding which was whatever Sykes had told them to do before calling on them all. Sykes bent down in front of Alexis, unclasping the collar. He draped it around her neck and re-clasped it at the back.

Sykes snapped his fingers three times. Roscoe and DeSoto lined up in front of him, Alexis only a step behind.

"Roscoe, DeSoto. Teach Alexis the ropes," he commanded. He pulled out three dog biscuits out of his pocket and threw them in the air. Roscoe, DeSoto, and Alexis leaped for them and ate them. Sykes turned on his heel. The dogs followed.

-Dog's POV -

"So, Roscoe, what does a snap of the fingers mean, then?" Alexis asked

"It means that we come to Sykes immediately, or as soon as possible. It depends on if we have been told to frighten someone who hasn't payed debts, like Dodger's precious Fagin. By the way, what were you doing in the shadows surrounding Sykes' car, anyway?" Roscoe asked, curious. DeSoto looked at her as well.

"Well, I wanted revenge on Dodger for stopping our plan all those years ago, Roscoe. Is he in the same gang as then, or what? Because I want revenge on Angel too. I'd heard from a street cat, Casey, I think her name was, that he lived there." Alexis answered. She then strutted forward as though she owned the world - which, probably in her opinion she now did - expecting the Dobermanns to follow her. Which of course they did.

"He does live on that rundown barge, by the way, it's a right dump. Isn't it, Roscoe? And according to Roscoe, no he isn't in the gang as he was all those years. In fact, nobody's heard from Angel for years. And do you know why. Cause she ran out into the road and got squished." DeSoto informed Alexis.

They reached their destanation and Roscoe pushed the door open.

The room was a office with a swinging lamp in the ceiling, bathing the room in an eerie green light. There was a mahogany desk in the middle of the room, filled with folders, files and statements. A dog basket was to the right side of the desk. A newly installed pink wicker basket was in front of the desk. The darkest corners of the office were filled with Sykes' models of cars and ships and even a few aeroplanes. Roscoe slinked into the room. DeSoto and Alexis followed.

"Right, me and DeSoto sleep in the basket to the right of the desk. Yours is at the front of the desk, 's getting late, so settle in and I'll explain things in the morning." Roscoe explained, walking to the bed he had first indicated, DeSoto following. Alexis shrugged indifferently and collapsed onto the bed at the front of the desk.

The last coherent thought she had before sleep plagued her mind was: 'Life will definetely be different and better now.'

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