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Chapter Three - A Dog's Shocking Past

As the gang stepped onto 5th Avenue they saw an old female dog outside 1126 that looked sleek and strong, even at her old age. She had a shiny red collar and was fully brown. SHe seemed to be a cross between a Pitbull Terrier and a Jack Russel (sp?). When she saw the gang she screamed as if she'd seen a ghost. "Oh my God, Jack! Is it really you?" She asked in bewilderment.

The gang looked confused, and were looking around; apparently looking for this 'Jack'.

Dodger sighed heavily and answered his mother.

"Yes Mother. It's me." The gang stared at Dodger dumbfounded and flabbergasted. Rita, who had taken Dodger to Fagin as a puppy was hurt that she was never told by Dodger that he had a family. "Dodge, why did you never tell me you had a family. I took you in when no one else would!" She shouted, sounding hurt and used.

"RiRi, it's not how it seems, believe me," Dodger pleaded. "You have no idea what my home life was like!" Rita growled as Dodger took a step towards her. "It looks like you have some explaining to do, Dodge." Tito snarled. The gang - apart from Oliver, AJ and DJ - glared at Dodger, snarling; wondering why their 'friend' would keep this paradise life from them.

Dodger sighed, "Fine, I'll explain. When I was born my mother and 'father' -" he spat the word father as though it was something bad in his mouth " - decided to name me Jack. I got the nickname Dodger later as a puppy striving to survive on the streets. So anyway, I have an older brother and sister. I love my sister - Skylar - but my brother was jealous of the fact that I got all of my mother's attention."

"So what happened, Dodge?" The kittens asked, riveted to the story.

Dodger grabbed Oliver and placed him on his head, while the other kittens crowded around his feet.

"Well, this is where your mother comes in kids. I was only 8 weeks and already my father had taken an unnatural (sp?) interest in me. He'd favour me over my brother and sister. I felt unnerved by his attention so I became friends with your mother, who was - and probably still is - the family's cat. This alienated me from my brother and sister. My brother was already jealous and so this made him really bitter because to him it seemed I was getting everyone's attention and love.

So one day I was sleeping in my basket when he shook me awake and picked me up and took me over to my 'father," Again as he said this, he spat the word father and shuddered in disgust. "He dropped me and they started to circle me. Next thing I know my 'father' pins me to the floor, while Flynn - my brother - did 'things' to me."

At this, the whole gang gasped horrified and sat down listening. They had finally finished snarling and they came closer.

"Afterwards, my father let me up and hit me across the face with his paw. The first thing I did was run to Angel. When she saw what state I was in, she started fussing. I was gathering all of my favourite toys and she went outside to the washing line and scratched out my bandana out of a sheet. I didn't have collar yet. She tied it around my neck and hugged me and said that if I was ever in this street she'd be there for me. So, then I escaped out of the fire escape, had a terrible night and the next morning found the gang."

After Dodger had finished his story, there was a stretch of silence before he was taken in for a group hug.

"We're sorry, Dodge. We shouldn't have jumped to conclusions," The gang said collectively.

The gang saw an older grey cat that looked like AJ approach them. It seemed she had been listening.

"So, they call you Dodger now then Jack?" She asked Dodger.

"Mum!" AJ and DJ shouted, tackling their mother. Oliver hid in Dodger's fur, suddenly shy.

"Angel," Dodger said, taking her in for a hug.

The gang heard the dog door open and close and looked up to see three older versions versions of Dodger - two male and one female. They seemed to be Dodger's father, brother and sister.

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