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Chapter 4: Confrontations

There was a sudden silence as the gang took in the newcomers that stood on the steps of 1126. Then suddenly Flynn and Tyler got a face-full of spitting orange fur.

Oliver clawed at both of them for all he was worth. No one, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE hurts Dodge. Oliver thought in rage. Flynn and Tyler were so surprised for a few minutes that Oliver got a few good scratches in. Tyler came to his senses and back-handed Oliver with his paw.

Oliver went flying off of his perch on Flynn's back and hit the concrete with a thud. He struggled to push himself up. He was a bit dazed and he tried to balance his weight but when he tried to place his back right paw on the ground, he yowled in agony.

The gang had watched this altercation transfixed until this moment. Oliver's yowl of pain had broken through the quiet shock that had befallen the group. Dodger growled viciously in response to Oliver's pain and charged for his 'family'.

"Why don't you pick on someone your own size instead of picking on a defenceless kitten?" He growled, about to claw both dogs across their faces.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" Oliver yowled.

This broke through Dodger's rage and he turned tail and darted straight for Oliver, worried about his young friend.

"Kid? You okay?" He questioned softly, his attention fully focused on the injured kitten. Oliver was looking at Dodger with tear-filled eyes and he hobbled under Dodger to reach for his fur. Oliver placed his head on Dodger's foreleg and rubbed his head against it.

"Dodge?" Oliver whispered, glancing at his friend with pain-filled crystal blue eyes. "It hurts!" He wailed.

Dodger grabbed Oliver by his scruff and motioned for the gang to follow him.

The gang reached the end of the street before Dodger placed Oliver on his back by his bandana. AJ and JJ (1) had followed the gang silently and Dodger motioned for them to join him. Dodger turned to face the house before saying:

"This is far from over Tyler. Don't think I'm finished with you lot," He snarled menacingly. "Have a good day Angel, Mother and Skylar." He finished, directing the last sentence towards his family softly.

The gang turned the corner and disappeared from sight.


After the gang had disappeared from 5th Avenue a black limousine rolled around the corner to drive down the street. Inside the car Alexis and Roscoe were talking while DeSoto was napping quietly.

"Roscoe, how am I meant to gain Dodger's trust? He'll remember me from his puppy days. He wouldn't ever trust me!" Alex whined.

"Do I have to come up with all the ideas! Fine, here's what we'll do. We'll be around the barge and DeSoto and I will chase you towards them. You will be begging for us to stop and we will corner you about to attack. This will cause you to become desperate and scream for help. Fagin's shall see this and will come charging at us without the cat or Dodger following. That least I can count on that cat for one thing." Roscoe explained.

"What?" Alex asked curiously.

"His compassion Alex. The stupid kitten doesn't know you but he knows what me and DeSoto are like and so he'll beg that stupid mutt to save you from us. Dodger will save you because that pathetic kitten asked him to. That is how you will get in." Roscoe finished.

"That sounds right down devious Roscoe." Alex smirked before chuckling.

-At the Barge-

The gang entered the barge with an air of urgency. Dodger rushed to his bed and placed Oliver gently down into the blankets. The gang crowded around the kitten that had become family to them, worried about their new member.

A few minutes later there was a spluttering sound as Fagin's scooter came around the corner. Fagin stumbled tiredly into the barge before flopping down into his chair. Dodger approached his master with his ears pinned back and a pitiful expression on his muzzle.

"What's wrong Dodger?" Fagin asked tiredly, making a quick head-count of his animals. That was when he realised that he had somehow gained two more kittens and that Oliver was laid out on Dodger's blankets.

Dodger whined grabbing his master's socks and pulling.

Fagin pushed Dodger away before rising from the chair and approaching Oliver carefully.

"What's wrong with you then kitty?" Fagin asked. Oliver looked at Fagin pitifully before making a painful noise in the back of his throat.

Fagin picked Oliver up carefully and cradled him against his chest. He ran his hands slowly down Oliver's small body. When Fagin brushed against Oliver's back right paw Oliver hissed in pain. Fagin pulled his hand away quickly and looked Oliver over properly and realised that his back paw was at an odd angle.

"Oh! Are you injured, kitty? Let's see what I've got for that, shall we?" Fagin said before approaching the chest in the corner. He rifled through wallets and pocket watches with Oliver cradled carefully in one arm.

"Aha!" Fagin exclaimed before coming away from his search with a first aid kit in hand.

He sat down in his chair with the first aid kit in his hand and Oliver curled up in his lap. Fagin unzipped the first aid kit and found bandages and splints.

He took Oliver's paw carefully in hand and cut the splints down to size before placing them carefully on each side of the injured paw. To keep the splints in place he wrapped the bandages rapidly around the injured paw before tying it off.

"There we go! That should help a bit." Fagin stated before placing Oliver carefully on the ground.

Oliver gingerly tried to walk over to Dodger who was staring worriedly at the kitten from his bed. The gang was still crowded around Dodger's bed, worried about the young kitten. AJ and JJ were curled up against Dodger's sides seeking comfort from the big dog. Oliver joined them and curled up next to AJ before falling to sleep, exhausted.

Once Oliver had fallen asleep without any whimpers of pain the gang relaxed marginally and retreated to their beds. Fagin turned the lights out and the gang fell into a companionable rest.

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