Title: Intimately Awkward
Rating: T, for future... just in case.
Disclaimer: I don't own Avatar: The Last Airbender, or the root idea of this.
Summary: Walking in on others intimate moments could sometimes be very awkward. Cannon pairings, unless others are requested.

A/N: I hate awkward moments. Don't you? But, well, I always end up writing them and then working them out with humor and making myself laugh. I came up with this idea not long ago, and I wanted to share it. I didn't then, but I am now as I have a couple written and feel more confident about it. ha. Not all of the oneshots are... long. Some of them are shorter than others, and it's because you can't have too much build up or aftermath. Each of these will take place a different times in the future of Avatar, and I'll clarify at the beginning of the chapter so you know.

Like this one; It doesn't take place very long after the finale.

Left, right, left, right, left…

Sokka stopped his walking when he ran into a wall, and he rubbed his head. He was trying to remember his way to his room in the Fire Palace. It was proving harder than normal for some reason, and he'd spent over ten minutes wandering the halls. It wasn't that he really minded though. It gave him some time alone, away from the meetings and his constantly tired looking companions. Everyone seemed at their wits end with countless generals and megalomaniacs that showed up. Especially Aang.

Right, left, right, left, right, left.

Sokka continued his walking, watching his feet as they moved. He had noticed a certain pattern on the floor of the hallway where his room was located. He jumped when he almost ran into a servant, and he nodded at them as they passed. He heard a chattering noise behind him, and suddenly Momo was on his shoulder.

"Hey buddy. How are you?" Sokka said, and the lemur clicked at him. Sokka continued walking, making his way down the hallway. Momo watched as the hallways passed, and eventually Sokka found the pattern.

"Yes!" He said loudly, going down the hallway to the door he believed to be his and opening it.

He quietly opened the door when he heard a small laugh, and then someone groan. He walked down the small entryway, and peeked around the corner into the bed quarters. Momo mimicked his actions.

Lying horizontally on the bed was Aang, on his stomach with his face towards the wall. He had his shirt off, and his arms were at his sides. Sokka knew the young man was tired, and possibly more stressed than anyone else. So, Sokka reasoned, that explained the second part to the scene he was looking at.

Katara seemed to be sitting on Aang's hips, her hands moving over his shoulders and back. It occurred to Sokka that she was giving the Avatar a massage, and he felt a smile creep onto his features. There was a small part of him that wanted to barge in and demand to know why Katara had to be in her under dressings to give someone a massage, but he held himself back.

"Does that feel better?"

There was a small groan from Aang, and then some indistinct mumbling. Momo's ears perked as he heard Aang speak. Katara then pulled water to her hands, and began moving the water over Aang's scar. She then moved the water over his back and arms, letting the water sooth Aang's muscles. Sokka swallowed. He knew he should have left the second he walked in, but this was… interesting. It was intimate, but he couldn't bring himself to leave.

Katara's hair created a curtain around her face as she bent down to kiss Aang's shoulders. There was an appreciative sigh from the Avatar, and Sokka knew it was his time to leave. He carefully edged back into the entryway, when he heard someone begin to speak.


He froze at Katara's voice, and he thought about pretending to have disappeared. Then he remembered how Katara had snapped at Toph earlier, and how little she seemed to sleep, and he put his head back around the corner. His sister was looking up at him, her fingers gently massaging Aang's head. It seemed the young boy was falling asleep.

"Yes, Katara?" He asked as she moved off Aang's hips to stand on her knees on the bed. She gently picked him up and laid him in the center of the bed where the covers were pulled down. She pulled the covers up around him, then got off the bed to walk up to her brother.

"How long were you there?" She asked, and he could see the protectiveness in her eyes.

"Not that long." He said, scratching his head. Katara nodded.

"Your room is across the hall, and two doors down on the left." Katara said as she pushed her brother out of the room. He stood in front of the door for a moment, before turning around.

"And your room is across the hall and one door up on the right."

The door cracked open a bit, and Katara smirked at her brother.

"I know."

Sokka turned around, his jaw hanging open. He was about to start twitching and ranting when he felt Momo's claw on his head. He took a deep breath, far too tired to worry that his sister seemed to be sharing a bed with Aang.

He stopped himself from thinking any more, as sudden thoughts were filling his brain.

How long had this been going on, what does she do besides massage his back and head?"

He took a deep breath.

Left, right, left right, left, right.

He was too tired for this.

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