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Title: Vampire Prince
: Severus Snape, Sirius Black, Harry Black, Lucius Malfoy, Remus Lupin, James Potter, Lily Potter, Julian Potter, Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, Alana Emerson, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Voldemort and Simoné Zabini
: Severus/Sirius, and Harry/Draco
: Drama/Supernatural
Words per chapter
: 1,264
: AU, vampires, werewolves, slash, entire vampire and werewolf social structures, politics, dark themes, confrontations, OCs, seers, character death, and whatever else comes to the mind of this demented author.
: It has been two and a half years since the vampires disappeared and instituted their lockdown. Now it's over and Harry must step forward and retake his place at Hogwarts. Yet, his status as a Vampire Prince means that he'll face more danger than ever; will he and his family survive?
: Here is the sequel to Advocatus Diaboli. As stated at the end of the previous story, with the lockdown, there is time that passes. There really is no reason to see the whole time period. I hope that everyone enjoys it. Now, onto the sequel.

Chapter 1

A young man sat on the railing of a balcony, staring at the people that were wandering the village below his home. He was so focused on what he was watching that he almost didn't notice a teen entering his room. The new teen, a blonde, walked over and touched the first boy's shoulder. The young man didn't jump off of the railing from the touch, for he had known that it was coming. Instead, he shifted around and straddled the railing to get a better look at the blonde. He smiled the moment that he was able to see the other person, causing his face to light up.

The blonde boy returned the smile. "You're off in space, Harry. What's wrong?" Harry smiled again as he took the other boy's hand in his own. He stared at the paler hand for a moment, his mind wandering over some random thoughts. In fact, his thoughts began to focus upon how the two of them appeared to be equal when it came down to most factors. Harry slid off of the railing and touched the floor of the balcony. He smirked at the waiting blonde. The boy raised an eyebrow at Harry's smirk. "Aren't you going to tell me what's going on?" The blonde was getting a bit impatient at how long Harry was taking to answer. Of course, Harry liked to take his own time when it came down to it.

Kissing the other teen's cheek, Harry laughed a moment later. "There's nothing wrong, Draco. I was just thinking. You know that I enjoy being out here with nothing but my thoughts. It's quite calming to lose myself up here, more so than you would think it should be. I can't do that anywhere else in the palace." He shook his head at some thought. "I just…Sometimes I wonder about what's going on in the regular world. We were in that lockdown for nearly three years, which is quite a long time. I know that it only ended yesterday, but you can tell that people are still unsure about leaving the village. I fear that the lockdown was both a good and bad thing." Draco stared at Harry for a moment, squeezing the hand that he held. Harry gave him a smile. They didn't talk after Harry voiced his concerns, as those words had given the duo a lot to think about. It had been a long two and a half years for them, but that didn't change that there were still scared of what could happen.

The duo stared at each other, taking no notice of anyone else. They were quite good at drifting off into their own type of silence. However, they ended up being interrupted by a man walking into the room. The man wore an outfit that made it look as if he was someone important, though that wasn't what got Harry's attention. The dark haired teen smirked as the man scowled at him. He opened his mouth to say something, but the man held his hand up. "Don't even think of it, Henry. It was Sirius' idea, not mine. It was his terms to a bet we had, I happened to lose. Now, we have something else that we need to talk about. Sirius is in the middle of writing some letters to send out. One of those letters is about reinstating you, Blaise, and Draco into Hogwarts. I know, probably doesn't sound like the greatest of ideas, but it's what we have to do. I'm making sure that you two are aware of this decision. Blaise's father will make sure he knows as well." Harry raised an eyebrow at the man.

Harry shook his head. "Oh, well that's good, Severus." Harry then let out a sigh, making it obvious that there was something else on his mind. Severus raised an eyebrow in question at the young man. Harry stared at the man he considered his papa for a moment. "I'm just…Will we be allowed to enter into the year that we're meant to be in? I mean, I know we've done our schooling here, but the Wizards don't recognize a lot of the things that we have. You know how hard it is on some of the people that attend our magic school. It's as if the Wizarding World views everything we do as inferior." He hummed at the thought that went through his mind a second later.

Severus walked over and wrapped his arms around Harry. "It will be all right. There shouldn't be a problem. Sirius will make sure that you enter your fourth year, seeing as that's where you belong. It's getting my job back that will be difficult." Harry looked up at him with wide eyes at the job bit. Severus chuckled. "What, you think that I would let you go around unprotected? Sirius is protected in the palace. You, on the other hand, wouldn't have the needed protection at Hogwarts. That school isn't as protected as Dumbledore likes to think it is. So, that makes me your best form of protection." Harry hugged Severus around the chest at those words, receiving a hug in return. It was one of those moments that both Harry and Severus enjoyed when they could get them.

Draco came over and touched Harry's shoulder, for he could sense that his friend had gone back to staring into space. "It will all get worked out, Harry. That's something Uncle Sirius has always been good at. He can be quite diplomatic when he wants to be. Well…Depending on the situation." Harry nodded in agreement to the last bit. Draco received a smile from Severus at how he had snapped Harry out of his funk. Of course, Draco's attempt at comfort had to do with the fact that it was rare for Harry to get nervous. The idea of Harry being nervous was enough to startle Draco, though he was use to Harry's random emotions. Severus was worried as well, but kept his thoughts to himself. He then looked at the duo before he kissed Harry's forehead and left the room. Draco and Harry looked at each other.

Harry smirked again. "Want to sneak into the maze?" Draco nodded. They climbed down the terrace to get to the garden maze. Each holding the other's hand, the duo walked into the maze. The two wandered around in companionable silence. Neither of them happened to be in the mood to listen to the people that wanted to tell them things. It was the kind of mood that had to do with how nobody seemed to say anything different, which left the duo with a feeling of annoyance. Of course, they had found that they could get away from the annoyances by wandering the hedges.

A moment later, Draco's father, Lucius, came rushing into the maze. He caught them before they could get too far into the labyrinth. "You two, you need to return to the palace. There's something that needs to be discussed immediately. It can't wait, so don't even try to get out of it." They stared at him in silence, for Lucius' words made them think of a lot of bad things. However, it was the look on Lucius' face that got them walking towards the palace. The two were silent as they followed Lucius towards their home. The situation didn't really scare them, but it did make them a bit unsure about what would happen. Yet they had one question on their minds: would they like what they were told?

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