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A/N This story is set before the film and centres on Elvis' reawakening as a human being with Audrey and the other human resistance members. I've stuck mostly to the way the film depicted the scene where he's thrown from the car and into the water but I have adjusted some things for my own purposes. The film was rated 18 in the UK which I feel gives me pretty much free reign with the rating on this, but it most likely won't get above a T rating. Anyone who thinks the rating is off just drop me a message and I may adjust it. I've started writing this without having read any Daybreakers fan fiction, so any similarity with other stories out there (and I'm assuming there may well be some) is purely coincidental. The updating on this will be sporadic probably so don't hold your breath for chapters any time too soon. I will do my best to update quickly though so long as the inspiration doesn't dry up. Constructive criticism is very much welcomed. This is not beta read so apologies for any errors, I have done my best to pick them up with multiple proof reads.

The burning didn't stop the moment his body hit the water. Oh sure, the flames did, but the burning . . .

It felt like the fire was coursing right through his veins, setting them alight, boiling the blood that had sat there cold and unmoving for near nine years. Eventually it was like the fire struck his heart and a pain like nothing he'd ever felt ripped through him even as his body began to bob back toward the surface and broke through the water. Under the water his pained scream had been muted but it welled up, gurgled, gasped as the water was driven violently from his lungs. But then he began to feel it.

Under the pain that coursed through his body he could feel the frantic pounding in his chest. It was out of rhythm, sporadic, jumping, twitching like it didn't know the pattern to which it was meant to stick. For a few seconds he wondered if this was it, if this was what happened before he would burst into flames, exploding from the force of the sun. But then it began to calm. Slowly but surely, he felt his heart begin to return to its natural rhythm.

He just managed to pull himself up onto the solid concrete platform that his flailing hands struck against and collapsed onto his back in a pool of water, gasping in air.

He felt both fear and elation driving up through him like lava and then before he could even begin to get a grip on what was happening, the shock and pain from bursting through the windshield, the burning, the half drowning and his abstinence from human blood all took its toll and the world went black.

Audrey enjoyed the opportunity to get out of the safe house during daylight hours. Mostly her work was done at night, patrolling for other humans who might have been flushed out of hiding by the vampire soldiers as they hunted. But today she was searching for tracks down by the river that would not likely have been visible at night. There had been a rumour in the air for three days now that a small band of humans was travelling down river away from the city and any opportunity to pick up knew recruits was worth taking. Numbers - and by default morale - had taken a hit recently with four good men captured on their last search and rescue mission.

She was taking a risk moving alone, she knew, but they couldn't spare the manpower at the moment to send out more. And anyway, she reasoned, the chances of coming across a vampire team this far out from the city and during midday was highly unlikely. All the same, she made a point of keeping her guard up and moving within cover as much as possible.

So far, nothing to suggest the presence of humans recently had jumped out at her. But she'd only been walking for an hour and wasn't anywhere near ready to give up hope yet.

As she strode through the short, sun parched grass, Audrey shielded her eyes from the midday sun, smiling at its reassuring presence. As she glanced up towards the sky, something farther up ahead caught her attention.

She edged closer, crouching a little and moving slower through the grass. It brushed silently against her jeans as she continued forward, narrowing her vision as the object became gradually clearer. The air shimmered from the heat of the day around it and obscured its shape somewhat, but with a little further cautious movement, eventually she was able to make out the vehicle.

The car was a wreck. The front of it was entirely crumpled against the solid wooden frame of the fencing that separated her from the river. It was also, she noted, clearly owned by a vampire. The windscreen was shattered mostly, but the windows were still intact and entirely blacked out. As she looked closer, Audrey spotted the cameras mounted on the bodywork meaning it was one of the recently modified cars for daytime driving.

Audrey became more cautious now and gripped the crossbow at her side tight between slightly damp palms. She crouched lower to the ground and surveyed the landscape around her. It appeared void of life, even the grass dead and parched, but she wasn't going to make any sudden movements.

Feeling slightly more confident she raised the crossbow and stood, scanning the car and circling around it to try and see if anyone was left inside.

The car was clearly empty and, she reasoned, any vampire in there would be nothing more than ash now that the sun was blazing straight in through the gaping hole in the windshield.

Gradually, crossbow still up, she turned and stared around her. It was unusual for a vampire to be driving all the way out here. Perhaps they'd been on the trail of this group of humans too. Though this certainly didn't look like an official car, military or otherwise.

Audrey lowered the crossbow eventually and approached the hood of the car where the metal was crunched up tight from the impact with the fence post. The wood had bent backwards and was splintered but had mostly stood firm despite the speed the car must have been travelling at.

She glanced up from the hood of the car, following the direction it was pointing in and her eyes found a tunnel across the river, its solid concrete walls creating a forbidding darkness within that a vampire could have comfortably hidden in. And then she spotted something else.

Audrey climbed quickly over the fence with an agility born from years of evading enemies and slid rapidly down the bank towards the water. She kept her crossbow raised with every forward movement however and stalled at the water's edge as something in her mind screamed at her to halt. What if this was a vampire?

But no, she realised with a jolt of elation, it couldn't be. The man's arm - and from here she could tell that the body was indeed that of a man - was stretched out away from his body and sunlight fell upon his hand without it burning.

She waded into the water, crossbow raised until she reached a point where the water came up to her chest and she struck out, swimming as fast as she could towards the tunnel, very aware of how exposed she was currently. She reached the darkness quickly however and hoisted herself up and onto the concrete platform without hesitation.

The first thing she did was to whip the crossbow up in front of her and hold steady for a second staring into the darkness, straining her eyes for any danger that might be lurking there for her. After a couple of seconds where nothing moved, she reached out one hand, not moving the rest of her body and keeping her eyes on the darkness and crossbow up, reaching for the man's neck and feeling for a pulse. It fluttered faintly under her fingers but it was there none the less. He was alive. Barely.

Lowering the crossbow finally, she set it down beside her feet and moved to the man's side. Audrey held back a gasp as she took in his features. Clearly he'd been involved in the crash, the glass fragments embedded in his skin and scattered in his sandy hair proved that, but it was the other injuries that were shocking. His face was cut, probably from the crash as well, but there were burns across most of his face as well as his neck. She looked closer and saw that his hands too were burnt. His clothes however looked relatively untouched by whatever flames had caused the injuries to his skin.

She didn't have long to dwell on this mystery though, knowing that she had to get him away from here as quickly as possible lest the crash begin to draw in attention from any vampires in the area. She shook his limp body, trying to wake him, but he was out cold and apparently not coming round any time soon.

Cursing under her breath, Audrey tossed the strap of the crossbow over her shoulder so it was out of the way and gripped the man under his arms, dragging him with her to the edge of the platform. Luckily for her, he wasn't particularly big, not much taller than herself in fact and she had grown stronger during the years of struggle. She got him to the edge quickly and then with some difficulty, lowered the two of them into the water.

On her back with his back to her chest and holding him up she began to strike out for the bank, struggling through the river as she fought to keep both their heads above water. After what felt like an eternity, the water level began to lower and eventually she was on her feet and dragging him up the bank. She halted halfway, breathing heavily and lowered him down whilst she crept up to the edge with her crossbow in hand once more. She kept behind the car and scanned the horizon for any sign of movement. After a few moments, she decided it was clear and slid back down the bank to haul the unconscious man the rest of the way up.

Now came the real test she thought. It was an hour's walk on her own back to the safety of the house and dragging the man lying at her feet would not be possible all the way.

Praying for some good luck from a God she'd long since given up believing in, Audrey approached the driver's side door of the car and opened it up. She slid in halfway and turned the key that was still in the ignition. The car stuttered in to life, engine coughing for a few seconds before it gave out.

"Come on," she muttered, trying again. The same process repeated itself and Audrey rolled her eyes skyward in frustration, slapping her hand on the dashboard.

"Come on!" she shouted turning the key once more. The car engine started, stuttered . . .


It miraculously kept running, a low powerful rumble coming from under the crumpled hood.

A smile on her face, Audrey slid out of the car and opened up the back doors. To her surprise there were no ashes from the vampire that she assumed must have been in the car, but she chose not to wonder about that as she instead reached down to the unconscious man and hauled him up and into the car with great difficulty. Eventually though she got him laid out across the back seats and she shut the door before jumping back in the front and behind the wheel.

The drive shouldn't take more than five minutes she thought as carefully she reversed the car and listened to the crunching of metal and wood being pulled apart. However, that was long enough for the state of the car to draw attention to herself and her unconscious passenger and she had to hope there weren't more modified vehicles out on the surrounding roads. Even before the plague though this had been an unusually quiet area and meeting traffic had been rare. She just needed their luck to hold out a little longer.

She swung the car around and set off at a steady pace of fifty miles an hour towards home. The speedometer said the car was capable of much more, but she didn't want to risk pushing the wreck too far after what it had just been through and have it break down on her miles out from safety. Instead she cruised along, trying to maintain a middle ground between getting them back faster and not jolting her injured passenger around more than absolutely necessary.

The dead grassland flashed by quickly but not quick enough for Audrey's liking as she kept both hands firmly on the wheel, gripping tight as the nervous tension that she hadn't noticed during the physical exertion of getting the man to the car began to flood her body. She told herself to stay calm though and focused on keeping her eyes on the road ahead. After a few minutes she reached a track that ran away from the main road and appeared to lead to more dead fields and then eventually a small forest. It was down this that she sped now, urging the car forwards and praying that she wouldn't be spotted and followed. It wasn't all that safe to drive up to the house during daylight, it risked making their location known, but she didn't feel she had any other choice. The man in the back was badly injured and needed medical help immediately. And they needed every single human they could find.

As she entered the tree line, Audrey glanced in the rear view mirror. He was still out cold, his body jolting as the track grew rougher and she wondered if this didn't wake up him what would.

Eventually though, much to her relief, the house loomed up ahead of her as she emerged from the main body of the trees. She almost laughed out loud with delight to see the large frame of Jarvis emerging from the building with a look of wary confusion on his face at the sight of the approaching car.

They were safe.