Title: Bloodline
Authors: Nil1875 & lilgreenbean
Pairing: Mac/Stella
Rating: T
Summery: When Mac goes missing after a night out with the team, the CSI's become caught up in the hunt to find him before it's too late.
Notes: Hi everyone! Nil here. So this is our first collab story together and hopefully not the last. We've been having a ton of fun writing it and now that we have a few chapters done, we're going to post it! I hope you will all ready and enjoy and please REVIEW! We love them!

Mac shook his head, trying to clear some of the fuzz from his mind. He blinked a few times before he realized his vision wasn't clearing because it was pitch black. Slowly he sat up, leaning against the wall behind him for support. His head was pounding and spinning, making it hard to remember how he got where he was, or what the last thing he had been doing was. He felt concrete under his palms and against his back, telling him it defiantly wasn't his apartment and that he'd never made it home last night.

Sitting up fully he reached up and touched the back of his head, wincing when his fingers came in contact with an open wound. Pain shot from the cut all the way around his head and he winced. Nothing should be allowed to hurt that much. With a sigh Mac rested his forehead on his knees and took a deep last thing he remembered was taking an evening off, at the entire teams insistence of course, and going out to the closest bar. He hadn't had that much to drink because he remembered stopping after two beers and watching Danny and Flack go at it for the next hour to see who would pass out first. He couldn't remember who had, but he did remember walking Stella outside to a taxi at about 11:00 and watching as the cab drove away.

He had in turn started walking, since his apartment was close by, leaving the rest of his team to fend for themselves He hadn't wanted to leave the lab anyway and he was pretty sure they could handle themselves. And if not, there were plenty of their colleagues there to get them home. The next and only other thing he remembered from before he woke up in this dark room was the sound of a train. It had been close by and he imagined he must have been in the trunk of a car, parked near the tracks as the train passed. He couldn't fully remember it so he must have been slipping in and out of consciousness thanks to the bump on his head and now here he was.

Mac stood up, letting himself adjust to the change and walked around the room, running his hands along the walls. The room was about ten feet by twelve with solid concrete walls and floor and a steel reinforced door. He could tell this by the fact that smashing his shoulder into and it didn't move it a centimeter. Someone was serious about keeping him where he was.

He started to consider that as he paced around the small room. Who would want to do this? He'd made his share of enemies in the past. He made one almost every time he arrested someone. Too many to count if he was honest with himself. It was a long list that he didn't like to be reminded of.

Mac quickly checked his pockets, but anything of use was gone. The only thing he had left was a receipt from coffee a few days before and a couple of Stella's hair ties that she had thrown to him when she had been at the bar and realized she didn't have any pockets. No keys, no cell phone, nothing that would help him get out or defend himself from his captor when they came back.

Sighing Mac sat back down against the wall, this time directly across from the door so he know the next time it opened. There was nothing he could do now but do the one thing he hated the most. Wait.