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'I am regenerating!' Donna managed to get out before another wave off pain took hold. The Doctor was completely stunned at seeing the gold light coming from Donna's hand. However, it did not last long for he knew that he had to work fast, if he was going to get her through this.

'Donna. Everything is going to be all right!' he told her as he shifted her, so that he could pick her.

The Doctor made his way to the Tardis, his mind franticly trying to come up with a solution. The chances that Donna would get through the regeneration were near impossible, but he could not stop it, so he would do everything in his power to make it possible. Opening the Tardis door, with a click of his fingers, the Doctor carried her inside, before placing her on the floor by the control centre. He grabbed a pillow from the control seat and placed it under her head.

'Amy, Rory!' the Doctor shouted as he scanned Donna with his sonic

'Doctor, it hurts so bad.' she muttered, as she saw that the gold light had begun to spread up her arm. The Doctor went and knelt beside her.

'Don't worry Donna, you will get through this, I promise. But I need you to hold on ok. You can't regenerate yet. Try to focus on storing the energy, rather then letting it take over. It's going to take a lot of energy to regenerate and I need to make sure you have enough before it happens ok' The Doctor held her hand in his.

'Doctor, what going on?' Amy and Rory asked worried, as they looked at the light coming from Donna's arm.

'She's regenerating. I haven't got time to explain. Right now I need to give her as much energy as possible. That means I am going to take some from each of us. It won't harm you, but if she doesn't have enough then she won't get through this.' The Doctor pleaded, to them both.

Amy and Rory looked at each other, an unanswered agreement passing between them.

'Do what you have to do.'

The Doctor approached the two, and raised a hand to each of their heads. Closing his eyes, he began to channel their energy towards himself, storing it within him. Once he felt that he could take no more from them he slowly withdraw his hands. Quickly scanning both Amy and Rory, he could see that they both did not seem too affected by the energy transfer. They both just looked like they were really tired. Satisfied that they would be fine the Doctor knelt beside Donna, placing his hand on her head. However, this was quickly pushed aside.

'Don't ...don't you dare!' Donna managed to get out.

'Donna, I promise I am not going to. I am going to help, ok. Trust me?' The Doctor whispered gentle to her. Donna looked at him before nodding. Once again placing his hand on her head, the Doctor let Amy and Rory's energy pass to her, before adding his own. Amy and Rory's energy would help but she needed time lord energy to complete the regeneration. He just hoped that she had enough. A human/time lord regeneration had never happened before, so he did not know would happen. Giving her the last of his energy that he could, the Doctor took away his hand. Looking at Donna he could see that her whole body was now starting to glow a soft gold colour.

Donna, however was looking at him in pure terrier. She may have his mind and know what was happening to her but she herself had never experienced it herself. All she knew from the Doctor's memories is that it hurt.


'I am here Donna. You can let go now.' The Doctor told her gentle, holding one of her hands in his.

'I ...I don't want to. It hurts too much.'

'I know. You try going through it eleven times.' He grinned at her, before a second though occurred to him.

'Ok that properly didn't help,' he looked into her scared eyes.

'I promise it only hurts for a few seconds, and then it feels like you are engulfed in a huge golden warm bath. Anyway, I am going to be right here with you like a Doctor and you're my patient. Although, my name is actually the Doctor so you would have to call me Doctor Doctor, which doesn't sound right at all, so you could call me ...'

'Shut up?' Donna interrupted him. The golden glow around her had become so bright that both Amy and Rory had to turn away. However, the Doctor was still holding her hand, until the last second.

'You're brilliant you know.' He whispered to her, as he let go off her hand and backed away, as the light erupted from her hands and head. Even the Doctor could not watch, as the light was too intense, even as he heard Donna scream.

As the light slowly faded, the Doctor turned around hoping that everything was ok. However, what he saw even surprised him. Donna was lying where he had left her. But it was not Donna who was on the floor.

Turning around, Amy and Rory saw that the Doctor was starring in complete astonishment at his friend. Moving forwards, to the Doctor's side, Amy was surprised by what she saw.

'But Doctor that's...'

To be continued ...