My fallen son. I will never forget you.

When you looked at me, for the first time, I saw myself in you, my child-hood flashed back. I knew that you would make me proud.

Your mother may have seemed like the strict one, but she didn't want you to make some of my mistakes. She didn't want you to waste your education. She wanted you to live life to the full, and be rich, unlike me. She wanted you to have a stable job in the Ministry; I knew that wasn't the right path for you, you and George always pulled pranks on us, even as babies.

You used to make slugs appear in our mushroom omelettes, and turn the chicken eggs into rubber, whereas George did more subtle pranks. He used to move chairs slowly, so you couldn't tell that they were moving and then, BAM, we fell. That's how Bill got a crack in his hip, he still has it you know.

When Uncle Bilious got Charlie his first toy broom, you used to send rocks at him, like bludgers. Until one day, when you hit him in the head, and he had to go to St. Mungo's for healing. You and George always made Percy's hair set on fire, but, it would never singe it. You turned Ron's Teddy into a spider. He's never forgiven you for that, but you didn't know any better, he was 3 and you were 5. You never seemed to do anything to Ginny, you were so protective of her.

I'm so glad that Harry Potter gave you his Tri-wizard winnings. You could then follow your dream, and make a good future for yourselves. I owe loads to that boy, he sacrificed loads for others, and he doesn't realise it. Bless his soul. You befriended him, along with others, when he needed it most, you stood by him. Through thick and thin.

I'm sorry I wasn't there for you in your final chapter of life. I regret not spending as much time with you. I wish I could say more, but I can't there is just too much for me to say in one letter, so I'll tell you the rest when it's my turn to walk down the tunnel.

I miss you my son.


Your dad who always believed in you, no matter what.