How to begin? I love you. Nothing more, nothing less. I regret acting like a pompous pratt. I was so bloody big headed. I hate myself for it. I should have stayed with you, listened to you, laughed with you. Yeah, you were the irritating little brother, but that was your job, that's just what you did. I have so much that I want to tell you, but I can't tell you some via a letter.

I've always been jealous of you and George.You had so much fun, but I couldn't. I was given high expectations by mum and dad. They wanted me to be like Bill and Charlie, but even better. It was so hard. whereas you and George had fun, you made sure that mum or dad wouldn't be able to make you feel bad about getting an 'E' in your OWL's, You were lucky if you got 'E's' but, all that magic that went into your joke shop was amazing, I never would have thought that some of the magic which I was seeing in that shop was even possible.

I have made it up to mum and dad and all the family by quitting my job at the ministry, since that was the biggest contributor to my bratty behaviour, and I have taken up a job at Hogwarts. I am the new Arithmancy teacher...this won't mean anything to you since you never took this subject, but I am away from all the hustle of the Ministry and it keeps me in the right mind. When ever I see new students who are the trouble makers, I can't help think of you and smile, I loved the way that you were care-free.

I'm sorry that I just haven't been there for you in the past years. If I could change anything that I have done, I would change the fact that I just neglected you all. But that's all history now and I have to live with the fact that I can never truly say sorry to your face. I have to face each day as it comes, and it gets harder each day, because I know that you should be alive, that it should be me who was dead, that it should have been me who got hit by that explosion. But then I remember all those times in school where you would pull practical jokes on me, and every time I would seem angry, however I was quite the opposite.

Man, I want to take everything I ever did, more like what I didn't do; I just wish I could re-do everything. I hate all the choices I made. Forgive me please.


The bigheaded Pratt

A/N Sorry I haven't uploaded in a very long time. Life has been hectic, but I promise that I will finish this fanfiction over the summer!
Some of the stuff about Percy quitting the Ministry is something that I think he would have done, but I also believe that he would have began to teach at Hogwarts because he still wanted some power and he still would have liked to be able to use the OWL's and NEWT's he got. (if you don't like's fine, but please don't give me grief about it)