Love for the Unloved - 2010 Contest Entry
Title: Lessons
Your pen name: Kimmydonn
Featured 'B-list' Character(s): Mister Berty and Senora Goff
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A/N When I submitted a continuation of this fic for the Twilight Twenty-five, I removed this first chapter so that there would be 25 chapters in the story. Now that I've finished, I'm returning this preface to it's place at the beginning.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Tony closed the door of the classroom. Once again he wondered how he had ended up in Forks. Forks High School provided a steady income, steady work, steady monotony. He had thought the Cullens coming would spice things up, but the mundane won out and he had fallen back into his curriculum, his lesson plans, his well worn material.

He tossed his glasses on his desk. Maybe this year he should add something new. One of the Austin-Zombie stories. Do a compare and contrast. The students would like that and it would certainly be more interesting than listening to teen-age girls sigh for Mr. Darcy or teenaged boys snore.

No, he'd probably still hear teenaged boys snore.

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in."

In a swirl of colorful skirt and bright blouse, Bernice swept into the room. Without looking at him, she peeked back out the door before she closed it. She slid into one of the desks at the front of the room, sitting as though she were in the class.

He smiled and resisted a chuckle.

None of the students were likely to suspect that Mr. Berty and Senora Goff were using their desks for their amusement.

"You are late, young lady," Tony admonished, putting his glasses back on his face.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Berty. I was held up." She batted her large brown eyes innocently.

Tony's mouth shifted, fighting a smile. "Well, you must tell Mr. Banner that he cannot detain you."

Her eyes flamed. She hated when anyone mentioned Bob. They'd gone on one date. One date that he would not shut up about. At least Tony didn't tell the entire faculty about her. In fact, as far as she knew, he hadn't told anyone about her. That was why she was here. She wouldn't dream of doing this in the school with anyone less than tight-lipped. And that stiff upper lip, and luscious bottom one were two more reasons she was sitting in this desk, pretending to be eighteen.

Tony chuckled, knowing he was pushing her buttons. "Sorry," he whispered out of character.

"Forgiven," she whispered just as quietly.

"I hope you have your assignment ready, at least. Please, stand up and read it aloud." He turned and walked back to his chair taking off his jacket now. He hung the heavy material on the furniture before unbuttoning his cuffs.

Bernice rose, tucking her hands behind her waist, making her breasts stick out. "I'm sorry, Mr. Berty. I seem to have left my assignment at home." She shifted nervously from foot to foot.

He turned and cocked his head. "Excuse me?"

"I..." Her breath caught as his eyes held a hint of anger, just enough to make her heart pump faster. "I left..."

His hand slammed down on the desk with a crack. Tony clenched his teeth at the sharp sting in his palm. Bernice felt a shiver run up her spine, imagining the same smack landing on her.

"You forgot?" he said in voice colder than the weather outside.

"Yes," she said quietly, looking at her pointed shoes.

"I see." Tony stepped up until he towered over her, He wasn't quite six feet, but Bernice was only five three. He felt himself twitch in his pants. Her nipples were grazing his chest this close. "How to you propose we rectify this situation?" he asked, looking down at her.

She tipped her head back, her eyes taking in his chest, the hollow of his throat, his Adam's apple, the stubble that had accumulated over the day. Her hair, normally just below her shoulders, fell to her waist as she craned her neck. "What ever I need to do to make it up to you, Mr. Berty."

Tony turned abruptly, grabbing chalk from the board. "Perhaps lines?"

"Of course," she agreed, walking toward him and taking the chalk from his hand. She wrapped her fingers around his, sliding them over his fist to pull the slender white stick away.

Tony slid his fingers down the inside of her forearm, dropping his hand. His arm brushed her breasts as she stepped past him to the board.

Tony smirked as he turned and perched on the corner of his desk. He shifted to make himself more comfortable as he hardened. "I want fifty lines, so be sure you start nice and high. They will read, 'I will remember my assignment and complete it.'"

"Yes, Mr. Berty."

Bernice tried not to tremble as she rose onto tiptoe, knowing that it was intended to put her off balance, stretch her limbs.

Tony wasn't looking at her limbs. Her ass perked up as it clenched, her breasts rose in her blouse, and that blouse creeped up, showing a sliver of bronze flesh underneath. It was irresistible.

She spoke aloud as she wrote "I will remember..." She sank, stepping to the side, closer to Mr. Berty, and raising on toes again. "My assignment and..." She felt fingers on her belly.

"You look a little shaky, Miss Goff. Do you need help?" Tony put his other hand on the bottom of her ass, lifting a little.

Her jaw worked and her eyes closed, the tension was perfect. Just enough teasing, enough promise, with so little contact. "I think I can manage," she squeaked.

He leaned into her ear. "If you're sure," he said quietly before sitting back, pulling his hands away.

She took another step and rose to finish the line. "Complete it."

"Can you complete your assignment, Miss Goff?" Mr. Berty asked, taking off his glasses and polishing them on his shirt.

She turned and her eye was immediately drawn to the triangle of skin with wisps of hair over his belt where he had untucked the tail of his shirt. She licked her lips. She knew where that hair led and she could see the bulge of it now.

"Miss Goff?"

Her eyes snapped up. His glasses were on his face again. His lips were pursed in irritation, but his eyes glittered with mischief and excitement. He couldn't wait to take her over the desk. But it wasn't fun if they didn't play a little first. Knowing that he could distract her as easily as she did him, was empowering.

"Your assignment?" he reminded her.

She smiled broadly. Her assignment had been in her office mailbox this morning. That was risky, but he knew she always came in early, just as he usually stayed late. So no one was likely to check her box in the meantime. Her assignment had read: Go an entire Tuesday with no underwear. She had almost laughed. But then she remembered that Tuesday was her Fiesta and she had planned to wear a skirt. He knew that. And so here she stood, in a brilliant pink blouse and banded flared skirt, with absolutely nothing underneath.

"Yes, Mr. Berty. I did complete the assignment. As I said, I forgot it at home."

His eyes burned. Of course she had left her underwear at home. Of course if he flipped up that skirt he would find her wet and ready. He lifted a hand. He could stretch out and reach her cheek. He made to do so and then gestured the other direction. "Continue, please."

Bernice fought the butterflies building in her stomach and rose nearly as high again. "I will remember..." Hands were placed on her hips this time and she felt him pressed to her back. He was hard in his pants, hardly surprising, but feeling it pressed to her ass made her hotter.

"You're sure you don't need any help?"

"I..." She fell back to her heels, grinding her ass over him and making him groan. "I think I might," she said as she placed the chalk on the ledge and turned.

His hands were still on her hips, tracing the edge where her blouse met her skirt, finding the line of skin there.

"And how is that?" he asked. He brought his face down, his nose tracing hers.

"I think I might need a stricter regimen. No matter how hard I practice, I keeping slipping back into Spanish grammar." As she spoke, she stroked the front of his pants, first up, and then down, dropping his fly.

Tony's eyes closed at her touch. What was she talking about? What was his line? Oh, to hell with this game...

He pushed her into the blackboard, lifting her just enough for her ass to catch the tiny ledge. He didn't let her go, knowing her weight would bend the aluminium and the jig would really be up. He ground into her, his lips finding hers.

"Ay Caray," she murmured. Her Spanish accent had always been a turn on. The way her tongue moved around the soft consonants, holding her palate when she said n, rolling on her r's, just like it was on his palate now, rolling on his tongue.

"Bernice," he whispered.

"Mr. Berty!" She clucked her tongue, reminding him he'd broken character, again.

"I think I need to check your assignment," he complained, setting her on the ground just long enough haul up that skirt.

He ran his hands over her bare thighs, thumbs inside her hips, tracing the lines of the V they made. He continued to kiss her, pressing his fingers down, then pulling up, lifting her onto him as he turned to the desk.

"Is everything as you expected?" she asked.

"I think I'll have another look over it." He smirked tossing his glasses on the desk beside her. He flipped the material back again and squatted. He kissed his way up one thigh while her fingers ran through his hair.

"I hope I did a good job," she murmured.

"It looks like everything is in order." He spread her lips open, grinning. He ran a finger along the red flesh spreading the wetness he found.

"Christo," she swore in a hushed whisper.

He slid the finger over her clit again.

"Me deu," she murmured this time, bracing her hands on the side of the desk and shifting her hips forward, into his face.

Tony took the invitation, sliding the finger inside her and putting his lips to the nub of flesh this time. He rolled his lips over it before touching it with the tip of his tongue.

Bernice felt fire in her groin. There were that stiff upper lip and luscious bottom she loved so much, hard at work. He knew just how to please her. She hadn't been shy in helping him find out. She continued to curse in her native tongue, hating how offensive it was, but having no other way to express the way the pleasure ripped through her.

"Cagondeu," she moaned, pulling his hair, tightening her thighs. "More," she gasped, tugging, trying to lift him by his hair. "More."

Tony groaned at the tugging on his scalp. She knew what she wanted and she wasn't patient, not once the game was over. He finished the job she had started on his pants and pushed his briefs to his knees, standing and grabbing her hips again.

"Did you enjoy your assignment?" he asked, teasing as the tip of his dick brushed over her.

"Si. Yes. Very... intoxicating. Knowing how exposed I was, all day long. One wrong turn, one dropped pencil..." she murmured between heaving breaths.

Tony growled. "I should have made you drop a pencil."

"Shut up," she said, pulling his face to hers. He thrust into her at the same time. She broke the kiss to mutter. "Longest... eight hours... ever."

"Agreed." He kissed her again hungrily thrusting again. "Every time I saw you, I kept wanting to palm that perky bum."

She giggled. "Bum." It was such a cute word. Better than butt or ass. Even better than nalga. It started and ended softly, just like each cheek. It made her smile.

He tipped her hips back, nailing her more completely and the giggle turned to a moan. "Hostia," she muttered.

"I keep meaning to ask you what all those mean." He fucked her wildly now, knowing she was getting close.

"You... You... Deu... will have to be... my student... next time." She panted and started to cry.

"Ah, and who will I be?" I asked in a huff, all his concentration on keeping her hips tilted just right.

"Jesu. You will be Tony." She glared at him. Pretending either of them actually were students crossed a line.

Still, he wondered. He had no real desire for the skinny things that flounced in and out of his class. Bernice was perfect in his hands, she knew exactly how far to push, how much to take. It was better than any high school girl could ever be. But those boys... they could give her a run and run some more. Surely she had designs on one of them.

He was wrong. Bernice had come to Forks running ahead of a scandal involving one such. He had been sweet, charming, but taboo. She knew better than to even think of it again. And in the end, it had been empty. Her high school boy had never looked for her after she'd run. He'd never cared what happened to her.

Granted, this, with Tony, wasn't exactly love, but it was more. She was more to him than this. Even if she wasn't a wife, she was a friend.

All thoughts fled as he pressed her hips down again, ramming himself against her g-spot and sending ripples through her. She shuddered and shook, gripping his shoulders to keep from falling off the desk. "Si, si, si, si." she hissed as she came.

Tony felt himself pulled by, pulled into her. She was milking the come right out of him, and he was going with her. Up to heaven, down to hell, it didn't matter, he wanted to go there. He felt his balls tighten and the pulsing raging through him. His face twisted in agony, in ecstasy. He sighed in relief feeling the heat flowing out of him, into her. All hardness gone, the edges came off everything.

He caught her up in his arms as her whole body relaxed, still quivering gently. Her head found his shoulder.

He turned his head to kiss her ear. "Same time Friday?" he asked with a smirk.

"Yes," she whispered, licking her lips and pushing her hair out of her face. "Should I have an assignment for you?"

He practically purred, pulling from her and grabbing the tissues from the drawer of his desk. He offered them to her first. "That sounds exciting. What would you ask of me?" Tony wiped himself clean, then used another tissue to dab her thighs, catching anything she had missed.

After he pulled his pants back up, she ran a finger under his chin and over his lips, tapping them gently. "I think I'll take the next two days to decide."

Suddenly she hugged him. He was a little startled. Then he relaxed and hugged her in return. He lifted her off the desk, keeping her in his embrace, and set her on her feet. He stroked her hair until she relaxed her hold and stepped back enough to look up at him. Mischief was in her eyes now.

She had needed reassurance that she was more than a plaything. When he froze, she was worried she'd been wrong, but his hug did exactly what it needed to, melting her fear. She had been held by her friend, her lover, her ignorant Spanish student. Hmmm, diction? She could punish him for each wrong pronunciation. She laughed internally, thinking of how pink his bottom would be when she was done. She backed up, dialogue for him to recite already writing itself in her head.

"Friday," she said, turning on her toe, making her skirt twirl. She headed for the door. He paused only long enough to put on his jacket before following.

She stopped. Bob was outside. "Cagate en tu madre," she cussed brutally. She stormed for the door.

Tony beat her there. He pulled Bob inside by the lapel and closed the door behind him. "You fucking peeper. You better keep your gob shut or I'll stuff it full of your own teeth, got me?" His British accent, gone for a decade, came back quickly with his anger. His fist was an inch from Mr. Banner's nose.

"I... Yes." His eyes were wide, flicking from Bernice to Tony and back. "Now I know why I never got a second date."

Tony punched him, letting him fall to the floor. The rage that filled him. The way he spoke of her, all was so vile to him. He had ignored it before, but here, alone, he couldn't.

"Anthony!" Bernice gasped, her hands covering her face. She knelt to Bob who was holding his nose. "Are you badly hurt?" she asked. She quickly added, "I can ask him to do it again if you aren't."

When she moved to Bob's assistance, Tony had felt a pang of hurt, but her words made him smile. He had gone too far, but he couldn't really regret it.

"Here." He offered Bob a hand up. "I mean it though. Don't say anything."

Mr. Banner shook his head. "Not a word."

Tony let go of Bob and put an arm around Bernice's waist guiding her out the door with him. "That was close," he murmured.

"Too close," she agreed, walking with him to the parking lot.

All Spanish was taken from wikipedia. Feel free to correct me ;)