Title: The Truth About Madison Holt

Author: Alex aka Numbuh 145362

Author's Notes: HEY! I've never written a 39 Clues story before. I wanted to write something about Madison Holt, I think that she is very underappreciated. So I started making a story, and this came up! I hope you all like it! And I think this might be the first Madison-centric story!

Dedication:Um, to whoever reads this! You guys are awesome!

Summary: Have you ever wondered how Madison Holt ever felt? Here is an inside into her brain! Madison-centric

Disclaimer: I unfortunately do not own The 39 Clues…

"Is that Madison Holt?"
"More like Madison Dolt!"

Cringing, Madison Annie Holt turned the corner into her next class. Even though she had heard that exact same phrase many, many times during her 17 years of life, it still cut deep. Very deep.

Contrary to popular belief, Madison did study. She studied a lot, it just didn't really sink in, no matter how hard she worked, memorized, and read, her brain could not compute the information.

Another untrue rumor involved the school nerd and a Latin final. Hello! She had been around the world! You had to know Latin to get around Europe! But that was a different story.

The point? Madison Holt is more than muscles. The problem? No one tries to probe past the stereotype they place her as. Neither does her family.

Reagan Gertrude Holt, the prized daughter, the one who got a full ride to William and Mary, and most importantly is dating Dan Cahill. Dan, why did her sister get Dan? What does she have that Madison didn't?

Brains. She thought bitterly.

The most awful part is that Reagan doesn't even know. Reagan is just too sensitive, at least as sensitive as you can call a Holt. If she found out that her twin sister liked her boyfriend. The tears and the blood! Madison couldn't do it, not to her.

So like everything else in her life, Madison did not come out on top. And by now she was okay with that.

"Hey Dolten! Scarred any nerds for life today?"

Okay, maybe not.

Poor Madison! Some characters just don't get happy endings… sadly. Madison is never really talked about, all the info I had on her was what I collected in the 8th book. I hope you all liked!

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