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The Perfect Plan

Chapter 2

Ukitake raised an elegant eyebrow as Kenpachi led her into his office. "And I thought Shunsui was behind on his paperwork," she muttered, leaning over Kenpachi's desk. "These are from two years ago!"

"Yeah, so?" Kenpachi asked, throwing himself into his chair. "Did ya come here just to give me a lecture? If so, ya can skip it, the old man took care of it for ya."

Ukitake placed her hand over her mouth to hide her smile. "I heard about that."

"Anyone else he'd hav' fought, but no, he has ta give me a talkin' too." Kenpachi glared at nothing as he remembered his recent visit from Yamamoto.

"He knew you'd enjoy yourself if he fought you. He couldn't have that when he was trying to discipline you."

"Discipline?" Kenpachi sneered. "Well, whatever it was, it worked. I won't be kissin' ya anytime soon."

Ukitake tilted her head slightly, her smile disappearing. "That's disappointing."

"Eh?" Kenpachi muttered, clearly confused. "What'd ya mean?"

Kenpachi knew he was in for it when Ukitake smirked. He'd never seen that look before on her face and it was a little unnerving. She walked around to his side of the desk, placing a hand on each of the armrests. Kenpachi tried to lean back further but was stopped by the back of the chair, Ukitake's grinning face only inches from his own. "I came because I was hoping you'd kiss me again, but I guess I'll just have to kiss you instead."

Kenpachi managed one more 'eh?' before Ukitake's lips covered his own. 'What the hell? How'd this happen?' Kenpachi thought. 'Ah, screw it.' He returned the kiss roughly, causing her to gasp. He smirked as he flipped the tables on Ukitake, exploring her mouth thoroughly as he grabbed her hips, pulling her into his lap.

"See, now that wasn't so bad, was it?" Ukitake asked, resting her forehead against Kenpachi's when he broke the kiss.

Kenpachi chuckled darkly. "You're devious."

The white haired captain held up her hand, her fingers barely parted. "Maybe just a little."


"Where's the Captain?" Yumichika asked. "He's been late to training every day this week."

"He's with Captain Ukitake," Ikkaku said, fanning himself as he watched the new recruits.

"Again? When did those two become such good friends?"

"When Ken-chan kissed Ukki!" Yachiru said happily, holding up the photos she's taken to show them. "Ken-chan's late to practice cause he practices with Ukki."

"Really?" Yumichika asked, disbelief in his voice.

"Captain Ukitake doesn't fight unless she has too. Why would she practice with the Captain?"

"Maybe cause no one else will wrestle with her," Yachiru supplied. The third and fifth seated officers shared a look, both silently asking if this was going where they thought it was. No, that'd be ridiculous. "Although, they don't wear any clothes, and even though Ken-chan always pins her down Ukki seems really happy. Yesterday I walked into Ken-chan's office and Ukki had pinned Ken-chan, so I guess that means she won," the pink haired girl finished happily.

Both Ikkaku and Yumichika blinked in shock. "Way to go, Captain," Ikkaku muttered.

"I will never see Captain Ukitake in the same way again."

"Eh?" Yachiru questioned, sounding just like her Captain, her head tilted to the side slightly. "Why's that?"

"I still don't get it," Ikkaku said, ignoring Yachiru's comment. "Ukitake's the calmest, kindest person in Soul Society, and the Captain is…well he's the Captain. They don't really seem like they'd mesh."

"You know what they say, opposites attract," Yumichika said with a shrug of his shoulders.

"I guess. Still, I didn't think the Captain would end up with Captain Ukitake." Yumichika nodded in agreement.

"End up with?" Yachiru asked, things clicking into place. "Does that mean Ukki's my mommy now?"

Ikkaku and Yumichika jumped, Yachiru smiling when Kenpachi's deep laughter floated outside. "There's no gettin' away now, Ukitake."


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