Hiya,It`s me crystal114 i wrote this cuz I wanted to share this plus i was bored so i guess enjoy?

Somewhere in Moon Blind Forest

Maiyune:Hey are you guys doing the 30 bear quest? If so...can you help?

I forgot her name and his name...so there called dude and the girl

Dude:Yea but im like lvl 50+ so you`ll get less exp


The girl:O thats ok i`m not doing it for exp im just leveling


Dude:Um you need exp TO level

the girl ignored him and after thatt...well first off my family nickname is lvl30warrior ok

The Girl:Um Maiyune?


The Girl:What level are you?

Maiyune:Um...my family nickname...

The Girl:Yea but what level are you now?

Maiyune:(getting very pissed)MY family nickname

The Girl:So your level 30?


Um yea so thas wat happend i have a short temper I fell better now since i wrote this lol anyway back to my other fic!