The Soul Reaper of Konoha

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"Yo" Speaking

"Yo" Thought

"Yo" Demon Speaking

"Yo" Demon Thought

Birth of a New Reaper

Everything was quiet and peaceful in the hidden leaf village also known as Konoha. The sky was clear as the moonlight illuminates the entire village in a soft glow around the buildings and trees, the Hokage Monument was a light showing the faces of the four Hokage's of Konoha clearly to the sleeping village. The moonlight, however, was disturbed by two black spots appearing on the moon. Two beams came from the darkness and struck the ground below. From the dust where the light had shone appeared two horrible looking monsters covered in darkness, both with holes in the middle of their chests and bright yellow eyes full of hate and hunger. As the monsters disappeared, a lone figure stood on top of the Hokage tower looking down at the two monsters as they vanished.

"I see. So, they have found a way into this world too. Guess I will just have to stop them." The figure said to himself as he jumped from the tower in pursuit of the monsters.

Today had already been a bad day for Naruto. First, he had been late for the academy, he was chased by the villagers for the umpteenth time and after he lost them he went home to check on his apartment, to find that it had been broken into and trashed again. But this really ruined his day, Ramen Ichiraku was closed for TWO WHOLE DAYS! It was official, today was the worst day of his life. Naruto went for a walk to clear his head. As he walked around aimlessly ignoring the glares he was getting from the villagers, he was lost in his thoughts.

"What to do, what to do? I am so BORED!" He thought to himself when he found himself in front of the Hokage tower. "Well, I do need to see Jiji-san about my apartment."

As he walked up the stairs towards the offices he looked at the Hokage Monument thinking, "Someday I'll have my face on there with the other Hokages." Smiling to himself at the thought he walked to the Secretary, one of the few people who treated him like a person. He saw her smile at him as he approached her desk.

"Good afternoon Naruto-kun. The Hokage is in his office, doing paperwork as usual. You can go in and see him if you like." She said to Naruto with a smile on her face.

"Thanks Atsuko-Chan for letting me in to see Jiji-san. See you later." He ran to the door and quickly opened it to enter the Hokage's office.

"Such a sweet boy. I wish more people saw him for who he is instead of his tenant." Atsuko thought to herself before returning to work.

"JIJI-SAN! I have something to ask you!" Naruto basically screamed as he ran into the office of The Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi.

"Naruto, there is no need to shout. I'm right here and I can hear you perfectly well thank you." The Hokage looked up at Naruto from his dreaded paperwork thankful that he visited him for two reasons. The first was that he enjoyed Naruto's company. The second was anything that distracted him from the hell that he called PAPERWORK was in his eyes always thankful.

"Sorry, Jiji-san." He said bowing his head in apology.

"That is quite alright Naruto. It is always a pleasure when you visit. Now, what did you want to ask me?" He replied with a smile and a kind tone in his voice.

"Oh right. apartment has been trashed again. Could you sort out someone to fix it up please?" Naruto looked at him almost pleading with him.

"Again? Damn them for their stupidity." He sighed and looked at him. "Of course, Naruto. I will get someone on it right away."

"Thanks, Jiji-san. The usual few hours to wait then?" He looked at the Hokage hoping that they would fix his apartment quicker this time.

The Hokage nodded softly. "Unfortunately, yes. I will see if they can hurry up this time. I will send a messenger to find you when the work has been finished."

Naruto was now walking around aimlessly again, waiting for the Hokage's messenger to inform him that his apartment was ready so he could go back home and put everything back in its place. However, he had now been walking and waiting for three hours and it was starting to make him impatient. As he suddenly realized where he was going, he found himself in the market district of the village.

"There is no reason for me to even be h..."

The next thing anyone in the market heard was a large explosion from a nearby building. Everyone started running away from the building, screaming trying to get away in case the building collapsed. There was another explosion in the next building suddenly, spider-like cracks appeared on the floor just in front of Naruto, who had frozen and was too scared to do anything. He just stared at the sight in front of him, wondering if this was the reason everyone was running away.

In front of Naruto stood, what he thought was a monster. It looked human but it stood as high as a two-story building, with dark brown skin covering its body apart from a hole right in the middle of its chest, its face was covered by what could only be described as a white tribal mask with black markings on it only showing the eyes. The eyes were so full of hatred, pain, and hunger. Naruto looked at where the spider-like cracks were before seeing the cause of them. A man at lease in his 20's was there underneath the monster's fist.

The man had green spiky hair, which was covered in streaks of his own blood, his nose looked like it had been broken and his face was covered in blood, cuts, and gashes. The man was wearing what looked like a Shihakushō that was ripped in places with wounds visible through the tears in the cloth, blood was oozing from his wounds. The sword that the man was barely holding, had the appearance of a samurai sword which looked like it could cut through anything. The man looked like he was in incredible pain and in need of help. When he noticed this Naruto just reacted and leaped towards the monster's hand, pulling out his kunai and with all his might stabbed it into the monster's hand.

"GET AWAY FROM HIM!" Naruto screamed as the creature recoiled at the sudden pain in its hand before fading away through what looked like a hole in the air, leaving Naruto and the stranger alone. As he rushed to see if he could help, Naruto watched the stranger slowly sitting up but was having difficulty breathing.

"Easy there. You're safe from whatever that thing was." Naruto told him putting his kunai away in his pouch.

"Lis...listen one. There time. You must...take my sword and..."

Naruto looked at the man who suddenly stopped speaking, his eyes glazed over as a spike appeared through the man's chest. Blood splattered onto Naruto's face as the man breathed his last breath before being eaten by another monster. This one looked more like a scorpion with a white mask to match but those horrible yellow eyes were the same, full of hatred, pain, and hunger. The monster dove at Naruto to kill him. He managed to dodge the attack and landed near the man's dead body harshly. The monster saw him and quickly dove towards him again. All Naruto could do this time was close his eyes and wait for the end to come, knowing he would not be able to dodge this time.

After what felt like an eternity, Naruto opened his eyes to see that time had slowed down around him. He looked around and saw that it was affecting everything around him. As he wondered what was happening to him he suddenly heard a voice inside his head speaking to him.

"So, it looks like you have been chosen, hey kid?"

"W...who's there? What do you want?" Naruto asked in his head, confused and afraid he was going insane.

"Ahh yes, you don't know do you? Well then let me just say you are talking to the Kyūbi no Yōko." The voice stated

"B...but you're..." However, Naruto was cut off.

"Yes, yes I know. 'But you're meant to be dead as The Fourth Hokage killed you!'" The Kyūbi said in a high-pitched voice as if he was mocking Naruto. "I can tell you first hand that is a load of bullshit kid. Now listen we don't have much time. If you don't want to die, and I know I don't, then you need to take that sword and stab yourself with it right through your soul. Do you understand?" The Kyūbi said as fast as he could in the little time they had left.

"But I'll die if I do that. Won't I?" Naruto asked timidly not wanting to die.

"Well...there is a slight chance you will if it does not work but you have to trust me. Oh, and make sure that dead Soul Reaper is holding onto the handle of it as well. Now, HURRY!" Kyūbi said as time slowly started to return to normal.

As fast as Naruto could, he grabbed the sword off the ground next to him and held the point against his chest with one hand as the other hand made sure the dead man was holding onto the sword as well. Naruto was about to do as asked when he realized something.

"Hey what's a Soul Reaper?" Naruto asked.

"JUST STAB YOURSELF WITH THE SWORD BEFORE WE BOTH DIE KID!" Shouted the Kyūbi. His eye twitched in annoyance, "Here we are, both about to die when he asks me stupid questions when I even said there is NO TIME! Why was I sealed inside this idiot?"

Without another moment's hesitation, Naruto thrust the sword through his chest right into his soul. The first thing he felt was the pain, pain like nothing he had ever felt before as it felt like his soul was being torn apart. Thinking he had messed up he suddenly felt a warm feeling over him and he started to glow white. Time returned to normal as the monster stopped blinded by the light before it screamed in pain as its tail was cut off.

As it turned to see what had dared stop it hunting its prey it froze in what the monster had not felt in a very long time. Fear. Stood there was his prey but he was different. Naruto was now dressed like the dead Soul Reaper with a Shihakushō on. His feet had on the sandals that the traditional Samurai wore with white tabi on. In his hand, Naruto noticed, was a sword like the dead man's sword but instead of the hilt having diamond shapes on it, it had the swirls that Naruto normally wore.

Standing there staring at the monster before him all he said was ten words that caused if possible, more fear in the monster.


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