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Axel and Roxas belong to Enix

Soft and utterly fluffy golden blonde hair is easy to spot in lush, green forests. Sure, he was carrying one of those scary, human machines, but he didn't look harmful at all. On the contrary, he looked rather adorable.

Comfortable on his perch, Axel watched the blonde human creep around the forest, watching and listening. He returned the next day and the day after that and the day after that and every day for about a month's time.

Then one day, Axel actually slipped up and Roxas shot in the direction of escaping figure and red hair. Once he was well hidden once again, Axel took in the sight of the blonde's overjoyed expression and concluded that his smile was simply to die for.

Scientists may call it hormonal imbalance, but Axel likes to think it is just love.

Roxas usually enjoys taking his time when it comes to bathing, but after today's events, he couldn't help but feel so horrendously dirty from the kiss...and how much he enjoyed it. Roxas growled as he scrubbed at his skin violently, cursing himself the mere thought of leaning into the kiss.

Even when 'Axel's' grip got loose, instead of impaling him with a flesh wound, he melted. Where did his instinct to return to the throne go? Down the drain apparently, because when Axel kissed him, everything in the world seemed to have turned to mush in a second. The only reasonable thought that came into his mind was about a minute and a half into the kiss when he decided that oxygen is a necessity to live, no matter how good of a kiss it is. And after they separated, "Got it memorized?" What was that supposed to mean? Roxas supposed he was teasing him in a way but...his actions seem to show more than a mere joke.

The top half of his body was slowly drying in the cooler evening air as he waded through the water more calmly now. He felt goose bumps arise on his arms and secretly; very quietly, in the back of his mind, he wished those stupid poachers didn't interrupt them.

When Axel heard the clamor of rustling bushes nearby, he simply dashed off without another word. And the other problem was that Roxas was having a hard time trying to figure out what the nymph was trying to say.

Heated kisses like those for humans represented passion and raw lust, but Roxas was male and he was pretty sure Axel is one too. So what if it was just some sort of friendly greeting nymphs used?

The Royal Library which he religiously avoided seemed rather tempting at the moment.

All complications aside, Roxas was honestly happy.

But honestly, whether Axel wanted him like that or not, he didn't care for. It has been a long time since someone show that they actually cared about him so much.

Through the eleven words he had learned his name, but with the one kiss, he could hear the same voice, telling him things he couldn't even dream of.

I'll protect you.

I'll never leave your side.

You're perfect in every way.

I love you Roxas.

Flustered, and a bit confused as to the source of the thought, Roxas submerged himself into the water once again and just blushed, unable to catch himself smiling.

Finally relaxed, Roxas leaned against a smooth rock, eye lids heavy and mind at ease. He would have probably fallen asleep at that moment if it wasn't for the sudden rustle of leaves and disturbance in the water.

Once again, striking green met tentative blue as Axel stood a few feet away from him, the lush green contrasting his with bright red features.

After Roxas's headache of thinking about the nymph, a certain worry grew in his mind as to what the nymph-what Axel held behind his back.

Then, even to Roxas's surprise, contrary to the sweet feelings he just decided on, his lust for luxury decided that now would be a good time to kick in. As Axel advanced closer, Roxas subconsciously edged his way towards the right, where his gun lay. Whatever Axel wanted would have to wait: wait until after he's back in the lap of luxury.

But the second, Roxas was armed and fired; Axel has leapt out of the water surprised, leaving a splash and a crusade of golden, yellow flower petals falling and landing gingery on the water's surface. The lonely gunfire echoed through the forest as Roxas stared wide eyed.

When it comes to nymphs, as simple as it may seem, giving flowers to one another is the ultimate sign of romantic affection.

In a haze of confusion and rage, he threw his gun to the shore and slammed his fists down onto the water. Why am I such an idiot?