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Care Package

A golden sunlight bathed the eastern sides of the building. A pair of shoes made no noise as they moved up the sidewalk to the front door of the Kurosaki household. Toshiro's hand reached up to knock on the door only to hesitate before touching the wood. "Why is it I've been reduced to the substitute general taicho's errand boy? He should be delivering this himself. The last thing I want is to run into Kurosaki's sister Karin let alone this other sister."

Two teal eyes glanced to the right of the house knowing orders were orders. He then turned back towards the door to knock on the door, but instead it opened up causing him to balk at the person standing there.

"You must be one of Karin's friends," were the first words out of the girl's mouth. Two teal eyes blinked in surprise with the realization that this girl was of similar age to Karin and that the first assumption she made was that he was a friend of said Kurosaki sister rather then Ichigo's. The two sisters seemed to be very different from each other.

"Actually..." His words were interrupted by her zealous squeal as she grabbed his wrist and began to drag him inside.

"Karin and I almost never invite friends over. Then again, neither does Ichi-nii," the girl continued to smile. "Would you like something to eat or drink?"

"No thanks. Actually..." Hitsugaya repositioned the box he'd been asked to deliver on his hip only to find himself interrupted again.

"Oh... I'll go and get Karin," the brown haired girl quickly hurried off, excited about him being there.

"Great... there is actually a reason I don't want to see her of all people. After all... she's most definitely his daughter," the teal eyed youth muttered under his breath as he began to fidget.

"Hey... Karin!" The one girl suddenly yelled. "One of your friends is here!"

"What do you mean, one of my friends is here? I don't remember inviting one. Who is it?"

"I'm so dead," the small taicho paled. "Seriously, do they HAVE to yell?"

"I don't know. This is my first time meeting him," said a voice that had gotten closer.

"You should know all my friends though Yuzu, as they go to school with us. Oh..." Karin stopped on the stairway, watching the visitor carefully. "Hi Toshiro."

"See... there is a friend of yours I don't know. It is nice to meet you, Toshiro-kun," the girl smiled.

"You know what Yuzu. Toshiro isn't here to see me. He knows Ichi-nii best," the girl shook her head at him, as if her mind was still trying to get around something.

"So he's here to see Ichi-nii? He's upstairs studying." The other female began to head up the stairs. "I'll go get him!"

"Except that Ichi-nii isn't the real one, and Toshiro knows that." Two dark eyes glared at the boy.

"But Karin-chan, you keep saying that, that it isn't Ichi-nii," Yuzu pouted.

"It's the Ichi-nii that can jump ten feet in the air. Remember when our entire school could see him jumping that high."

"Oh yeah. I'd forgotten about that," Yuzu headed off towards the kitchen area. Toshiro's face twitched with annoyance as the sister with the lighter coloring let out a laugh. "That means he did come to see you Karin. Are you sure you don't want to have something to drink?"

The black haired Kurosaki laughed at the look of shock and confusion on the boy's face. "Don't worry. For some reason, nobody thankfully remembers. Seriously though, what are you doing here?"

Toshiro swallowed, then held out the box. "I was ordered to deliver this..."

"Ordered?" Two dark eyes became quite perturbed. "You didn't say asked. You said ordered. Aren't you a taicho or something?"

Yuzu walked over to a rather pale faced Shinigami and took the box from him. She glanced at the label. "Hey... Karin, it's from dad and Ichigo."

"Dad... and Ichigo?" The second female preteens eyebrows rose up. "Toshiro, are you playing a joke on Yuzu and me?"

"Joke? Why?" the preteen soul reaper squeaked out.

"We need to talk," Karin stated, suddenly grabbing his arm and pulling him up the stairs. "My dad can't see ghosts. So this isn't funny."

The black haired girl opened the door to her brother's room. Kon was not at the desk in Ichigo's body as for some reason. She watched as Toshiro gave her a funny look. Finally, the color returned to his face. He let out a deep breath as he glanced at the ground. "All right. Whose pulling my leg now. You are telling me he can't see ghosts? Him of all people?"

"Duh. He can stare right at them and not even realize they were there. He can look all around and not find them." Irritation was dripping in her voice.

"Really?" The next thing she knew he was laughing. His laughter was uncontrollable.

"Toshiro! It isn't funny!" the small female suddenly pounced on him, knocking him to the ground.

"Uhh..." Toshiro quickly found his eyes darting to his sides where his arms were pinned by Karin's legs. His cheeks flushed a little. "Could you please get off me. This is rather uncomfortable."

"Why is it the guys in my life always hide things? Ichigo clams up if I mention Shinigami. You make it seem like dad was lying about being able to see ghosts. Kon... Kon doesn't say squat because he's supposed to be our brother and he doesn't think we don't realize he is actually a stranger. What about you?"

Hitsugaya's cheeks flushed suddenly and his face paled. "I made a promise. I'm also sorry I laughed. It just seems exactly like the kind of nutty, brilliant thing he would do. Can you please get off me?"

"Brilliant? There is no way in hell my dad is brilliant. A raving lunatic and old pervert. Are we talking about the same person?"

This caused the small Shinigami to bite back a chuckle. "Yes..."

"I'll reiterate. My dad is an idiot," Karin stated, only to have the boy burst out laughing. "It's not funny!"

"It's just... it's just..." Toshiro found his comment interrupted as the door opened.

"There you two are. That isn't how you're supposed to treat a guest Karin," Yuzu stated, a stuffed chappy doll under one arm. "Dad's note says Toshiro is part of the care package."

"What the fuck! I'm going to kill him!" came the boy's flushed reply.

"Don't use bad words," the pale haired sister chimed in.

"Toshiro... only family gets to beat up my family," the female on top of him said, her tone dark.

"Karin... the letter says Toshiro is family, and to treat him as such. Dad expects him to stay for dinner. He says to tell Toshiro, it's an order." The door clicked shut.

"No..." came the groan as the small taicho closed his eyes.

"Oh... great... stuck with you..."

"Does this mean, possibly... you could let me up now?" There was a hopeful sound to his voice.

"No. I'm tired of men in this family hiding things."

"I promised!"

"And I'm going to find a way to make you tell me!" the girl snapped.


Author's note – Another old fanfic stuck in my note book. A collection of one shots? A chaptered fanfic? A chaptered fanfic with one-shots in-between the chapters? I need to look at the other thing that sort of fit here, before I make my decision. By the way, Isshin is filling in for Yamamoto here. It's theoretical.