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~Speak Easy~

Toshiro sat on the couch again, his muscles completely tense from the situation he was finding himself dealing with. He had never been in such a situation before and this fact grated on his nerves immensely. The smell of food cooking came to his nose and he felt his stomach grumble to the point he felt everyone else could hear it.

Letting out a sigh, his eyes darted to the ground in frustration. He didn't hear Ichigo approach him from behind. "Are you doing all right Toshiro?"

"I'm fine... I guess." The boy let out a deep sigh. A noise from the stairway caused him and the orange haired teen to look up.

The corner of Toshiro's mouth turned up as he saw that Karin had come downstairs and he turned back around to look at the television that had been turned off since both had left the premises before. The female came and sat next to him and his Adam's Apple bobbed down. Carefully he turned around so he could face her, only to turn his head towards Ichigo.

It was then that Isshin grabbed his son by the ear and dragged him off to watch bug Yuzu again. "I'm mad at you."

"I got that you're mad at me." Karin stated, her tone dark indicating she was still irritated with him. "You're mad at me because I got you to break a promise with my dad."

Toshiro remained silent, digesting what she had said before speaking up again. "That isn't the only reason I'm mad at you."

"You do understand I'm also mad at you, right?" The female still refused to look at him.

The preteen shinigami's Adam Apple bobbed down again. "I know you're angry at me, but I don't understand why you are mad at me."

"I wanted you to let me kiss you again." Karin continued to look forward.

"What?" Toshiro's jaw dropped a little after saying this out loud. He blinked at her in confusion, before shaking his head.

"I don't talk about guys and dating with Yuzu and her friends. That doesn't mean I don't know what I am looking for in a guy. You're pretty much it and I also know I'll be hard pressed to find another person like you. I'm not blind to the fact that you could have any girl our age you wanted. It was a bunch of wishful thinking on my part."

"She just said I'm the kind of guy she would date. If I was a girl I wouldn't want to date me. I'd rather date someone like..." The young shinigami started at the ceiling. "... I wouldn't date anybody from the Gotei Thirteen. Maybe Kira or Hisagi if I were a girl. Or Ukitake, but he has the same problem I do with my looks."

"I don't get it," he finally said.

"You don't get what?" Karin suddenly looked at him in time to see his face twisted up with frustration.

"Why you would like me. I'm not a nice person to be around, my personality is honestly a turn off. My eye and hair color is a freakish color and I am shorter then others my physical age. You're also going to outgrow me as people in soul society age slower then they do in the world of the living. Goodness knows I don't like myself one bit, so why would anyone else?" There was a pause in the conversation. "You aren't trying to play with my mind again are you?"

"What do you mean playing with your mind?"

Toshiro took a deep breath and then spoke, trying to prevent his voice from fluctuating and getting to loud. "How do you explain to me what you did earlier? I trusted you not to do something like that you know. And then you went and did... it. And then you said you would do it again. And I didn't want taicho to find out that it happened, but he did find out that it happened. But I trusted you... I really did."

Karin found herself suddenly flinching. "I really blew it with you didn't I? It was bad enough that I stood little chance in the first place with you."

"You're talking about soul societies laws and the fact you're going to physically out age me aren't you?" The boy let out a deep sigh after saying the first thing that came to his mind.

"I heard that." Ichigo piped up without knowing the full situation. "Doesn't Soul Society have more leniency towards friendship between shinigami and the people in the living world? Plus, it doesn't matter what a persons physical age is. You and I are friends, so I'm sure you and Karin will still be friends when she gets older." There was a bit of silence before the orange haired teen let out a yelp of pain.

"What if he comes over here and interrupts the conversation and over hears what I need to say to her?" Toshiro turned to look Karin in the face, but the words he wanted to say simply chocked up and his throat stiffened. "Why can't I just say it?" There was a pause and finally Yuzu spoke up letting them know dinner was ready. "Why can't I tell her that I like her? That would make everything better."

The two got up and headed to the table. Ichigo glanced up, a smirk on his face. "So have you two settled everything and talked about everything you need to talk about?"

"Yes. I feel better." Karin stated, her disposition having calmed down.

"No..." Toshiro's shoulders simply tensed up, looking down at the plate in front of him. The dark haired twin looked at him in surprise, but simply shrugged it off.

Isshin raised an eyebrow. "While they have talked, it isn't something they'll be able to talk over in one conversation."

The older teen looked over at the two with his brown eyes, before shaking his head. "I'm missing something here."

"I'll tell you later." The man stated.

"Don't!" Toshiro suddenly blurted out.

Ichigo glanced over just as his father spoke up again. "Actually... Toshiro will tell you when he is ready to tell you. I think there are some things he's still having a problem telling Karin, so you'll have to wait."

Author's note – The original plan was for this to be the last chapter, but I couldn't get Karin and Toshiro's conversation to come to a conclusive end that would resolve their conflict, so I am going to have to plan out a few more chapters.

That also said, I feel I need to give you heads up about a problematic reviewer. First, they legitimately criticized my grammar which I have worked on fixing. Second, they criticized the use of simple gestures by myself and other writers when writers are supposed to use simple gestures in their fiction writing. A writer's other options is no gestures at all which leads to the fic being dialog heavy, or complex gestures, which if you use to much you end up with purple prose.

Neither of these are the reason I blocked this person. When someone asks if there is an unsaid rule on the site about treating the writers with respect in your reviews, you know the person isn't there to help people improve their writing but there to attack people. (Plus... it is clearly stated in the site guidelines.) This is not a reviewer you want to have to deal with, which is why I am giving my readers a heads up.