No. I refuse to marry that horrible man they call, Hamish. I would not, and I could not. There were three main reasons why I wouldn't; he was ugly, abusive, and disgusting. I knew there was a fourth reason, but I wasn't sure what it was. Ever since I had left Wonderland, I had felt an emptiness within me. I had left all my dear friends, Chess, Mirana, Mally, Thackery, and my best friend Hatter. Strangely enough, I got butterflies in my stomach whenever I thought about him. His striking orange hair, his electric green eyes, and the way he was so protective over me…

Alice! Snap yourself out of it! He is only your friend, nothing more! I told myself. I couldn't be in love with Hatter. He is only my friend.

It turned out we were in China much shorter than I expected. Three and a half months to be exact. Once we got there and spread the news about my fathers company being there, China pretty much took it from there. And to be truthful, I was deliriously happy that I was going home. I would be able to search for the rabbit hole as much as I wanted. I planned on staying in Wonderland this time for good. My mother and I had been having disagreements and had grown apart, just as my sister and I had. So I really wouldn't miss anybody up here.

As we arrived back home, we got off the ship and rode the carriage back to our house. It was quiet in the carriage with my mother and Margaret being in there. But we eventually arrived home. I went upstairs, got into my bed, and thought to myself that I would look fro the rabbit hole tomorrow. I slowly drifted off into sleep.

In my dream, I was back in Wonderland. All the same things happened as the last time I was there. Only, when I got to the teaparty, Mally and Thackery were not there. It was just the Hatter, sitting with his arms crossed and his eyes hidden underneath is hat. I started to feel fluttery and he just made it worse when he looked up, as if he sensed my presence, and revealed his electric green eyes. When he saw me, his eyes widened, and his toothy smile lit up his face. He got onto the tea table and walked across it and stood in front of me.

"You're back!" he said with a smile. "But how? Why?"

"Because, Tarrant." I said. "I love you."

As soon as I said those words, Tarrant bent and kissed me with a passion I had never before felt. And-

But then I woke up, sitting bolt upright in bed. I had a million thoughts come to meat once. Why had I dreamt that? Like I said before, Tarrant is just my best friend, nothing more. What is wrong with me? I don't love him. Do I? But then realization struck me.

"Tarrant, I do love you." I whispered quietly to myself.

"Finally you figured it out." I heard something say. I thought it was just a voice in my head though.

"Stupid girl." It said again. Absolem. I looked over to see Absolem hovering in my open window.

"Hello, Absolem. Did you hear what I said?" I asked.

"No, but I heard what you were dreaming." He said. Huh?

"What do you mean? You heard what I was thinking and saw my dream?" I asked, a little embarrassed.

"No, stupid girl." He replied. "You talk in your sleep. I came to see if you were awake. But I heard you sleep talking and simply had to listen. My apologies."

"Gee, thanks. Well, why did you want to see if I was awake?" I asked.

"Because, Tarrant's having a breakdown. Every time he speaks it has something to do with you. How much he misses you, what he could have done to make you stay, and things like that. Everyone comes to me for advice on what to do. So, I assumed that if you went down there, and he saw you, then he would calm down. his violent mood swings are happening more frequently now that you're gone." He finished. I did that?

"Then I'm coming now. And staying." I said. I left a note for my mother and climbed out the window. Absolem led me through the maze in the forest straight to the rabbits hole. This time I jumped down. But instead of crashing into the room of doors, I fell straight into Wonderland. I gasped at the sight of how beautiful it was. But I didn't have time for sight seeing. I had to find Tarrant. I went the same way as last time I was here. But when I came to the tea party, Mally and Thackery were not there. And Tarrant was not in his usual spot. He was up and smashing tea cups and pots to the ground. I could see his eyes were red.

"Guddlers Scut, slurvish slurking urpal slackish scrum!" He was yelling outlandish words and I knew that I didn't want to know what they meant.

"Hatter." I whispered. I ran towards him when his back was turned to me.

While one of his arms was flailing in the air, I put my hand on it and pushed it down and spun him around to look at me.

"Hatter!" I exclaimed. He looked at me with red eyes, but then I saw them soften and turn green. He smiled the biggest smile ever.

"Alice!" he said. "You're back!" I hugged him and he hugged me back.

"Alice, you have no idea what I have been through." He said. "I have missed you more than anything I can ever remember missing." I pulled back from the hug, and looked at his eyes. They were blue now.

"Hatter, why are your eyes blue?" I asked.

"I um, er, I don't really know." He blushed.

"Well I would like to find out." I said. And without any hesitation, he said "Here's why." And leaned in and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and moaned when he put him hands on my waist. It just felt good to be here, with him, like this. We kissed for another moment, then he pulled away.

"Alice, I have loved you since the first time I saw you. And only now am I showing you that I do." He said.

"I only just realized it tonight. I love you, Hatter." I said.

"And I love you." He replied. Our lips met once again, but it had more of a passion this time. Our hearts went the same rate, and I pulled him closer to me. My arms were around his neck and his hands were on my waist. We continued on like that for what seemed like forever. But we eventually pulled away.

"You should get some sleep, Alice. You must be exhausted. Goodnight."

"Goodnight Hatter." I replied. I kissed his for head.

"Head to the White queens castle. I know she will be more than happy to give a room for tonight." He said.

"Aren't you going to need a place to sleep too?"

"I have something I need to take care of tonight, so no." he said.

"All right. Then I will see you in the morning." He nodded and I got one last glimpse of his face, and the only two emotions I saw on it, was excitement and nervousness. I couldn't help but wonder what the emotions were for.

I headed to Mirana's, and I passed through Tulgey Woods. I looked for Chessur and of course he popped up when I least expected him to.

"Hello love. What brings you back down?" he asked.

"Well, Hatter actually. I needed to see him again."

"Ah. I hate to ask, but did you finish what I think you were planning on doing?" he asked.

"What do you… I mean…" I stuttered. Finally I gave in. I sighed and spoke. "Yes, Chessur. I did. That a good enough answer for you?"

"In fact, it is. He's head over heels for you, and I know you are the same way." He said. "So where are you off to?"

"Marmoreal. Going to stay the night there. Could you take me there? I'm not sure how to get there." I asked.

"My pleasure." He said with a grin only he could pull off. He led me through Tulgey Woods and to Marmoreal.

"Alice! You've returned to Wonderland! How wonderful!" Mirana greeted me with a hug.

I asked her if I could use a room and she led me to one down the hallway. She said goodnight and I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

When I woke up, I was in the bedroom at the White Queens castle. I shot up in bed as a remembered Hatter. I really wanted to see him again. I ran out of the room and said thank you to Mirana and that I was going to see Hatter. She smiled when I said that.

I hurried to go back the way I had come. The Hatter was at his usual spot. When I walked in, his eyes lit up and he smiled. He gestured for me to sit next to him. When I did, his eyes turned from blue then back to green.

"Alice, are you sure you love me? Are you sure you don't just think you love me?" he asked.

"I have never been more sure of anything in my entire life, Hatter. I love you." I said.

"Well, there is something that I need to ask you then..." he started. "Alice, my love," he pulled out a small box and handed it to me. I startedt open it. If this Is what I think it is…

And it was. When I saw the beautiful diamond ring in it, I gasped.

"Will you marry me?" Hatter finished. I looked at the ring andtears started to fill my eyes.

"Oh, Hatter…" I breathed. I lifted my face to look at him.

"Yes! Of course I will!" I exclaimed and threw my self into his arms and kissed him fiercely. He kissed back with an intensity I never knew him capable of. He picked me up, and carried me into the windmill. We still hadn't stopped kissing. He set me down on the bed and pushed me down so that he was next to me. He covered me in kisses and his hands started to fiddle with the buttons on my dress. He tried to undo them so I helped him.

But we grew tired so quickly that we both fell asleep right there on the bed.

"I love you." I heard him whisper before I fell asleep.