Amazing news my friends! I think that I have decided to keep going with this fanfic! I'm pretty sure I had some really bad writers block for this story, but I think I have some inspiration now! But what I want you all to do, for my sake, is leave a bunch of reviews, and in those reviews I want you to tell me any ideas you have that may be useful to me for future chapters! I'll try to give credit to the people who give me ideas but sometimes I might forget or not actually use the idea because I still want to be original and not seem like I'm using other people to write this story!

I'm really sorry that I ended this story, and if it happens again, don't be mad. I have a lot going on right now and a couple other stories that I'm writing for my friends outside of fanfiction!

So, the next chapter of this will be up as soon as possible!

-Mofo (alicehatter239)