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The Red Caress

Chapter 1

Seven months and twelve days. That was the exact the length of time Sam Winchester had been searching for a way to bring his dead brother back from hell, and it was on this day, seven months and twelve days after Dean had been dragged to Hell, that he found his answer.

Leaning in closer to the ancient book he had been reading from, Sam took in a shuttering breath and willed his rapidly beating heart to slow. Rereading the text for the third time to be sure he had translated the faded Latin correctly, he was finally convinced that it wasn't too good to be true. He could get Dean back, and it wouldn't even involve the selling of his soul, murder or a host of other horrors that his conscience would previously have outright refused to entertain.

Truth be told however, Sam had been willing enough to commit those atrocities if it had meant the difference between getting Dean back or leaving him to rot for an eternity in Hell. Months ago, when Dean's death was still new, and his anger and grief still too raw, he had been all too eager to die or kill, whichever proved to be the most expedient action. Unfortunately, or perhaps luckily depending on how he looked at it, no demon had been willing to deal with him. He had been left alone and dejected at no less than fifty crossroads across the country, with only the ringing of demonic laughter hanging in the suddenly empty air to show for it. It had been a tough lesson to learn, but he had eventually and grudgingly accepted that he would have to search for other methods of resurrection.

But it had all been worth it, the only hurdle between him and his dead brother was the ritual in front of him, waiting to be completed. Sam sighed, getting up from his chair for the first time in hours, stretching his stiff and aching muscles. Making his way over to one of the two queen size beds in the room, a habit he had been unable and unwilling to break, he wearily stripped down to his boxers, flipped off the bedside lamp, and crawled under the rumpled covers.

Starring up at the dark ceiling, the last of the adrenaline from his find finally wore off, leaving only anxiety about the next step of the plan. This ritual was like nothing Sam had ever come across, and if he hadn't just been staring at it with his own eyes he would have thought it nothing more than an imaginative myth. It wasn't to summon or banish, cleanse or seek out, but to bind. To bind him to a virgin woman in a type of archaic marriage ceremony, a woman who had lost a sibling in the same way as the man she was to be bound to. Along with a few other unsavory details that the ritual demanded, it actually wasn't the worst thing to have to do. He deliberately ignored the unanswered questions concerning the consequences to all parties involved after the fact. And if there was one thing that Sam knew with a certainty, it was that there was always a price to be paid. Sam stifled a groan into his pillow, he would worry about the hole he was digging himself into later, he needed to actually do the damn ritual first. How the hell was he supposed to find a woman who fit those qualifications? Let alone one who would even believe him and agree to perform the ceremony. In all his years as a hunter he had only ever heard a scarce few rumors about midnight deals done at backwoods crossroads, to find a real case of this would be nothing short of impossible. He suppressed a grim smirk at this thought, his life was nothing if not full of the impossible.

The hours ticked by slowly, and Sam eventually drifted into a restless sleep, and for the first time in months he dreamed.

…48 days later

A fierce wind tugged at the openings of Sam's jacket, forcing him to cross his arms tightly across his chest as he trudged determinedly across the snow covered sidewalks of the college town. He was on the last name of his short list of possibilities, and if she didn't work out…well, he wasn't ready to admit to that possibility yet.

Since the day he stumbled across his brother's salvation, Sam had managed to find eleven people who had lost siblings to a deal with a cross roads demon. Ironically enough, it had been a cross roads demon herself who had given him the information he was seeking. A demon proof Devil's trap, the liberal use of holy water, and the threat of being exorcised to Hell went a long way to loosening that bitch's lips. Of the eleven people on his list, only five had been female. He had visited four of the five candidates already, but they were all out of the running. Two were no longer virgins, one of which was old enough to be his grandmother, the other a middle aged woman with three children, the third had committed suicide years ago after the heinous death of her brother, and the fourth was no more than thirteen years old.

So here he was, on the doorstep of his last hope, praying to God and anyone else that would listen that she be the one. Pulling himself up to his full height, Sam drew in a steadying breath before pressing the buzzer to apartment number eighty eight, the home of twenty-two year old Rae Montgomery.

"Hello?", a female voice questioned over the intercom.

Clearing his throat Sam replied, "Um, Miss Montgomery?"

"Yes…who is this?" answered the uncertain voice.

"Hi, my name is Sam Winchester, I was wondering if I could talk to you about your sister, Ruth?", he asked in his most sincere and innocent voice.

There was a long pause before she answered, "What do you want to talk about, she's dead." She responded sharply, her voice suspicious and cold.

"Uh, yeah I know, that's what I wanted to talk about. I recently lost my brother, the same way as your sister. I think we both know that it wasn't their time." Sam shifted nervously, hoping he hadn't blown his chance, that she understood what he was cryptically trying to say. The silence dragged on and he felt compelled to speak. "Uh, I read the report on her death. I know you were there, I can tell you what really happened…the truth I mean. If you want to know."

After another tense silence Sam heard another buzz, and a click as the door before him unlocked. The intercom sounded again, "Please come in Mr. Winchester." It was the sound of hope.