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Chapter 12

There was a heavy silence on the other end of the line. Rae could just barely make out the faint sound of deep breaths being drawn slowly in, held for a long moment, and then released with tight control. She wondered if Sam was angry with her, that she had gotten into trouble so quickly after he left, or maybe that she had called him at all. He had sounded surprised, but not displeased, to hear from her when he had first picked up, and she thought he had been concerned about her and Ruth, but this silence made her nervous. Should she not have bothered him with her troubles? She knew he had plenty of his own problems to deal with and she didn't mean to add more to his already full plate, but this concerned him just as much as it did her. Finally, he spoke.

"Then I guess you better tell me what happened." His voice now was calm, but there was a hint of gruffness that belied his worry. Sam was trying to stay calm for her.

Rae cleared her throat before she answered, but she wasn't able to keep a tremor of fear from escaping. "Sam, I think I'm going to be arrested." The tears that had been building in her eyes slipped free, but she swiped an impatient hand across her cheeks and drew in a shaky breath, trying to regain control over herself. She didn't have time to fall apart now.

"After the doctors took Ruth I passed out, and then they had to admit me too." She didn't pause to explain exactly what had happened to her, not wanting to think about it too closely and knowing that Sam was surely smart enough to work it out for himself. She continued on, "And that wouldn't have been so bad, except they did an examination and they think I was raped. I tried to tell them I hadn't been, but they already did the rape kit and I'm worried that they'll match it to you."

Rae wished they had remembered to use a condom, especially after she had gone through the embarrassment of buying them and suffering through the smirking look the teenage cashier had given her. She hadn't expected to get so caught up in the heat of the moment, and truthfully she hadn't expected there to be any heat at all, only awkwardness and embarrassment. Normally she would have been worried about getting knocked up and contracting an STD, but considering the circumstances she only had concern for Sam. Sam's journal had included a few brief mentions of jail stints and police investigations, but it had been her own research online that had informed her about the brothers' status on the FBI's most wanted list. It was at that point that if she hadn't already invested herself in saving Ruth, and considered herself to be a good judge of character, she would have called the cops. How had she managed to get involved with a man who was considered to be dead, who had been dead, and by all rights still should be?

Shaking herself out of her thoughts, Rae persisted with her news. "And it's going to be impossible to keep this from my parents since the doctor is calling them right now. Sam, there is no way this is going to stay secret like we planned. But that's not even the worst part. I have a police guard outside my door, and more officers are coming to question me, and probably arrest me too. They think I was involved in a murder. The doctor said that the times matched up or something, and me and Ruth coming in all covered in blood didn't help I'm sure, but I think they must have found the tent because there was so much blood everywhere there too, and maybe that's why they think someone died?"

To this question Sam responded. "Oh they found the tent all right. I guess you haven't had a chance to catch the news? It's splashed over every station, they're calling it a satanic ritual," he said with a snort, then added, "although I guess they aren't totally wrong."

"But Sam, they didn't know who I was before. I didn't have any ID on me, but that's because I forgot it in my purse, at the tent." And with that damning piece of evidence there was absolutely no way that she could plausibly deny that she had been there.

Sam seemed to be ahead of Rae already, and he replied with a plan. "No, you aren't going to deny that you were there. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to do this, not so soon after getting Dean back, but I won't endanger you. This is my fault and I have a plan." Rae had the sinking feeling that she wasn't going to like this new course of action, but there was steel in Sam's voice that made her think that arguing wouldn't get her anywhere.

"Alright, what should I tell them then?" She asked warily.

"The truth." Sam answered succinctly. Rae couldn't believe that she had heard him correctly.

"The truth." She repeated. "You want me to tell them the truth? Are you crazy? That will only make them think that I'm crazy, again, or at the very best that I'm an extremely bad liar." This had to be the worst plan she had ever heard.

"Ok, you're going to tell them the truth minus a few important details." Sam conceded. "Let the police know everything that happened, but fail to mention that you willingly went along with it." It took Rae a minute to understand what he was telling her.

"You want them to believe that you made me do all that against my will?" Her scathing tone made it perfectly clear what she thought about that.

Sam seemed to understand her resistance to the idea and hurried to reassure her. "Rae, this isn't the first time that I've been on the wrong side of the law. I can handle it. I told you that I have a plan, and I do. I don't plan on getting caught. I promise you, I'll be fine. You shouldn't worry, the police aren't so stupid that they won't figure out that they were wrong about a murder, they'll clear up everything with you in no time."

"Sam I really don't think that's a good idea. There has to be a better way. What if-," but Rae's voice suddenly cut off.

At that moment the sound of voices carried through the door and Rae knew that their time was up. "They're here Sam! Get as far away as you can, and don't call me. Throw away your phone before they trace it. I'll find a way to get in touch when it's safe." She hung up before he could respond and jumped into bed just as the door opened to reveal a man in a dark suit followed by two uniformed officers. The sharp gleam of metal drew her eyes down to the officers' handcuffs. Even worse than that, all three men wore guns holstered on their belts, and Rae's heart sped up at the sight.

"Miss Montgomery." The man in front said slowly, with a predatory gleam in his eye as he glanced at the phone beside her. His voice was soft but cold and Rae stayed silent, afraid to speak. He reached a hand into his suit jacket and pulled out a badge, flipping it open and shut too quickly for her to see it clearly. "I'm agent Holmes of the FBI."

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