Okay, since this is an alternate ending (which is a bit longer than the other one), it picks up after Chapter 29, so disregard the previous ending, as it has nothing to do with it. After it ends, I will fully explain why I chose to do two endings, but you'll probably guess why on your own. :3

Losing Control

Alternate Ending

The next few hours had been torturous. Just as Takuya and the others had suspected, upon entering the police station, they were all locked up in a cell while the police checked out the mansion. Officer Morizaki had led the search, while Kisaragi stayed behind at the station with the four detainees. Without the tip from Kouji, the police never would've found the secret door behind the bookcase. From there, they had discovered the nine bodies in the underground research center.

"Something about that guy did seem kind of off," Kisaragi had muttered while sitting outside the jail cell. "You guys should be out in a little while."

Morizaki and the rest of the squad had also found the video footage, along with several vials containing the serums. Many of the men and women who had entered the blood-soaked room promptly threw up upon taking everything in. However, once Morizaki had returned to the station and watched the tapes, he released the four remaining survivors.

"Are we being charged with murder?" Hiroki had questioned.

"No, but we would still like you to return some point this week to answer a few questions. In the meantime, go to the hospital and get yourselves fixed up," he had told them.

By then, most of their wounds had ceased bleeding, but they went to the emergency room nonetheless. Three hours later, all of them were discharged, none of them wanting to stay overnight. Stitches, thick bandages, and painkillers were all they needed, and after being locked up for so long, the last thing they wanted was to feel like prisoners again.

Hiroki was the first to be dropped off at his house, now free of blood and wearing a clean pair of garbs provided by the hospital. He sat in the van for several seconds, contemplating on what to do.

"What are you waiting for?" Zoe asked him. "Your wife is waiting for you. So is your son."

"I know," he said with a sigh. "I guess I'm just nervous. Being locked up in that shithole got me thinking...That's the only good thing that came out of it it for me. If I hadn't been dragged to that hell, I'd probably still be screwing things up. But since I did put up with all that shit, it made me realize all the mistakes that I made in my life. And now's my chance to fix it. I don't know, I think I'm just afraid of screwing it up again."

Takuya smirked. "Just do your best, okay? Your wife is probably having an anxiety attack by now, so get your ass into that house and make things right."

Hiroki nodded, flashing him a smile in return. "I'll do that. Thanks. And good luck to you guys. Especially you, Kouji. I know that Kouichi would be proud of you."

Before Kouji could respond, Hiroki had already slid out of the vehicle and shut the van's door behind him. He then made his way up the driveway, to the front door. Takuya backed out of the driveway and began to head down the street. However, he and the other two looked back just in time to see the man and his wife locked in a tight embrace.

"I hope everything works out for him," Zoe murmured.

"If he was able to deal with Genji for that long, I think he can handle just about anything," Takuya quipped.

They drove for another hour, as they were quite a distance from Shibuya. Most of the car ride was silent, as all three of them were lost in their own thoughts. Takuya hadn't bothered to take his cell phone with him, deciding to simply buy a new one instead. He thought of Miharu for a moment, his expression hardening. It was difficult to remember why he had chosen to go out with her in the first place. Hell, it was damn near impossible the more he thought about it.

Takuya glanced over at Zoe, feeling a familiar pang of guilt. He knew he had hurt her, and despite how close they had gotten, he still knew that he had a long way to go before finally making it up to her. But he had all the patience in the world for that.

Zoe noticed that he was staring at her and she turned a light shade of pink. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," he replied nonchalantly, taking her hand into his and kissing it.

"You two are making me sick," Kouji half-joked. "Knock it off."

Zoe scowled at him. "Yeah, because you only spent the past ten years trying to get us two together."

"I have a weak stomach right now, so I can't stand to watch any public displays of affection," he responded.

"Then put a paper bag over your head," Takuya suggested.

Kouji rolled his eyes, dropping his gaze to his heavily bandaged hand. It was numb from the painkillers he had taken, momentarily taking away the pain in it. Yet the pain in his heart from Kouichi still remained the same. No amount of narcotics would ever be able to destroy that type of agony. He felt as though part of him had died. And he supposed that it was true. Even though he had convinced himself earlier that drinking some of his brother's blood would partially keep him 'alive', no such thing was true.

Kouichi's voice hadn't spoken to him since before they had attacked Junichi, and Kouji had a feeling that he wouldn't be hearing it again. Kouichi did his part to bring me to my senses, he thought miserably. So I won't be hearing from him anymore...

Zoe looked over her shoulder at him and sighed softly before wiping a few tears away. She laid her head on Takuya's shoulder, clinging onto his arm as she was overcome with grief. Kouji had lost a brother, but they had all lost three close friends as well. No matter how many times Zoe asked herself, she couldn't figure out why only they had been able to escape. Why couldn't Kouichi, Tommy, and J.P. have escaped as well? Why did they have to die? Why did any of them have to die?

No answers were available, and she felt the tears coursing down her face at a quicker rate. Zoe noticed that Kouji was crying as well, though he was silent about it, fighting back his own sobs. Takuya suddenly pulled off to the side, putting the van in 'park'.

"Why'd you stop?" Kouji questioned, his voice sounding far away and hollow.

Yet instead of answering, Takuya wrapped his arms around Zoe, pulling her into an embrace. At the same time, Zoe reached over the seat and grabbed hold of Kouji's shirt, dragging him over.

"What?" the raven-haired man choked out.

However, he started to cry vocally, along with his two friends. Takuya's shirt was soon soaked with Zoe's tears, though he didn't even notice as he held her as tight as he could. Zoe's face was buried in his chest, and her arms were wrapped around his waist. Her body was trembling, and although she told herself to calm down, those words were not valid. Calming down would come later. Sometimes breaking down could be a good thing. She was tired of keeping her feelings hidden, especially from Takuya. Doing so for ten years had physically and mentally exhausted her, and she was in no mood to do it any longer.

After a few minutes, the three friends finally parted, Kouji sulking into the backseat once again. He felt slightly better, though it would take more than just a crying session to ease the pain. Zoe rested against Takuya, slowly dozing off from lack of sleep. The brunette kept an arm around her as he resumed driving, not wanting to let her go. He planted a quick kiss on the top of her head and continued to steer the van down the road.

About fifteen minutes later, he finally pulled up to Kouji's apartment. Parking in the lot, he switched off the engine, while Zoe sat back up with a yawn.

"Are you sure you want to come here?" Takuya asked his best friend. "Because if you want, you can come to my place."

Kouji shook his head slowly. "No, thanks. I'll be fine."

"Are you positive?" Zoe questioned with concern.

The long-haired twin kept quiet for a moment. He gazed up at the building, seeing one of the windows to his apartment. Well, the apartment he had shared with Kouichi. Yet now it would only have one tenant.

"I'll probably be moving out soon enough," he finally mumbled. "I can't afford it on my own. Maybe I'll move back in with Dad for a little while. He might want me close by anyway at a time like this."

"Just keep in mind that you're always welcomed at my place," Takuya reminded him.

Kouji flashed him a smile, which was identical to Kouichi's. "I'll remember that. Call me later to let me know how you're doing, okay? I have some things to take care of."

Zoe leaned back and gave him a brief hug, then settled back down in her seat. "Take care of yourself, Kouji. We'll get through this together."

"Yeah..." His voice trailed off as he opened the van's door and got out, giving his friends one last curt nod. "See ya."

Kouji then slowly made his way towards the building, not looking back as he approached it. His face was already beginning to crumble, and he really wasn't in the mood for another hugging session. One had been more than enough.

He approached the main door and unlocked it, granting himself access. Glancing out the window, he noticed that Takuya was pulling out of the parking lot, on his way to drop Zoe off.

With a heavy sigh, Kouji went into the elevator, not having the energy to ascend the stairs. Once he had reached the third floor, he made his way over to what was his and Kouichi's apartment. It was now only his. With his good hand, he jammed the key into the lock and twisted it, pushing the door open.

Before doing anything else, he stormed over to the phone, noticing that there were over fifty messages on his answering machine. Without even bothering to check them, he picked up the phone and feverishly dialed a number. After several rings, there was finally an answer.


Kouji took a deep breath, pushing himself to speak. "Hello...Miku..."


"We should be at your apartment in a minute," Takuya said, glancing over at Zoe.

The blond looked up at him, her face grim. "Actually...would you mind if I went over to your place instead? I...I really don't want to be alone right now..."

She then tore her gaze away, looking down at her hands clasped on her lap. For some reason, she felt ashamed to ask him for such a favor. However, Takuya noticed her expression and chuckled softly.

"Zoe, I would love for you to come over. I wasn't lying to you while we were still locked up in that shithole. I love you."

"But what about Miharu?" she asked, her voice almost too quiet to hear. "She's still your girlfriend and-"

Takuya gently cut her off. "Don't worry about her. As soon as I have time, I'm going to call her up and break things off with her. Right now, I have important things to do. Like spending time with the girl I actually care about."

Zoe smiled and kissed his cheek as they drove past her apartment. Five minutes later, they were at Takuya's, pulling their clothes off. Despite being cleaned up at the hospital, they still felt filthy and stained with their friends' blood. They went into the shower together, letting the steamy water spray them. Zoe clung onto Takuya, her cheek pressed up against his glistening chest. Takuya's fingers entwined in her hair, the water splashing against his back. He kissed her forehead, then tilted her face up to plant a soft, passionate kiss on her lips. They tasted as sweet as he remembered.

Residue of blood trickled down the drain, though they both felt as though the sticky fluid was coating their bodies. Zoe took the bottle of body wash, lathering it all over Takuya's chest while being careful of the wound on his bicep. Like Zoe, he had stuck a water-proof bandaid on his injury before the shower.

"I feel so empty inside," the blond whispered, her soap-covered fingers traveling down to Takuya's cock. "I mean, don't get me wrong... I'm glad that things are different between us but-"

Takuya silenced her with another kiss, feeling her hand brushing up against his groin. "I know... It's going to be like this for awhile. I'm not going to lie, though. I'm considering going to therapy after this."

Zoe nodded in agreement, feeling slightly numb as Takuya began to rub the body wash onto her breasts, his fingers traveling over her nipples. She felt hot water mixing in with her tears, washing them away with the blood. With a sigh, she rinsed the rest of the blood from her hair, momentarily forgetting about Takuya. The brunette understood, for he finished washing himself, then turned off the water.

"Let's go," he said gently, taking her hand and leading her out of the tub. "I have some clothes you can borrow while we wash yours. I'm sure you don't feel like wearing hospital scrubs."

"Not really," she replied vacantly, wrapping herself up with a towel.

Takuya stared at her for a minute, looking at her with grief. "It's going to be tough for awhile. I just wanted to make sure you understood that."

"I do," she murmured, dropping her gaze to the floor. "That's what makes it that much more painful."

With that, she fell into his arms once again, breaking down with another sob as reality reared its ugly face again.

At Hiroki's house

Hiroki emerged from the bathroom, fresh from his own shower. He had shaved quickly, removing the beard that had begun to grow on his face. Amaya was lying on the bed with Jin nestled in her arms. She had rocked him asleep for his nap, but had fallen asleep herself in the process.

With a smile, Hiroki walked over and gently pried his son out of his wife's arms, cautiously carrying him into his own room. A minute later, he laid Jin down in his crib, noting the little snore his son made as he rolled over. Hiroki covered the boy with a light blue blanket, then crept out of the room and quietly closed the door.

He made his way back into his bedroom, sinking down onto the bed next to his wife's sleeping form. Lightly stroking her hair with one hand, he gazed down at her peaceful face. She looked much more at ease, no longer worrying about whether or not she'd ever see her husband again. Hiroki leaned down and kissed her pink lips softly, then slinked out of the room. He went downstairs, grabbing the cordless kitchen phone, then went outside. Like Kouji had done, he dialed a number and was greeted a moment later.

"Hey, Hiroki," Naomi said in a sultry voice, having his caller ID. "I've missed you."

However, the man's face darkened as he spoke the next words. "Naomi, I called you to inform you that I don't want to see you anymore. Getting together with you was a mistake, and I regret doing it."

"What do you mean?" she demanded with a huff.

"You heard me," he snarled. "I'm not blaming you for what we did. It was my idea in the first place. But I don't want to do this anymore. It's driving me insane and I really can't fucking handle this shit anymore. So please don't ever come into contact with again."

There was silence on the other line, until the woman finally spoke. "Whatever. Your loss."

"Not an important one," he hissed, rudely hanging up.

Hiroki let out a pent-up sigh, then felt a smile spread across his face. He then went back upstairs to be with his wife, knowing he was finally turning things around.


Kouji sat on the couch, breathing heavily as he stared at the coffee table. His gaze traveled over to a framed photograph on the table, and his eyes immediately watered. It was a picture of him and Kouichi, which had been taken about a year ago. Kouichi was smiling cheekily while Kouji had a mopey little smirk on his face, mentally cursing Kouichi for talking him into taking that picture.

"I did it," he whispered thickly, feeling his throat beginning to close up. "I should've done it a long time ago, Kouichi..."

Kouji had purposely left his cell phone at the mansion, not wanting it any longer. He couldn't stand the thought of having any pictures of Miku in it. His brother's ex.

"I'm the one who should've died in that place." He picked up the photograph and stared at it, his face crumbling. "Not you... I should've let you kill me with that scythe. If I had, maybe you'd still be alive..."

A tear fell onto the glass covering of the picture with a faint splash, followed by several more. If the covering hadn't been over it, the photo would've been soaked soon enough.

It was true that he hadn't lied to Kouichi about how many times he had been with Miku. It had only been that one drunken night. He hadn't made any other attempts to go see her, despite the fact that Miku had called him up on more than one occasion looking for company. Although he had been unsure of how he felt about her, he declined every offer she made him. Nevetheless, he had kept her picture in his phone instead of deleting it.

At that point, Kouji truely believed that he didn't love Miku in that type of way. Yet even if he did, he doubted that he would pursue those feelings. It wouldn't be right. Screwing around with his dead brother's ex-girlfriend... He would never sink that low to do something like that. He wasn't Genji.

I never actually said this to you, but what we did was a mistake, Miku. I shouldn't have gone behind my brother's back like that. And you knew that I was drunk, yet you deceived me. You were a bitch for doing that to Kouichi. And I was a bastard for not putting up more of a fight at the time. Let me just say that you're a worthless whore and you didn't deserve my brother. And you'll never have me.

Saying those words to Miku over the phone had felt good. It would've been more satisfying to say them to her face, but he simply hadn't had the energy or mentality to do such a thing.

Bitterly wiping the tears away, the raven-haired man set the frame back down onto the coffee table and rose to his feet. He slowly made his way over to kitchen drawer and opened it, his sapphire eyes scanning over its contents. He was just beginning to regain the sight in his blackened eye, as the swelling had gone down a bit to allow him to see.

Hardly aware of what he was doing, he picked up a knife, his gaze locked on the gleaming blade. His hand shook as he stared at it and he swallowed a lump in his throat. The tip was nicely sharpened and the blade itself was beautifully tempting.

Kouji turned the knife in his good hand, sluggishly making his way back towards the couch, where he sank down. He sniffled, trying to keep himself from cracking under his despair. The longer he inspected the object, the more it captivated him. He broke his gaze, then glanced down at his wrist.

I should do it. I deserve to be dead anyway. At least Takuya and Zoe will have each other to cope with my death. I doubt that anyone else will give a shit if I'm gone.

He moved the blade up to his exposed wrist, an uneven smile on his face. With his hand numb from the narcotics he had taken at the hospital, he wouldn't have felt the cut anyway. All he would have to do is do one simple slice and lie down on the couch. It wouldn't cause any pain and he would drift off to sleep before death swept him away.

Just as he was about to jerk the blade to slit his wrist, he was abruptly halted by a firm voice.

Don't do it.

Kouji blinked in confusion, lowering his weapon and putting it on the table. The voice was almost identical to his own. Yet it wasn't. It wasn't his subconscious telling him to stop. It was his brother.

With a low chuckle, he sat back against the couch as he looked at the picture again. Kouichi was still smiling back at him in the photograph, though it seemed a bit wider than he remembered.

"Okay," he mumbled. "I won't do it..."

Instead, he merely sat there, his mouth twitching into a grin. His eyes were a bit darker than normal and he wouldn't tear his attention from the picture of himself and his brother.

"It's just you and me, Kouichi."

His grin grew slightly maniacal and without realizing it, he had grabbed onto the knife again. Yet he didn't bring it down to his wrist, as he had a different use for the blade.

Five minutes later, Kouji looked over at one of the walls, where there was a mirror hanging from it. His hair was now short, much like how his brother had kept his. Clumps of hair littered the floor, along with his blood-stained bandana. His smile grew even wider and more unsettling and he put the knife back down. He then grabbed hold of the framed photograph, holding it to his chest in a deathgrip.

"Just you and me..."

At Takuya's apartment

"I doubt that those stains will come out," Takuya mused as he and Zoe curled up on the couch together. "But we'll still try to wash them out."

"I'm not concerned about my clothes," the blond replied somewhat vacantly. "I don't intend to wear them again."

She was currently wearing one of Takuya's white t-shirts, which went all the way down to her knees. Takuya was dressed in a pair of black sweatpants and a red t-shirt. Both of them had thrown their blood-drenched outfits into the wash, disposing of the hospital garbs they had been given during their stay.

"Do you want anything to eat?" Takuya asked her. "We haven't eaten anything in awhile."

"No, I'm fine," she said softly. "I don't have an appetite right now."

The brunette pulled her into his lap, his body warm against hers. "Neither do I. But if we don't eat, we'll get sick."

"Alright," Zoe relented, practically melting in his arms. "But if I throw up everywhere, it's not like I didn't give you a fair warning."

"I'll probably be throwing up with you," Takuya quipped. "I'll go make us some soup."

However, Zoe looked up at him strangely. "Um, I don't think that's a good idea."

He rolled his eyes and snorted. "Why not?"

"Remember that vegetable soup you made for me a few years ago when I sick?" she inquired flatly.

"Hey, it's not like it killed you or anything." He rolled his eyes.

Zoe smirked. "Yeah, it's because I didn't eat it."

Takuya huffed. "Well, I guess it's a good thing that you're here, then. The World's Worst Cook has the World's Greatest Cook as a girlfriend. Now go make us some soup."

"Oh, so I'm your girlfriend?" she asked, kissing his neck. "Don't you have to break up with your current one first?"

"Screw Miharu," he muttered. "You're my current one now. I'll break it off with her later."

The brunette pushed her down onto her back, climbing on top of her as he lowered his lips to hers. Zoe wrapped her arms around his neck and felt him shift in between her legs. Takuya snaked his tongue into her mouth, his cock beginning to throb.

"I'm horny," he murmured into her ear, his breath hot against her skin. "And it's not from the serum."

"Good to know," Zoe replied, playfully nibbling his low lip. "I love you."

"I love you, too." Takuya brushed some hair off her forehead, gazing into her emerald eyes.

The was a sudden knock on the door, causing the couple to jump with surprise. They exchanged glances, then got off the couch in a hurry.

"Who do you think it is?" Takuya asked as they walked over to the door.

The blond shrugged. "You parents? Kouji? The police?"

"I dunno." He grasped the knob and twisted it, pulling the door open. "Hello?"

Before they even realized it, Miharu barged right in, almost knocking the brunette over with the door. However, she ignored him and went directly over to Zoe, slapping her right across the face. Zoe's head whipped to the side from the impact and she felt a stinging sensation immediately.

"I fucking knew it!" Miharu screamed, angrily whirling around to face Takuya. "I knew that you were fucking around with this slut! How stupid do you think I am?"

"Zoe, are you okay?" Takuya blew Miharu off, gingerly touching the reddening handprint that was forming on Zoe's cheek.

Zoe seemed daze from the hit, for she didn't respond. Furious, Takuya turned back around to face Miharu once again, his blood boiling.

"Get the fuck outta here!" he yelled. "Now! I don't want you here!"

"Why, because you have Zoe keeping you company?" she snarled, tossing her golden blond hair over her shoulder. "I knew that you were screwing around with her behind my back!"

Takuya scoffed. "Actually, I only recently started fucking around with her. But I should've started a long time ago. Going out with you was the stupidest thing I've ever done. And then I was dumb enough to actually listen to you when you gave me that ultimatum."

Miharu crossed her arms over her chest defiantly. "Are you calling me stupid?"

"Well, that's not what I meant, but sure, let's go with that," he growled. "You're a stupid, manipulative bitch. If had had any concern for me whatsoever, you wouldn't have sent those fucking text messages accusing me of cheating on you! I didn't blow you off because I was screwing around, you know! There was an actual reason why I wasn't answering your calls or texts. But that thought never cross your mind, did it?"

"I was right to be suspicious," she shot back. "Look at her! She's wearing your clothes! What, did you just have sex or something?"

"No, we just had a shower," Takuya replied smugly. "We were about to have sex when you showed up."

Miharu glowered at him, her tanned face turning red. "You're such an asshole! You know what, this bitch can have you! You're not worth my time anyway. I can do so much bet-"

Yet the girl was abruptly cut off as she was slammed over the head. Surprised, Takuya looked over to see that Zoe had smashed her fist over the top of Miharu's head, sending her to her knees. However, she didn't stop there. Zoe grabbed a handful of Miharu's hair and yanked her back up, brutally ramming her into the door over and over again.

Miharu screamed and flailed, the blond slamming her face into the glass panes beside the door. Takuya merely gaped at the spectacle, frozen in his spot as he watched.

"Stop it!" Miharu yelled, sobbing at the same time.

Zoe ignored her and threw her into the wall, causing her to crumple to the floor. She then kicked her in the stomach and ribs, not paying attention to her own sore muscles. Miharu soon coughed up blood and her cries turned into whimpers.

Without speaking a word, Zoe crouched down in front of the fallen girl, roughly grabbing onto her chin. Her emerald eyes bore into Miharu's aqua ones, which were widened in fear.

"Don't ever come back," the blond said in a calm yet threatening voice. "If you do, I'll kill you."

She then smashed her fist into Miharu's face, getting splashed by a spray of blood as she broke the girl's nose. Miharu screamed and grabbed onto her face, holding her destroyed nose.

Zoe leisurely stood back up and turned to face Takuya. The brunette felt his heart skip a beat as he looked into her blood-stained face. Her eyes were dark with malice and her expression was apathetic. It seemed that even several hours after being injected, Zoe had not completely recovered from the serums. With the bloodthirsty look in her eyes, Takuya wasn't sure if she ever would recover fully...

And that concludes this alternate ending! Okay, now the explanation as to why I did two endings. Well, for one thing, I DON'T like being predictable. So I decided to throw everyone off at the end of Chapter 29 by making it look like they got away. Chapter 30 (the first ending) was the 'real' ending. BUT I wanted everyone to know what would happen IF they did actually get away. And it tied up some loose ends as well. Hiroki broke things off with Naomi (his sex buddy), Kouji told off Miku, and Zoe beat the shit out of Miharu and threatened to kill her. So it looks like even though this ending was happier than the last, it was still a bit dark seeing how Kouji looks a little crazy now and Zoe's still got some bloodlust in her... But that ends this story! I hope you guys liked it and I hope to do some one-shots in the future if I can.