"I got you a grape slushie." He says proudly, offering her the large cup of slightly-frozen, purple goop.

She smiles slightly and takes it from him, pulling the straw out from behind his ear. "Thank you." She says with a nod.

He leans against the lockers next to hers as he glances up and down the hallway. He's surprised Finn and Quinn aren't making their grand entrance as the fucking golden couple again.

He hears Rachel sigh and this causes him to look down at her. She frowns up at him and his brow furrows. Wait, wasn't she just happy?

"What are we doing, Noah?" she asks.

"Um…standing in the hallway?" he says, unsure of why she doesn't know that herself.

"No." she chuckles slightly. "I mean you and I. What are we doing? We both got some pretty big news Friday, and then spent the weekend…doing it in my theater." She says in a hushed tone. "I'm not totally over Finn, and I know you're not totally over Quinn. So…what are we doing?" she asks.

He sighs. He hates these kind of talks, but Rachel makes him feel good. He likes that she likes being around him, and she doesn't insult him like Quinn does. He likes that she actually wants to have sex with him and doesn't try to pretend he's something he isn't.

"Listen." He says. "I like you, Rachel. And going by this weekend, I kinda think you dig me too." He likes the way she blushes when he says that. "So…I don't give a shit who's over who, or not over who. This is me, right now, wanting you." He says. "So you can…take it or leave it or whatever." He shrugs.

She smiles for a second and then stands on her tippy-toes to kiss him on the cheek. That's good, right?

"I like you too, Noah." She smiles. "So this is me, right now…wanting you too." She nods. He grins and leans down, kissing her on the lips. She tastes like lip gloss and grape slushie this time. It's a nice flavor.

When he brushes his tongue against her lips to deepen the kiss, she giggles and pushes him away gently. "We've got glee practice in less than a minute." She says, shutting her locker.

"I'll walk you." He says, offering her his hand. She grins, taking it and lacing their fingers together.

He doesn't know why he wants her so much all of a sudden, but he doesn't care. He likes the way she makes him feel, and as far as he's concerned, that's all that matters.

They walk into the choir room, hand in hand, and they feel everyone's eyes on them. Quinn and Finn are sitting in the back, his long arm wrapped around her shoulders and they both look like they're about to lay an egg.

"Are you guys starring on some teenage version of Wife Swap or something?" Kurt asks Puck, who just smiles as he and Rachel sit down. He puts his arm around her shoulder and she smiles at him, putting her hand on his knee.

"Where are the cameras?" Brittany asks. "Are they hidden?"

"Shh." Santana says, patting her knee softly.

You could cut the tension in the room with a knife, but he and Rachel are oblivious. He doesn't care what anyone in the glee club has to say, least of all Finn or Quinn.

"What the hell is going on here?" Quinn asks, stomping towards the front to face them.

"Oh, damn." Mercedes whispers.

"Yeah, dude, what the hell?" Finn says, glaring at Puck.

"Noah and I are simply enjoying each other's company." Rachel answers.

"Well, that didn't take very long." Quinn scoffs.

"Yeah, you mean how like you and Finn took time?" Puck asks.

"That's different." She says at once.

"Bullshit." He says, rolling his eyes.

"Okay, who's ready to rumble?" Mr. Schu's voice says as he walks in.

"Oh, we're gonna rumble." Quinn says, glaring at Rachel like she wants to slit her throat.

"I don't understand what you're so upset about." Rachel says. "Did you just expect us to wallow in self-pity and heartbreak for months? Does it bother you that we moved on quicker than you anticipated?" she asks, standing up and crossing her arms over her chest.

"Um…what did I miss?" Mr. Schu asks.

"Quinn and Finn can dish it, but they can't take it." Puck answers, standing up as well.

"Um…okay…well, how about everyone just take a-"

"Hold on, Mr. Schuester!" Quinn snaps, holding up a finger. She turns back to Rachel. "You know you're a rebound, right? And the second he gets some from you, he'll bounce. He practically said so himself." She says, her chin in the air.

Puck smirks knowingly.

"Well, then I suppose he should have 'bounced' on Friday." Rachel shrugs.

All heads in the room snap to her. "It looks like glee club has another scandal…" Kurt whispers.

"No way." Santana says.

Even Puck is shocked that Rachel told them.

"Wait…you guys…" Finn starts, as if he's afraid to say it out loud.

"Yeah, we did. And yeah, I was better than you." Puck smirks.

"Why do you guys care so much anyway?" Rachel asks. "You dumped me." She says to Finn. "I can do what I want with who I want, and it's none of your concern."

"Ditto." Puck says to Quinn.

"Okay, guys, I think that's enough." Mr. Schu says.

"I hope you know that if I wanted him, he'd be mine in a heart beat." Quinn whispers.

"Noted." Rachel whispers, her eyes narrowing.

They stare each other down for a moment before Quinn turns to Mr. Schuester. "Finn and I aren't practicing today." She says.

"We're not?" Finn asks. Quinn rolls her eyes and grabs his wrist, stomping out the choir room with him in tow.

"Wow…okay then…um…" Mr. Schu says, looking around awkwardly.

"I vote we cancel practice today, Mr. Schuester." Kurt says, standing up. "I mean, do you honestly think anybody is going to pay attention when you talk after what just happened?" he asks.

"I agree." Tina says as she stands up and moves to push Artie out. "I have a doctor's appointment in ten minutes anyways." She shrugs.

Mr. Schuester stands there for a second before his shoulders sag. "I…guess. Um…be here tomorrow. Three thirty." He shrugs. "Even if there is another…scandalous blow out like today…Are you guys okay?" he says to Puck and Rachel as the others begin to file out.

Rachel nods. "Yes." She says.

"See you later, Mr. Schu." Puck grins, wrapping an arm around Rachel's waist as they walk out of the choir room.

Once they are outside the school doors, Puck looks down at Rachel, and she doesn't look happy. He frowns and stops walking. "What's wrong?"

"Are you with me just to spite Quinn?" she asks him.

"No. I'm with you because…you don't make me feel stupid. And you're sexy as hell, Rachel, and it just feels…right, or whatever." He shrugs. "I like the way I feel when I'm around you." He says, reaching up to brush a lock of hair away from her face.

Rachel smiles, not being able to help it. "I-" but before she can speak, a large rain droplet plops down onto her nose.

They both look up just as the Ohio sky opens up and it begins to pour. Rachel squeals and takes off for his truck and he laughs, running after her. Little does she know that he has the keys.

When he catches up with her, she's yanking on the passenger side door like there's gold on the other side. He can only laugh as she turns around, the rain soaking her hair.

"Noah!" she screams.

"What?" he shouts over the pouring rain. It's then that he notices she's wearing a white blouse, and he can tell that she's cold. He licks his lips and she glances down at herself before crossing her arms over her chest.

"You're a pervert!" she shouts at him, and he can see her blushing. "Now, o-" but before she can finish, her picks her up and kisses her, holding her against the truck with his arms around her waist.

He's not really sure why, but making out with her against his truck while they're both soaking wet makes him hard almost instantly. He grinds against her and he's not sure if she moans because the rain around them is so loud, but after he does it a second time, she pulls away.

"We can't do this here!" she gasps.

"My mom's home." He groans unhappily.

"My dads aren't." she grins.

He can't unlock his truck and get her in it fast enough.

He's hard as fuck, and it doesn't help that her blouse is soaked through and he can see the outline of the light blue bra she has on underneath it. Or that her blue plaid skirt (which is short to begin with) has ridden up some and he can see more of her thigh. God. When did Rachel Berry turn into such a turn on?

If it wasn't for her yelling at him every time he hit forty, he'd have gone sixty down the streets of Lima to get to her house. It seems like forever when they finally get there and he throws the truck into park and jumps out. He's around to her side before she can get out and he grabs her hips, pulling her close to him and kissing her again. She wraps her legs around his hips and he picks her up, taking a few steps back before blindly shutting the truck door.

He carries her that way all the way to her front door, pushing her up against it and grinding against her, and this time, he knows that she moans. He'd fuck her right here if she let him, but he highly doubts that's going to happen.

She pulls her lips away from his. "Door! Key! Plant!" she gasps, pointing to a potted plant on the stoop.

He puts her down and bends over, shoving the plant out of the way to get the spare key. He pushes himself against her again, kissing her and holding her lower half against his as he shoves the key in the door knob and turns it, thanking God that it's not one of those stupid fucking doors where you have to turn the key just right. It opens and they stumble into her house, still attached at the hips.

He looks up at her stairs and realizes that that's where her bedroom is. Fuck that.

He kisses her again and uses their bodies to shut the door, grinding against her again. He will fuck her here. It would take too damn long to get upstairs.

"Oh, Noah," she sighs. He groans in response, lifting her up so that her legs are wrapped around him. She yanks on his shirt impatiently and he leans back, supporting her with his lower half as he pulls it off. It's soaking wet because of the rain, and it falls heavily to the hardwood floor.

He leans close to her again, feeling her breasts through her wet shirt, listening to her groan. He needs to feel her against him. Now. And these buttons are taking way too damn long. He grabs the shirt and yanks it open, and they both hear buttons scatter across the floor, but he's too distracted by the sight of her wet bra doing very little to hide her hardened nipples.

"Noah!" she scolds, but when his lips and tongue start attacking her wet skin, she couldn't care less about a stupid white blouse. "Mm, Noah," she groans, her tune changing immensely.

Why do people wear clothes? Everything would be so much easier if they were already totally naked! He reaches between them and somehow manages to unbutton and unzip his jeans with one hand. He steps on each leg in turn, pulling them down to his ankles.

This time, he grinds against her and they both gasp loudly. There's just something about feeling her panties soaked through that nearly gets him off right on the spot.

"Noah, please!" she groans. "I need you!"

He pulls his boxers down as far as they need to go for his dick to escape, and he doesn't even take the time to pull her panties all the way off. He pushes them out of the way and slides into her, uttering a stream of curses as he does so. She groans into his shoulder and he knows that there is no room for teasing. He's been too hard for too long to tease her at this point.

He puts his hands underneath her ass and fucks her as fast as he can against her front door, getting closer and closer to climax with every thrust.

"God, Rachel," he groans. "You feel so fucking good. So hot, so fucking wet," he groans, knowing that she gets off when he talks to her like that.

She whimpers and he feels her teeth graze his shoulder, like she knows he likes. They'd just spent the weekend fucking in the theater, so he's pretty sure that he knows every single one of her weak spots, just like she's pretty sure she knows all of his.

Like when she runs her finger nails over his scalp and through his mohawk, he groans and his eyes close. Or like when he sucks on the sensitive flesh right behind her ear lobe, she about comes unglued.

"Yes, Noah, oh God, so close!" she whimpers in his ear and he groans. He loves hearing his name leave her lips like that, even if she does call him Noah. He holds her tighter and fucks her harder, listening to her gasp.

"Come for me, Rachel." He groans. Her response is a breathy whimper. "Let me feel you tighten up, baby," he orders, and he knows that's the ticket when her nails dig into his shoulder blades and she swears, which Rachel Berry never does.

"Fuck!" she cries, her head tilting back against the door as her back arches into him. He groans as he feels her walls tightening around his dick and he comes too, hard and fast deep inside her.

He's spent, and can't hold his weight anymore, so he slowly slides them to the floor and lays down, her straddling his hips with his dick still inside her. She lays down, resting her head on his shoulder as they both pant, trying to get their breathing back to normal.

"You swore." He smirks.

"Shut up." She says, but she's smiling. He turns towards her and kisses her forehead, which is damp from sweat and the fact that her hair is still soaking wet.

"I could go for a warm bath." She says after a few minutes.

"When are your dads getting home?" he asks.

She smiles. "Not until very late tonight." She answers.

"Do I even have to ask?" he smirks.

She sits up, still straddling him, and she grazes her nails over his chest before she stands and steps away from him. He notices that she's still almost fully clothed, apart from her ripped shirt. He stands and pulls his boxers up as he does so, but he kicks his jeans off the rest of the way.

She smiles at him and grabs his hand, leading him up the stairs. They don't get up three steps before he grabs her and scoops her up bridal style, making her squeal in surprise. "Where's your bathroom?" he asks with a grin.

She giggles. "Top of the stairs, to the right. First door on the left." She grins.

He grins back and walks up the rest of the stairs, intent on having hot, wet, bath tub sex with one very sexy Rachel Berry.