PLOT: Jackie gets kicked out of her house after an incident. She lives on the streets and has basically decided to change. What happens when the gang finds out her secret...

Pairs are J/H and E/D


Jackie walked home after a long day of trying to get Hyde to fall in love with her. She just doesnt get how he could not adore her. I mean shes Jackie Burkhart. 'Maybe I should just jump him one day in the basement and if he kisses back just for a moment I know hes totally into me' she thought as she approached her door.

She sighed to herself. "Oh well. I cant do anything more about it today" she told herself and walked in. What she saw when she was inside surprised her. Her dad was standing by the couch glaring at her and appeared to have something in her hand while her mom was standing near the kitchen with an unreadable expression on her face.

"Whats going on" Jackie asked slowly. She wasnt sure if she really wanted to know.

"I found this in between the cushions on the couch" her dad hissed and flicked what was in his hand at her.

She bent down to pick it up and when she did she gasped. It was a condom wrapper and it even had a used condom inside. It wasnt hers it was her mothers. Her father worked late at the office last night and her mom had over a 'friend'. Jackie saw them on the couch and heard the moaning before she ran into her room and drowned out the noises with music.

The only thing she couldnt find to make since was if her dad found out her mom cheated why and the hell is he acting like he wants to beat her to a pulp.

"Its a used condom in its wrapper" Jackie said stating the obvious. She didnt know what else to say.

"I know" her dad said eerily calm. "Why is that in my living room on my couch Jacquelin?"

Jackie shrugged. "Its not mine" she said quickly

"DONT LIE TO ME" her dad yelled making her jump and a tear fall down her cheek. Her dad mad was the one thing she feared the most. He is scary and out of control. More that one time she had to hide a couple bruises because her dad lost his temper with her. It happened mostly when she dated Michael and he didnt approve of her choice.

"Im not" She said back trying to sound confident and not show fear.

Her dad stalked to her until she was stck against a wall."Whos is it?" he seethed in her face.

She looked towards her mom and saw she still was showing no emotion but she now noticed her mom had a wine bottle in her hand. She could have screamed at her mother then and there but she held it in and turned toward her father. "Its whoever mom was fucking last night's" she answered then felt a sharp pain across her cheek and on her lip not three seconds later.

"LIAR" he screamed in her face.

"ask her" she answered surprisingly calm.

Her dad turned toward her mother. "So" he prompted.

"Shes lying" her mom simply answered and drank out of her bottle.

Her dad turned back towards her and raised an eyebrow. "Who was it. That Michael Kelso? The foreign kid? Or that forman kid?" her said paused then continued when Jackie said nothing. "I know, you were fucking that no good dirty burnout werent you?"

"His name is Steven Hyde" she defended. "and hes not a no good hippie burnout. It wasnt him though. He wont even hug me let alone do what your implying" she couldnt help feel the sadness at the truth of what she was saying.

"Well whoever it was you can thank them for what I am about to do" her dad said and backhanded her. She fell to the floor from the blow and cupped her cheek.

She saw her dads shoes move so he was facing her mom. "You tell that slut that she is no longer welcome here. This is no longer her home. Tell her to grab a bag, get what she can and get out." he said and walked out.

Jackie looked at her mom and for the first time this evening she saw sorrow in her mother eyes. "Fine. Im gone." Jackie said and ran upstairs. She slammed her door and grabbed a bag she was given from cheerleading. It was relatively big.

She put it on her bed and grabbed a pair of jeans and under garments, two pairs of shorts, two t shirts, a nice shirt, a long sleeved shirt, a dress just in case she had to go somewhere nice, a pair of worn out cowboy boots she wears when she wears when she rides, some nice shoes, two tanktops, shorts to sleep in, and a pair of sweats. She even managed to stuff some boot slippers in it and a pair of long socks just incase she freezes to death. She stuffed her make up kit and her soap and a brush in a compartment on the side. She even put a bottle of perfume in it so noone would notice. She changed into some skinny jeans and a t shirt with a dark blue almost balck light zip up hoodie with a washed out piece sign on it. She slid on some converse.(My daddy told me they did have skinny jeans in the 70's so :p)

She almost laughed at herself in the mirror. She almost looked like Donna. She grabbed her wallet even though she knew her dad probably cut her off. She still had some money in it. 'Maybe I can get a job' she thought to herself. She shuddered at the thought of working but if it kept her alive.

She grabbed some jewlery she could maybe trade in if it came down to it and put it in a small zip up compartment that she had put hairties earlier from practice.

She smiled sadly to herself. This was enough stuff to keep people from noticing for awhile. She knew she could sneak back in the house when her mom leaves on a 'vacation' and her dad takes one of his usual month long buisness trips.

When she knew there was nothing left to do she grabbed a pillow and stuffed it in and zipped up the bag. She grabbed her bookbag from school and walked down the stairs. Neither of her parents were down there.

The bastards couldnt even say bye. She heard moaning coming from upstairs and her jaw dropped. There were fucking. Not an hour after they kicked there daughter out.

Jackie walked quickly out the door and down the street to the Foremans. On her way there she couldnt help but think. All this time she has been going from guy to guy falling in love or so she thought. "I dont really know what love is and anyone who I even thought I loved has just hurt me" she murmered to herself.

"How can i give what ive never received?" she asked to noone in particular. At that moment she decided she was going to give up on anything to do with love. It wasnt worth the fight or the struggle. It always ended bad. Even if she got Steven to love her eventually he would break her heart.

She hated all emotions. SHe knows she cant turn into Hyde and be zen because then people will know somethings wrong. Theres nothing wrong with changing alittle though maybe not void of all emotions but some are ok.

She laughed bitterly to herself. "Im going to make Hydes day"

She got to the Foremans and hid her stuff in the garage. She walked to the basement and saw everyone there. She went over to the freezer and got a popsicle because she didnt know when she would eat again.

Noone was paying attention to her because what they were watching on tv was holding there interest. When she brought the popcicle to her lip she hissed at the stinging pain she felt. This got everyones attention.

"Jackie what happened to your lip" Donna asked.

Jackie looked toward her and touched her lip with her finger and was shocked to see blood. "How could I have missed that?" she whispered to herself "Its bleeding" she said louder still a little shocked.

"Ai. I cant see blood it makes me queezy" Fez said and looked the other way.

"I can see its bleeding but how?" Donna asked ignoring fez. "And why do you look like a normal person"

Jackie looked at her. "I tripped and when i landed I bit my lip. The reason for my clothes are because I am changing" she told her and started patting her lip with her sleeve.

She heard Hyde sigh. "For the last time Jackie I am not going to fall in love with you even if you change" Hyde said annoyed and turned back to the tv.

"Thats fine" Jackie said and started eating her popcicle again. Everyone looked at her with a wierd expression.

"WHAT" they all yelled at the same time.

"I said thats fine. As in I dont care" Jackie elaborated.

"What have you got planned" Eric accused.

Jackie shrugged. "I need to grow up and saying I love every male that does one nice thing for me is childish . All falling for people does is get you hurt in the end. If you ask me there is noone on this earth you can trust or love."

Everyones jaws were hanging open. "I dont even think I know what love is" she said as an after thought "I thought I did but I was proven wrong. I learned that you can trust noone."

"Jackie did something happen" donna asked shocked by her friends speech.

Jackie shrugged. "yes and no. But I think it was for the best I mean now I know I have to grow up and I know that I am going to give up on childish emotions"

The whole gang was shocked expecially Hyde. This wasnt Jackie. She either had something up her sleeve or something happened and he was pissed that he wanted to know either one.

"Whatever" Hyde muttered in his zen manner.

"Thats cool" he heard Jackie tease and turned toward her. He couldnt help the small smirk that was on his face.

The gang watched tv and decided to let Jackie do what she wanted.

When it was getting dark Jackie stood up. "I gotta go" she said and got up. She turned to Hyde. "Ya know Hyde i would have thought youde be more happy that Im not going to be bothering you all the time" she joked.

He couldnt help the sad feeling he got when she called him his prefered name. "I am" he covered "I just hit to many circles today and am a little off"

Jackie shrugged. "Whatever" she said bye to everyone and walked out the door.

When she left Eric turned toward Hyde. "We didnt even have a circle yet today" he said suspiciously.

Hyde shrugged. "you didnt I did" he lied. Donna looked at him suspiciously but let it go.

Meanwhile Jackie grabbed her stuff from the garage and started to walk. She passed her parents house and flipped it off. She didnt know how long she walked but she started to notice a change in the scenery. What was nice turned trashy. People were hanging on the streets and they were dirty and didnt look safe. They all looked sick or just bad.

As she kept walking she saw a man walk up to her.

"Hey princess what do you have in your bag" he taunted and went to grab her stuff. Jackie just turned and ran but she didnt get far before he tackled her. He pinned her down and she couldnt have been more scared.

She felt relief when she felt him getting pulled off her and saw the man on top of her getting beat up by a smaller boy not actually a small and skinny like Eric just small compared to the man.

When the bug man ran off the other guy walked up to her. "Hey Im Ryan but everyone calls me Speed"

Jackie swallowed. "Hi Im Jackie and thank you so much"

Speed shrugged. "No problem I didnt like that guy anyway" he looked at her more closely " so Im going to take it you either got kicked out or ran away. You cant be older than 17"

"I am almost 17 and I got kicked out" Jackie told him. "So what do you do around here"

"Well since its almost midnight I say we sleep." he joked. Jackie smiled. "come on Ill give you a place to crash" Jackie smiled gratefully and he led the way.

While they were walking Speed couldnt help but feel bad for the girl. "So if you want I can teach you to fight. Im a street fighter and I race Cars but Ill just teach you to defend yourself if that happens again" he offered.

Jackie looked at him. "That would be great and I cant wait to learn to kick ass. Racing cars sound fun to. Im really good with cars mechanically wise but ive always liked driving fast"

Speed smiled at her. "thats exactly why I wanted to start racing I love speed to. hence the name" he joked and Jackie laughed a little.

They came up to a park. Jackie looked at him confused. " You can crash on the benches" he explained and she nodded.

"What about people. Is it safe" Jackie asked a little scared.

"No" Speed told her truthfully "but its what your life is now. Truthfully you are never completely safe in the streets"

Jackie nodded sadly "Ok thankyou" she said

"No problem and just meet me outside Vinnys tomorrow at 5 for lessons. I need to teach you quick. Are you going to school" Speed asked and Jackie nodded.

"Well you better sleep ad hope you dont sleep to late" he told her and left.

Jackie hid behind a tree and changed into a tanktop and sleep shorts and her slippers with her long socks. She grabbed a pillow and found a bench. For the first time she cried. She eventually fell asleep.