Everyone stared at Jackie waiting. She didnt know where to start. She took in a breath. "What do you want to know?" she asked. Maybe then she'll know where to start.

"For starters why do you have all this stuff in your bag?" Donna asked.

"Because I need it. Its all I have" Jackie told them with a frown because it was the truth.

"Why dont you just go home" Eric asked like it was the most obvious thing in the world. In truth it was for any other person in the world.

" I got kicked out" Jackie said quietly holding back tears as the memories rushed back into her mind.

"What?" Kitty asked. "Why?" She couldnt understand. She was convincced she misheard.

"Long story" Jackie said and got up then hopped on the counter to sit. She really didnt want get into to it but she knew it was going to have to sooner or later. She knew that she wouldnt be able to keep her secret forever. In truth she was hoping her parents would let her come back before anyone found out.

"Were listening" Red said prompting her.

"Ok its basically like this. I came home and my dad was pissed because he found a used condom in its wrapper on the couch. He said it was mine and I told him it was moms because she had been cheating on him. He asked mom and of coarse she denied it so he kicked me out" Jackie said quickly.

"Are you sure he kicked you out. You might have mis understood him" Donna said not believing parents could be so cruel.

Jackie looked at her. "he looked at my mom and told her this quote for quote 'You tell that slut that she is no longer welcome here. This is no longer her home. Tell her to grab a bag, get what she can and get out'"

Everyone was shocked a parent would do that. Hyde was fighting the urge to get up go to her house and kick some ass. Thats when something he remembered about that day came to mind. "You had a bloody lip when you came in the basement. Did he hit you?" Hyde asked not really wanting to know the answer.

Jackie nodded sadly. "Yea he slapped me a couple times but Ive had worse so its not really a big deal"

Hyde went up to her. "It doesnt matter he should never hit you" Everyone was a little confused that Hyde was so concerned but didnt say anything because there was a more important matter at hand.

Jackie just looked at him. "Its not like I could have done anything he's my father not some bikers in a bar or Laurie" Everyone smiled at the memory of Laurie getting hit in the nose.

Hyde didnt know what to say so he just stood there. Kitty and Red were shocked. Red expecially. He would never hit his children no matter how bad they got. Kitty was on the verge of tears. She couldnt believe people could be so heartless.

"They didnt try to stop you or anything when you were leaving" Eric asked. He still couldnt really wrap his mind around it. It all sounded like some kind of movie not real life.

Jackie scowled at the air. "They couldnt hear me leave through all the moaning"

"They were doint it!" Kelso exclaimed. Jackie nodded. He felt sad for her. Usually this news would have been awsome because Jackies mom was hot but he just felt mad that someone would do that. He still loved Jackie. Maybe not in love with her but he did love her and cared about her.

"So let me get this straight. You got kicked out of your house because your moms a whore and lied about it" Fez said trying to piece things together. Jackie nodded. "Oh my beautiful goddess I am so sorry" he hugged her and Jackie hugged her back.

"Dont be. Ive been doing fine on my own for over a week now" Jackie told them.

"What exactly have you been doing for over a week" Red asked curious.

"Ive been sleeping at the park or water tower and I met some cool people and they taught me how to-" she stopped. She didnt want to admit what she has been doing. She knew she would get in trouble even if they werent her parents"

"Taught you how to" Red prompted. He knew he caught her doing something.

"Street fight and race cars" she said quickly hoping noone heard but they did.

"YOU STREET FIGHT" Hyde yelled.

"YOU RACE CARS" Kelso yelled at the same time.

Jackie winced and nodded. "So thats why you can kick ass now" Kelso said.

Jackie smirked. "Ive always been able to kick ass. Speed just tweaked me a little"

"Speed? That guy at the shop" Hyde asked.

Jackie nodded. "Yea he saved me then helped me out"

"Saved you how?" Eric asked.

"Some man tried to mug me but he got him off and kicked his ass" Jackie explained Frowning at the memory.

Hyde clenched his fist but didnt say anything. "Alright Alright. We are going to your house right now and I am talking to your parents about this" Kitty said and started to grab Jackie.

"They arent home" Jackie said. " And the maid wont let me in. I tried last night"

Kitty sighed and rubbed her foreheaed. "Well 'll just wait for them to come home. Do you know when that may be"

Jackie shook her head. "Could be today. Could be next month. I really dont know. They take off alot but this time they dont have anything to come back to so they might stay alot longer"

Kitty looked at her. "They left you alone?"

Jackie nodded. "Yeah alot actually." She finally noticed kitty expression."Oh dont be sad for me. The maid always used to take care of me and believe me she was a better mom than my actual one"

Everyone was in disbelief. She made it seem that her life was perfect. She got everything she wanted and her family was what every other familly wish they could be. Now they see that Jackie was just a really good actor.

Hyde felt guilt. Which shocked him he never feels guilt but he does right now. He always ragged on her because truthfully he was jealous. He thought her parents loved her and gave her what she wanted and thats what he wanted when he was younger. He would have done anything for two parents that loved him. Now he had the Formans so it wasnt so bad but still he couldnt help but wonder what his life would be like if his parents actually gave two shits about him. Now he sees her parents were just as bad or even worse.

"Well then. Heres whats going to happen. Jackie your going to move in with us. You can stay in Lauries room. She just left this morning. Something about she doesnt feel safe here so shes going to give college another try" Red told her. "While your under this roof there will be no more racing or fighting am I understood"

Jackie nodded. "Yes and thankyou"

Red just grunted and walked to the livingroom. Everyone was looking at Jackie with sad eyes. She sighed. "Stop looking at me like that. Im fine."

"Jackie were so sor-" Donna started to say bu jackie cut her off.

"Dont say sorry. Dont feel sorry for me. Im fine." Jackie said and walked out. Everyone just stood staring at nothing.

"I cant believe it" Eric said.

"At least now we know why she changed" Donna said and put her face in her hands as she sat down. "I knew something was up and I never did anything"

"We all did" Eric told her trying to comfort her. "None of us did anything. It didnt take a jedi to know she was lying most of the time" Everyone was so down they didnt even say anything about his Jedi reference.

Hyde just stood up and walked out the door. He walked to the water tower and found jackie there just sitting with her legs hanging off the edge. He climbed up and sat next to her. She didnt say anything to acknowledge that she knew he was there.

They just sat there for a few moments in silence. Jackie finally sighed. "What do you want?"

Hyde shrugged. "What Im not allowed to come and sit here and just admire the view."

Jackie looked at him. "Eric yes. You no" he didnt say anything. "Im sorry I didnt tell you"

Hyde finally looked at her. "Jackie truthfully I dont know what to say right now. I just wanted to see that you were alright"

Jackie smiled. "You care about me" she said touched. Hyde was about to say something but was interrupted by jackies lips on his. They kissed passionately for a few moments then pulled back for air.

"Jackie I agree with Red and I think that you shouldnt race or fight anymore" Hyde said.

Jackie nodded. "I know. It really fun though" she pouted.

Hyde looked at her. "Just dont get hurt"

Jackie smiled. "I wont" She paused. "You want to do something really cool"

Hyde shrugged. "Follow me" Jackie said grabbing his arm. SHe led him to the garage.

"Jackie how is your job cool" Hyde asked.

Jackie didnt even look at him "Were just here to get a car"

"Whats wrong with my car" Hyde asked a little offended.

"Its to big" Jackie said and then went in. She picked the lock of a car and got in the seat.

"Keys" HYde said as he slid in the stook he rtongue out at him and then hotwired the car. "Thats hot" Hyde said and jackie smiled. The pulled out of the place and Jackie drove to mount hump.

She went to the part where people drift. Noone was there because it was still day time. She started to drif up the mountain and Hyde was stunned. He had never done this before. "Where did you learn to do this?" he asked her

"Speed and his gang taught me. " She laughed a little at the memory. "I like destroyed his car I crashed it so many times"

Hyde looked at her. "did you get hurt?"

Jackie shook her head. "No. I just had to fix the damages. I did good to you would never know what I did to it"

Hyde looked straight ahead. Jackie smiled. "I come here at night sometimes. Its really realxing. Expecially when people are doing it around you and you can hear the purr of the engines. It makes it so you can think more easily" Hyde didnt answer they just fell into a comfortable silence. Jackie pulled to the top and stopped. It had an amazing view of pointplace. They both got out and sat at on the hood.

"Steven" Jackie sighed. Hyde looked at her. He was happy she was calling him Steven again. "Do you care about me?"

Hyde sighed. "I dont know why but yes I do"

Jackie smiled. "Will you never lie to me and betray my trust?"

" I already told you I wouldnt do that" Hyde told her confused by the questions

"Steven I want to have a relationship with you and not just friends with benefits I want to be your girlfriend" Jackie said and looked down.

Hyde was shocked. "Jackie. You know I will never bethe kind of boyfriend you want. Im not Kelso and Im not-" he started to say but Jackie cut him off.

"How dare you compare yourself to Michael. I dont want him and truthfully I dont know if I ever truthfully did. I wanted a boyfriend so i didnt think about me I just went with the first guy that came up to me. I want you. Your already the kind of boyfriend I want" jackie told him sternly.

Hyde jusst nodded. "ok but I swear if you try to dress me or force me to do things I am throwing you over my shoulder and carrying you out the door"

Jackie smiled and they kissed. They just talked and laughed for awhile. Eventually it started getting dark so they both got in the car. Jackie put it back at the shop and they walked to the Formans.

Noone said anything to them. THey just ate dinner and eventually went to bed. Jackie fell asleep smiling that her life actually started to become happy and then when she snuggled into the covers she grimaced because she thought of how many men Laurie had in here.

She fell asleep in a peacefull sleep thinking of Steven Hyde and how her friends loved her.

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