First Words

Gin's mood was light as he walked towards the house. The smile on his face was unlike the one he used to conceal his true self. He had a package for his son containing various sweets. As he walked along none of his thoughts went to the idea that something could in fact go wrong.

Suddenly, a green blur came hurtling from the porch straight at him, much like what had occurred on the day of the bad weather. Two small arms held themselves up to be scooped into his arms, a huge smile on the child's face The clothing wasn't at all straight and Gin wondered what mischief the small tyke had been up to. His answer came quickly.

"Otou-san, I dressed myself!" Some of the words Toshiro spoke were not clear. None the less, the meaning came through.

The young man felt his heart suddenly feel with panic. "Toshiro knows and understands fully who I am. I was going to back off before I made such an impression."

Two hands thrust up and a frown appeared on the tiny boy's face. "Otou-san? Up please?"

Gin's zampaktuo suddenly spoke. "You lost track of time because you were waiting to hear his first words as an indicator. You didn't expect him not to speak until he had a full understanding of speech patterns and what words mean."

The young man found his mind drifting fearfully to what would happen to the child. Gin could easily see the small child recognizing him if he ever became a shinigami and then the whole plan would be ruined. Not to mention Aizen would set his eyes on the boy. On one knee, he spoke up. "I'm not your father."

Toshiro shook his head, latching onto the shinigami robes and trying to pull himself close. "Yes you are."

The small face pressed against Gin's chest, and he placed a hand on the back of the white head of hair. "No... I'm not."

In truth, the lie hurt both of them. This had been something the young shinigami had wanted to avoid. Avoiding this simply wasn't possible. Sobs began to rack the small body, as the boy clutched tightly to the clothing. Finally, strong arms lifted the boy up and carried him into the house. The mother of the person glanced up.

"What happened?" She didn't push the subject; as a knowing glance told her he would explain after a bit.

Finally, Toshiro fell asleep, tears staining his face. Gin wiped some of the tears away. "He called me otou-san."

"You are his father." The old woman sighed, shaking her head at her stubborn son.

"I planned on not letting him see me before he got as old as he is." A bony hand ran its fingers through the soft white hair. "He can't know who I am. It is for his own good."

"He's going to be heartbroken." Granny never pondered her son's questionable actions.

"I know that. I really thought I would have been able to say goodbye long before this." Two pale teal eyes glanced up. "It isn't that I am not going to come around. I'm going to drop off money to help. He just can't see me anymore. If he becomes a shinigami, he can't recognize me as his father."

"I'm not going to ask what kind of trouble you're in. I think you know full well though, I wish you wouldn't hurt yourself like this. You yourself are still a child."

Aurhor's note – I figured I would explain for anyone who didn't catch on to what has occurred. Basically, Gin was waiting for Toshiro to start speaking before he disappeared because he didn't want to make a lasting impression on the child. However, because Toshiro did not speak until his comprehension of words was rather great, Gin found himself faced with a child who could forget him, but also could suddenly remember at any moment.