Here's Day Three of 'Inception' Oneshot Week! :) Only four more days till 'We'll Be a Dream' gets posted (I finally came up with a title!).

Okay, so I know I've been posting a lot of fluff and stuff (lol, ryhming is the shizz!) but I wanted to try something different.

So, for tonight's's going to be... *puts on Death-Eater type hood* an angst.

And this is my veryfirsttime writng an angst so i'm REALLLLLLY nervous about posting it. But I'mma do it anyway, cuz I promised you guys a oneshot. it is. I hope you don't hate it too much...

Dark Red

There's red everywhere.

There's red, dark red, everywhere. There's dark red on the floor, on his hands, on his clothes.

There's a lot of dark red pouring out of the bullet wound in Ariadne's body.

Arthur doesn't know what the fuck happened. They had just been walking, walking along the Seine River. They had been looking at the stars and laughing and talking and…

And all of a sudden, there's a gunshot.

And she's falling. Falling and falling and falling and that thick, dark red is going everywhere, everywhere, and fuck this cannot be happening.

And he's crying. Crying and yelling and hugging her lifeless form and Dear God, please wake up!

But she doesn't wake up. She just lies there; her eyes closed, the ghost of her last laugh still on her lips. She lies there in a pool of dark red, her body growing colder by the second.

And Arthur knows,

he knows, that he didn't shoot her, but suddenly the gun is thrust into his hands and a shadowy figure is running off into the night, leaving him with the weapon, the very weapon that caused all this dark red.

He reaches into his pocket to find his phone because he's gotta fucking get her to the hospital, when his fingers brush against a small, familiar cube. Something inside him clicks, and he starts to relax.

Because this, this has to be a dream. It has to be. Shadowy figures can appear out of nowhere, brandishing guns, only in dreams. He and Ariadne are allowed to die, only in dreams.

The growing amount of dark red on the floor is acceptable, only in dreams.

And so he places the gun to his forehead, because the only way out of a dream is to die, right? And he has to hurry, because Ariadne has already woken, and he promised to treat her to dinner.

So Arthur takes his die out of his pocket and throws in to the ground, but his fingers pull the trigger before it hits the floor.

And as dark red, his dark red, mixes into Ariadne's dark red, the die rolls to a stop, six dots facing upwards.

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