I am very sorry about this guys. But I can't write anymore for this story. My inspiration died with Voldemort in this one. So I'm going to give you the cold cut ending of what I had planned, just to satisfy anyone who needs it.

I am truly sorry I can't write this.

Neville and Luna accept Harry's relationship with Snape. They even get along with Severus. Neville and Snape end up talking about potions ingredients.

The Malfoy comes back. They were in France. I was going to have some sort of dynamic there, but every time I write Lucius it's "sex, me, and now" usually with Narcissa, but still. When I write him, I like to have him as the star of the show, not a flat character I can't do anything with.

Dumbledore randomly decides to come back and try and kill Harry. He tries to separate him from Snape first, but obviously it doesn't work. He kidnaps Snape, you see, and Harry does to rescue, it ends up being a show down, and BAM Dumbledore is dead.

Harry becomes a healer. Severus continues teaching as potions master.

The End.

(Like I said, cold cut. I am sorry.)