Hi everyone! This is my very first Fanfic, so please be gentle. I had this idea in my head for a story and started writting one day and well, here is the fruit of my labor. It's written entirely from Edward's POV to best capture the angst and uncertainty he feels from becoming a man. I chose the 'M' rating for some mild language and tastefully written sexual reference in later chapters. This story contains the SPANKING of a hormone-crazed teenaged vampire. If this isn't your thing, please don't read.

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I sat alone in Carlisle's study waiting for him to join me. I wasn't expecting to see him when we walked in from school and his thoughts were blocked to me. After greeting us all he ordered me to his study and suggested that the rest of my siblings go for a hunt and to take their time coming home. He even suggested that perhaps tonight would be a good night to see a movie in Port Angeles. Before leaving the room I shrugged my shoulders at Alice giving her a perplexed look. If Alice saw this coming she didn't tell me. Then of course she had orders from Carlisle not to interfere when it came time for him to discipline one of us.

What was taking him so long? I've been sitting here for more than 20 minutes and I was becoming more and more nervous. I roughly raked my fingers though my hair and sighed again. I tried in vain to access Carlisle's thoughts but got nothing. Carlisle had mastered blocking my mind reading decades ago. Even without the benefit of hearing his thoughts I knew I was in trouble. This scenario was not unfamiliar to me. When Carlisle ordered his children into his study it meant only one thing: punishment.

Usually I already had some idea of why I was in this predicament. I racked my brain for what I could have done. Aside from the usual vampire mischief, which my brothers and I are completely in the clear on at the moment, I got nothing. Then I remembered something…no, no he wouldn't do that…would he? Finally, I got a taste of Carlisle's scent and heard his breathing as he ascended the steps to his second floor study. I didn't know if I should be ashamed, afraid, or repentant.

Carlisle entered the room and walked to stand in front of me, leaning on his desk with his arms crossed. His burning glare has me studying the floor in a second. If he didn't speak soon I was going to have a nervous breakdown.

"Edward, look at me," he firmly ordered.

I brought my eyes up to meet his. Sensing my confusion he got straight to the point. "Son, I received a call from Forks High School this afternoon." He pinched the bridge of his nose and let out a heavy sigh. Oh no! I instantly knew why I squirming in Carlisle's study. That spineless little jerk ratted on me! Mercifully, Carlisle's mental reprieve was brief, as he opened his eyes he confirmed my thoughts.

"Your principal, Mr. Greene informed me that one of your classmates has reported a rather disturbing encounter he had with you yesterday. Would you care to enlighten me as to why you would be threatening Mike Newton?"

"Dad, no…." I started the volume of my voice rising. "That little….! I…I DIDN'T THREATEN..," Carlisle raised his hand and lowered it indicating for me to lower my voice. He started pacing, but didn't take his eyes off of me. "Edward, Mr. Greene said that the Newton boy was genuinely scared when he talked to him. He said the kid was actually shaking when he described some of your apparently bazaar behavior. "Dad…" I huffed, but was quickly cut-off. "Mr. Greene also said that Mike said you picked him up by the neck, threatened to break his arms and made growling noises at him."

As soon as Carlisle dropped the bomb about Mike, my brain shifted through memories from yesterday afternoon. I remembered sitting in Trig eavesdropping on Bella in gym. I tried to get a mental picture of her though Angela Weber. She would have been really upset with me if she found out. My clumsy girl hated gym, but I was bored and I thought I'd get a quick vision of Bella as she ducked and weaved through volleyball. Just seeing her made me feel like I had a pulse. I never felt this way before about a girl. For the past hundred or so years I've been on the outside looking in. Even though I had a coven…no, a family, this was different. She was incredible. She made me feel like a 17 year old boy.

Unfortunately for me, Angela spent most of gym flirting with Eric. I really didn't want to spy on Bella through Mike Newton because my patience with him and his romantic fantasies about my girlfriend were really starting to annoy me. Usually, I was able to maintain control of my frustrations with Newton, but lately I was having a hard time dealing with his inner dialog. I told myself I would only allow myself a few moments through his thoughts and then I would quit. I prided myself on my self control.

To my own self-inflicted irritation, Mike was watching Bella. But it was his next thought that gripped me by my spine and had me sitting up rigidly in my chair. Man, she looks hot. I will find an opening with her today. I think she's interested at least a little. She smiles at me a lot, when Cullen's not around anyway. At least we have one class without him… Damn, she's got a sweet ass.

It took every ounce or restraint I had not to crush the desk into splinters with my fingers. In that instant, Mike Newton became more than an annoyance. He was the competition. And any vampire worth his salt would never be vanquished by another male with a passing interest in his mate.

The boy kept a careful distance from Bella eyeing her like prey. Except it wasn't the kill he wanted. His eyes moved over her lithe body and I felt an instinctive, animalistic right to fight for my mate. To let the human males know she belonged to me.

Being the hunter, I instantly knew what he was doing: stalking. He was waiting for an opportunity to approach her.

After Bella made several failed attempts to properly serve the ball, Newton seized the opportunity to 'teach' her.

Yes, he thought to himself as he made his way to Bella's side, soccer ball in hand. "Hey Bella, let me show you how to do this." She gave him a disapproving look, but he placed the ball in her hand and moved behind her anyway. He touched her elbow to demonstrate the angle her arm should be at while holding the ball.

He touched her? I shook my head disbelievingly.

I remembered hearing nothing from that point. I just watched as he touched her arm, her wrist, her waist. He put his hands on her, casually, comfortably, like he'd been doing it every day of his life. I was jealous and angered by the ease he had touching her. How dare he?

The venom started to boil in my veins just remembering this and how it felt to sit there helplessly watching it like some sick slow-motion replay of a train wreck. No way! There was no way in hell that I would tolerate that!

No! He did NOT just try to smell her hair, Ughhhh!

"Mr. Cullen, is everything alright?" Mr. Goff's icy voice snapped me back to earth. Evidently, my usually controlled composure was cracking, so much for my superior self control.

"Fine," I flicked my bottom lip behind my front teeth.

"Then would you like to join the rest of the class?"His asked flatly.

Everyone turned to look at me. Keeping my eyes straight ahead I made a split-second decision that, no I did not want to 'join the rest of the class.'

"Not feeling well", I lied and ran from the room. I didn't need the air, but I did need to think.

I stealthily made my way down the empty hall, my chest heaving. Rage, jealously, hate, and I know it sounds crazy, but what even felt like nausea rolled through my body. I succumbed to all my emotions at once and I could feel my eyes turn black.

I knew what I had to do.

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