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Miri sighed as she stared out at the fields, in the direction of Britta's garden. After walking her home from the academy, Peder had offered to take Miri for a walk later that day. After spending time with her pa, Laren, and her sister, Marda, and giving them the painting of the beautiful house that Olana had given her, Miri realized how late it had gotten. Shoot!

Miri rushed out to meet Peder an hour ago, thus leading her to this position and still waiting.


At the sound of her name, she turned her head, her brown braid whipping around as she did, and spotted, with her blue eyes, Peder trotting up to her as she stood. His curly straw-colored hair shined a golden color in the light of sunset.

"Peder Doterson, what took you so long? I have been waiting for an hour."

Still catching his breath, Peder replied, "I'm sorry. I… never meant… to make you wait." He took another deep breath. "I was working on something back at home."

Miri smiled before replying, "You are forgiven."

As they walked, all was silent. Miri was certain that Peder could feel her heart do a back-flip as he took hold of her hand, much like he had earlier that afternoon. She smiled at the impressive shade of red that spread across his face when she laced her fingers into his.

"Nervous?" She asked, slightly incredulous. It was unusual, really. It was usually herself that had a blush on her cheeks. Seeing such a thing on Peder was an unusual, yet pleasant, sight for her.

"Well, uh, I…"

He seemed at a loss for words, so Miri simply laughed, and, feeling brave, kissed his cheek, like he did to her at spring holiday. The only difference being… she didn't run off after she did it.

Peder's face seemed to turn ten different shades of red with surprise. At one point, it looked almost purple. Miri knew that her face wasn't all that pale either.

The two of them walked like that for a while, hand-in-hand, fingers laced, neither one of them wanting to break the pleasant silence. That is, until Miri asked….

"What's the project?"


"You said that you were working on something back at your house. What are you working on?"

Peder turned away to hide his blush. "Oh. Uh, it's kind of a surprise."

"Oh, come on, Peder! I promise that I wouldn't tell a soul! Not Pa, or Marda, certainly not Bena or Liana. I wouldn't even tell the goats!" She said this in an attempt to lighten his mood. It didn't work much, but Miri was, however, able to get a smile out of Peder.

"Miri…. It's nothing bad, I just want to keep it a surprise for now. Not even Esa knows about it."

"Now, what would be so top-secret, that you'd even keep it from your little sister?"

"First of all, I am sixteen now, and there are things that I OBVIOUSLY want to keep from my sister."

"Such as?"

Peder smiled before replying, "Such as moments like this. Special moments…. with you."

Miri blushed at this, but gave a small smile as he gave her hand a gentle, comforting, squeeze.

"Second of all, if I told you, then it wouldn't be a surprise."

"You seem to imply that this surprise is for me."

"It's the only hint you're getting."

Miri laughed at this. "You're starting to become as stubborn as my nanny goat."

Peder also laughed. "Well, you're becoming as pushy as a billy goat mad. Oh, wait, you were already there!"

She playfully nudged him with her shoulder, being careful not to let their hands come unclasped. They both laughed joyously before Peder brought her home…..

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