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Miri awoke with a small smile. It had been a week since Peder's little surprise, and she hadn't removed her hawk-necklace ever since.

She simply adored the fact that Peder would go to all of this trouble for her. After all those years of being slightly jealous of the quarriers, Miri couldn't help but feel special when she was with Peder. He joked with her, told her the truth outright, she was the first one that he told his passion for carving to... But, mostly, it was the way he acted NOW; The way he held her, the way he whispered in her ear,the way he smiled at her, and hugged her, and held her hand. Of course, they hadn't kissed yet. Miri thought that the idea was positively nerve-wracking, and she was certain that Peder thought the same, considering all that they've built up since they first met, up until now. What if one simple kiss destroyed all of that? Miri couldn't stand the thought. She brought her smile back to her face and readied herself for the day ahead.

Throughout the day, Miri started feeling... different towards Peder. GOOD different, but...

It was almost as if she was starting to develop a stronger likeness to Peder, her feelings towards Peder growing more once again. She consulted with Marda, who came to a conclusion that shocked Miri more than anything.

"Are you certain, Marda, that THAT'S what it is?" Miri asked.

Marda smiled before replying, "Absolutely, Miri. It wouldn't surprise me in the least with the way I see you two gaze at each other."

Miri could feel herself blush. "But... what should I do?"

"Tell him, " Marda replied with a smile.

The heat in Miri's cheeks increased. "But, how to do it?"

Marda paused a moment to ponder this, then snapped her fingers, her face alight with an idea. "There's always quarry speech."

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