A/N: I don't own Degrassi or the characters. I don't profit from this. Anyway, gschulte inspired me to make a list of Degrassi characters (almost everyone on the list is female) and use a random pairing generator to put people together. First up, we have Heather Sinclair/Jane. For those who don't remember Heather, she's never actually shown in the series but is talked about all the time. She's Holly J's sister. This chapter is fluff but they won't all be.

Seeing Heather Sinclair walking two steps in front of you was somewhat surreal. Sure, you heard about her from Holly J plenty of times but this was the first time she had actually existed. She had a pale, freckled face like Holly J, but hers was longer and framed with hi-lights. Today it was in a fancy up-do that probably took hours and a silver bridesmaid dress that somehow fit her a lot better than yours fit you. It was enough to make you wonder if she was trying to look prettier than the bride.

Yes. Here it was. Your best friend's wedding to the guy you used to cheat on the love of your life. Two gorgeous people who you had pined for and fantasized about, probably for different reasons, walking down the aisle and saying their vows. You thought you'd feel bitter seeing Declan getting married. After all, he was the one who ruined your happily ever after with Spinner. But all you can focus on is Holly J. She has never looked this gorgeous before. Not even in Manhattan when she wore that green halter with her hair in ringlets. When she stepped up to the altar, you imagined yourself in Declan's shoes, quite literally as you were fond of boy's fashion, promising Holly J you'd always be there for her.

You would always be there for her, if she wanted you to be. But she didn't. She was too straight to need you as a girlfriend and back in high school you were too busy being heartbroken over Mia, then smitten with Spinner to do a fact check on that. Maybe it made you bisexual, the fact that your heart could lunge itself full force at a boy or a girl with equal intensity. The word bisexual just made you think of trashy TV shows, Tila Tequila, Megan Fox, or Lindsay Lohan. You had an unfortunate distaste for a generally true word, so most of your college friends knew you as "queer." You pulled off queer quite well. This was probably the first time you had worn a dress since your trip to Manhattan. It was shortly after Manhattan that you realized Holly J didn't really need you even as a friend anymore. Out of nowhere, Fiona stepped up to the plate. You wondered if Fiona loved Holly J like you did, but you figured it was just possessiveness, the same stuff that possessed her to make out with her own brother. You hated Fiona a little bit, probably unfairly. After what you went through as a kid, you had no idea why someone would choose to engage in incest, even if it was just a kiss. She took your legitimacy and your best friend and you hoped she had never kissed the latter the way she kissed Declan.

Sometimes you almost hoped she did. You were a masochist and wouldn't it be so fitting if after everything, it turned out that Holly J was into girls, just not into you?

When the ceremony was finally over, Holly J came over to give you an awkward hug. "You look beautiful," you said, trying to hide the emotion in your voice.

Before Holly J could respond, Heather threw her arms around her. "Sinclairs always do," she said matter-of-factly.

Holly J frowned and gently reminded her about her manners but you couldn't help but smile. You remembered what Holly J was like before Declan, when she was the mad-at-the-world, constantly pissed off coffee worker with secret eyes for your boyfriend. Spinner loved you, Holly J wanted Spinner, and you wanted Holly J. It was sick enough to be almost lovely, and the thought made you smirk.

"You a friend of Holly's?" Heather asked.

"It's Holly J," Holly J said, probably for the first time in a while. No one was stupid enough to call her Holly anymore.

You looked up at Heather's brown eyes and shuddered. There was something about them that was even more alphathan classic Holly J. And you liked it. "Yeah," you said. "I'm Jane. We met at Degrassi back in the day."

Holly J and Heather looked at each other for a moment and you wondered if it was awkward for Holly J that Heather never had to work in high school, or learn much about humility. You put it out of your mind and rode in Fiona's limo to the reception.

"Sucks being here without a date," you mentioned to Fiona as couples started to take the floor.

"I remember all too well," Fiona said. "My family was always throwing social gatherings like this and I was always the single one. Declan was always with some girl or other and I was always alone. Thank God for Adam."

You looked around. "Adam?"

She laughed. "My boyfriend. I think he's in the bathroom."

You waited a few moments until a short and awkward looking boy came back to the table, kissing Fiona on the lips. "Hey Fi," he said.

His voice was deep, but something about his face was more feminine than you were used to. "People don't exactly talk to me now that we're dating," Fiona said. "But I figured you weren't that kind of stupid, which is why I put you at our table."

You nearly choked on your own breath. "Why'd you figure that?"

"My gaydar's not bad," Fiona said. "Besides, the crush you had on Holly J was so obvious in Manhattan."

Adam winced. "Ouch. That really sucks."

"It's okay," you said. "I'm over it."

The conversation died down after a few minutes and Adam led Fiona onto the dance floor. Family members looked awkward and skirted away from them, but neither of them looked like they cared. They were completely absorbed in each other. You wished you could get a girl to look at you like that.

"Hey," you heard a female voice and for a moment thought it was Holly J. When you turned around, you realized it wasn't.

"Hey Heather," you said. "How's it going?"

"I noticed you weren't dancing," Heather said matter-of-factly. "No date?"

You took a healthy sip of wine. "Well...I used to have a great boyfriend but then I stupidly cheated on him with Declan and he dumped me."

"And how long ago was that?" Heather asked.

"Gosh," you thought for a moment. "Had to have been like...five years ago maybe."

She laughed, still the same haughty bitch Holly J told you about. "And you haven't found anyone yet?"

"A casual thing here or there, but no one like Spin," you said sadly. "And I'd totally go crawling back to him except he's married now."

"Come on," she scooted closer. "You really can't get a date? You must have a shitty personality then."

"What are you talking about?" you asked.

"You're one of the cutest girls here," she said. "I'm saying you must be more high-maintenance than me if no one is crazy about you."

It was strange, hearing something like that from a girl like Heather since you had reclaimed your "goth self" from grade eleven. Your hair was black again and you had more piercings than most girls like Heather would approve of.

"Holly J told me I had to ask someone to dance," Heather said. "She says I'm too bitter and need to live a little."

You smile. "Who would ever say that?"

"I don't know," she said. "Mind if I ask you?"

"Do you think people will...be okay with that?" Jane asked.

"It'll give Fiona and Adam a break, won't it?" Heather asked.

You took her manicured hand and follow her to the dance floor, putting your hands on her waist and feeling her hips move with you. You felt free for the first time since before you met Spinner, before Mia got with your brother. Like a girl could actually like you again. Maybe she was only a bottle bisexual and tomorrow she wouldn't remember any of this, but for now at least you weren't alone.

"This is totally stupid," Heather said. "But Fiona told me I should ask you?"

"What?" you blushed.

"I think she's trying to hook us up," Heather said.

Your glance over at Fiona confirmed your suspicion. She and Adam were both giggling nonstop. "Wait but..." you paused. "Why would she...there's no way you're into..."

She shrugged. "No. Then college hit me and suddenly people didn't think I was the shit anymore. I realized back in high school there was a reason I always bossed girls around so much. If I couldn't have Paige, I might as well hit on her boyfriends. I was like one of those stupid boys on the playground who pulls girls' pigtails. It was pathetic."

You laughed and remembered doing similar stuff to Mia when you were kids together. "Why haven't I ever met you before?"

She laughed. "Because God was cruel and wanted to watch you write sad teen angst poetry about my sister for a few years instead."

You laughed and hoped she didn't actually know about the poetry you wrote. "It would figure," you said.

You weren't sure when you'd see her again, or where she lived, but something about Heather being there made it a little easier that your high school crush was marrying the boy who helped you ruin your young life. Something about how Heather was looking at you in your awkward bridesmaid dress was enough. For now.