What If I'm Not

The Super Hero ?

What If I'm The

Bad Guy !

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A Cinderella Story

Chapter two


The next day after I gave Sue and the terrible twins their breakfast, Alice came and picked me up to give me a lift into school. When I got in Alice was smiling widely at me. I didn't have a clue what was with her but when she pulled up outside the school she didn't go to park like she normally does, she just sat looking at me .

"So last night I spoke to Edward, and he was weird. Tanya kept calling and he ignored her, he even called me Ali and asked dad if he can go by the hospital and help out at weekends," she said.

Ali was Alice's nickname - Emmett and Edward called her that since she was little but Edward stopped when he became a jock. Alice explained that he wasn't his usual self. She seemed really pleased with the nickname.

"And then this morning when I was leaving he was in the kitchen smiling at me and asked me if I needed a lift to school. I said no because I was picking you up and he said he could drive us both but then his phone went off and he pulled a really strange face and then asked me if he could sit with us at lunch because he needs to talk to me. I said yeah. I hope you don't mind if Tanya comes over and stays. I swear if she's mean I'll break her fake nose for her so she'll need a new nose job!" she said

I had to laugh but it was a little false because I knew Alice meant it. That was the scariest thing about it - she hated Tanya more than me, which was a very hard to thing to do since I've hated Tanya since she became friends with Lauren and Jessica and decided to join the secret 'Hate and torture Bella group'.

Just as Alice was about to park, Tanya pulled in and took the spot. She got out of the car and wrapped her arms around Edward, who was parked next to her. They stood chatting along with their mates, ignoring us. Tanya turned and glared.

"Edward and Tanya are genetically programmed to find each other, how can so much ego be in one relationship? " I asked.

Alice laughed "Yeah, but I think Edward's getting his class back."

I turned to see what she was watching and it was Edward, Tanya had wrapped her arm around his waist and he moved her arm and stood next to her. It looked like they was having a row.

"Well I personally think it's too late for Edward, he may want to change but he's a jock Alice, time to face facts," I said .

She smiled sympathetically at me. "I'll catch you later," I said, walking towards block A where my math class was.

"See ya," she called after me.

I turned around and saw Edward look up. He smiled in my direction and I looked around to see who else was around - there was no one. I smiled back and walked towards the door. Math went slower than usual.

At lunch I decided to go to the library. Alice usually spent it with Jasper in the science block and Emmett and Rose went...well, I don't think I actually wanted to know where they went. Plus after what Alice said about Edward and Tanya I thought it best if I stayed out of it. I decided to log on to the chat and see if just-me was online - maybe he was a loner like me.

Five people were online, one of them just-me! I smiled and inwardly squealed – yes, I, Isabella Marie Swan, squealed, even though it was inwardly. Before I could even click on his name a chat window popped up.

just-me : i wondered when you would get in touch :)

For some reason my heart did a flutter.

browneyedgirl : yeah i wondered if youd be online too =]not many people use the pc at school.

just-me : I'm hiding

browneyedgirl : i come here because its peacful please you don't have the popular people pestering you in here they wouldnt be caught dead in a room with a pc in the school.

He didn't reply to that. O God, I hope I didn't offend him, I thought.

browneyedgirl : are you still there ?

just-me : i live in a world of people pretending to be some thing im not.

Ok, so that was a little out of the blue.

browneyedgirl : ... that was a little random.

just-me : you said about popular people well maybe some of them have to live the life to keep up the imagine that people expect of them.

browneyedgirl : why would anyone pretend to be some thing they're not?

I was a little confused as to where this was going.

just-me : what if they had to, what if that person thought they were themself until one day someone showed them they could be something more - someone else.

browneyedgirl : i understand that to an extent i suppose.

just-me : that's why i came on here really i suppose , to be truthful it was for the fact that on here I can be myself

He was confusing me a little now.

just-me : how about we play a question game, to find out about each other more , like our interests and such.

browneyedgirl : go on then.

just-me : ok ill ask ten questions all at once then when you give your answers ill answer the same question then you ask me ten questions when i answer , then ill answer them too. sound fair?

So this sounded a little complicated but I wanted to know more about him so I gave in.

browneyedgirl : ok i think i understand

just-me : do you want to go first?

browneyedgirl : no you go first.

just-me : ok question 1 ~ favourite color? Question 2 ~ tell me something you enjoy? Question 3. ~ do you play an instrument? Question 4. ~ least favourite class? Question me something no one else knows? Question 6.~ what cd did you last listen to? Question 7 ~ .what do you plan on doing once you leave here? Question 8 ~ do you have siblings ? Question 9 ~ if you could go abroad anywhere where would it be and why? ok last but not least Question 10 ~ can we meet ?

Some of those questions would be tricky to handle.

browneyedgirl : ok ... Answer 1 ~ green. Answer 2 ~ i enjoy writing stories. Answer 3 ~ nope. Answer 4 ~ gym. Answer 5 ~ im saving up to get my own place. Answer 6 ~ Paramore. Answer 7 ~ i plan on either becoming a teacher or a writer. Answer 8 ~ urgh yeah two stepsisters. Answer 9 ~ hmmm paris my dad before he passed away said he'd take me so its like a dream to go. Answer 10 ~ maybe, i would like to but i want to know more about you first if that's ok.

just-me : ok my answers Answer 1 ~ brown. Answer 2 ~ i enjoy going for rides in my car , reading or listen to music. Answer 3 ~ yes i can play the piano. Answer 4 ~ i'd have to say maths. Answer 5 ~ i act the way i do because im scared to show people the real me. Answer 6 ~ jimmy eat world. Answer 7 ~ i want to be a doctor. Answer 8 ~ yes i have a brother and sister. Answer 9 ~ probably africa if i ever get my degree in medicine id go and help the ill children there. Answer 10 ~ i hope we do soon.

There were a lot of things to consider here - he was a passionate person, he had beliefs and thought of others and he was also afraid to show who he really was.

just-me : ok your questions now.

browneyedgirl : Question 1 ~ favorite book? . Question 2 ~ favorite film? . Question 3 ~ least favorite color? . Question 4 ~ favorite class? . Question 5 ~ best memory? . Question 6 ~ do you have any tattoos? Question 7 ~ ever done anything you regret? . Question 8 ~ do you have any pets? .Question 9 ~ favourite food?. Question 10 ~ if you could change anything about yourself what would it be? .

just-me : Answer 1 ~ wuthering heights. Answer 2 ~ Fight Club. Answer 3 ~ purple. Answer 4 ~ science. Answer 5 ~ when i was little my dad took me to work with him - he is a doctor and it was probably the most amazing thing I've ever seen. Answer 6 ~ yeah i have a lion on the bottom of my back and a cross with my sister and brother's initials under the top of my thigh - no one actually know i have them lol. Answer 7 ~ yeah i regret a lot of things mainly the way i act towards others. Answer 8 ~ no i don't need them with my siblings lol. Answer 9 ~ cheese and tomato pizza. Answer 10 ~ id change my view on things , i'd change my attitude , id change my friends and id change the way i treat people - im thinking of doing it bit by bit.

browneyedgirl : ok interesting :)

just-me : ok come on your answers now =]

browneyedgirl : ok, ok Answer 1 ~ Romeo and Juliet. Answer 2 ~ dogma [its funny]. Answer 3 ~ pink. Answer 4 ~ English. Answer 5 ~ when me and my dad were at his work place him and the staff threw me a surprise party for my birthday - i thought everyone had forgotten. Answer 6 ~ yeah i have a lamb on the small of my back in a meadow and i have angel wings on my shoulder no one knows ha plus i have a scroll on my ribcage with some writing in French it was a quote my dad always used to say. Answer 7 ~ a few things i regret mostly i regret how i don't stand up for myself enough. Answer 8 ~ nope well unless you class my stepmother and sisters. Answer 9 ~ ditto i agree with you can't beat cheese and tomato pizza. Answer 10 ~everything.


Just then the bell rang.

just-me : ill text you later i should be online tonight.

browneyedgirl : ok speak to you later x

just -me : bye x

We both logged off and I went to class as normal. Today was definitely going to be a long day.

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