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Author's Note: Another 10 word challenge from another fandom this time the words are: isolate, erased, alone, beast/devil, torment, wound, fear, temptation, hazard, chance/risk You have to use three of the ten words given.


I sit there watching the cars go by from my window alone and in the dark. I check my wound I had gotten from a bullet when we were in that crate waiting for Gibbs and McGee to find us. It was not from a crate as Ziva had stated when we had gotten back to headquarters.

It was there that I found out that not only were McGee and Palmer were at Ziva's dinner party. If they wanted to isolate me they sure did the job. I could see McGee's smug smile as he watched as my face fell. For a moment I had dropped my mask and then quickly put it back on. It was like they had erased me from their lives for a few hours. I wasn't there and neither was I invited.

It was like they wanted to torment me when they rubbed it in that I wasn't there. I sit there in fear because if they didn't want me there then could I trust them to have my back in the field? Would they cover me when I wanted them too, or would they not have my six and let me die?

It was not like it was the first time that I hadn't been wanted. My father was the first one that didn't want me, but it hurt when I thought that these people were like my family. I guess I should be used to it since my birth family didn't want me why would this family want me?

The End