New Story! This will be in EPOV, unless I feel a BPOV is necessary. I might also throw in a TPOV or two.

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"Edward, Honey? My beautiful wife called me. The new neighbor moved in today, I'm going over to introduce myself and maybe ask her over for coffee." She said.

"Neighbor? Doesn't she have a husband or something?" I questioned.

"No. She's not married, but she could have a boyfriend I'm not sure."

"Okay, I'm heading off for work. See you later Bells. Love you." I told her.

"Love you too." She said. "And have a wonderful day." She added with a yell as I was closing the door.

I loved my wife. More than words could describe. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life, and that's the way it would always be. We met in high school and it was love at first sight. I would always love her no matter what. Through thick and thin I knew she would always be there. Edward and Bella together forever. We had only been in two fights in our whole seven year relationship. I consider that a win.

I pulled into work and had a suspicion that today would change everything. But I just brushed it off and walked into work and was told that a nurse named Tanya was starting today. I really did not want to take the time out of my day to deal with showing a new nurse around. "Hello, are you Dr. Cullen?" I heard a timid voice ask from behind me. I turned around and came face to face with the prettiest set of blue eyes I'd ever seen. I was stunned into silence and heard her speak again. "I think you're supposed to show me around." Her voice was really quiet. I could barely hear what she was saying.

I couldn't help but drink her in. She was the complete opposite of my Bella. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, legs that went on for miles, and a nice rack. Don't get me wrong I loved Bella's rack but Tanya's were perfection. "Um... Yes I do believe I am supposed to show you around." I finally stated.

We engaged in light conversation while we made our way around the hospital. It was mostly the routine 'Where are you from and how long have you working in the medical field?' type questions. For a moment it felt like an interrogation of sorts; like she was prying for information.

"Are you married?" She asked. I had this sudden urge to lie, but quickly reprimanded myself. I belonged to Bella. I loved her.

"Yes." I murmured. I don't know why I had wanted to lie. Bella is beautiful. She is my wife. I felt like I had cheated on her just thinking that I had wanted to lie.

"Cool. I'm single. Just got out of a bad relationship. Anyways, how long have you been a doctor?"

"A little over a year." I couldn't stop staring at her lips. They were so plump and juicy looking. I felt the sudden urge to kiss them. I immediately diverted my attention to the front.

"Really? I've been nursing around that long." She smiled. "I just moved here. I don't know many people" She laughed.

"Well I'm sure you'll have no problem meeting knew people. You seem like a very friendly person. Besides you already have at least one friend." I nudged her playfully with my arm. "And the staff here is amazing, you will do well. Welcome to Forks nurse Tanya." I extended my hand to her and she took it shaking it lightly.

"Thank you doctor Cullen." She said in a sugary sweet voice.

On my drive home from work I couldn't stop thinking of Tanya and how she got me so worked up. She was just so sexy. Her eyes were so shocking. The bluest eyes I'd ever seen. She was sexy-beyond sexy. She was perfection. She had just the right amount of sway to her hips when she walked. It wasn't over done like most women these days. She had curves in all the right places. And her tits…. don't get me started on her tits. Now that is what I call fucking perfection at its best.

So fucking sexy.

Bella used to be sexy. Yes she's beautiful, but she's lost the sex appeal. She doesn't try as hard anymore. I knew what I was feeling for Tanya was just an infatuation and that it would be over soon. She was something new. She was like a new toy to a child- all shiny and polished. Any man could easily get lost in a woman like Tanya, but I wasn't any man. I was Bella's husband.

I pulled into the driveway and just sat there for a good few minutes trying to clear my head of the sinful thoughts of Tanya before walking into the house to greet my wife. Bella was bent over the couch looking for something. I knew I had to get rid of this tension in my body. I knew I was using her but I couldn't find it in me to care at that moment.

I stealthily walked behind Bella and grabbed her hips. She quickly stood erect and spun around to face me. "How was work?" She asked, but instead of answering her I pulled her into a passionate kiss. The kiss was intense. Our tongues were fighting for supremacy. She groaned and moved her hands from her sides into my hair. The kiss intensified more, so I picked her up and taking her to our bedroom. I gently threw her on the bed and her hair fanned out in all different directions against the soft satin of the sheets.


It was just then I realized Tanya was not worth it. I had a beautiful wife whom I loved. "I love you." I whispered against her lips. I started kissing her neck while unbuttoning her blouse.

"I love you too, Edward." She moaned as I took one of her hardened nipples in my mouth.

"You're so beautiful." I said as she took control and rolled me over so she was straddling me. I noticed her pants were already off. When did that happen? She started undressing me. I was staring into her eyes the whole time. Brown not Blue. I loved her brown eyes, Tanya is just an infatuation. I thought while prepared to lose myself in the depths of pure Bella.

"I want you." She moaned, and grabbed a hold of my hardened member. I clenched my teeth as she lowered herself on me. She started to gyrate her hips and the feeling was incredible. I started feeling the familiar stirring in my stomach and decided to take control. I grabbed a hold of her hips and started going faster and rougher. She reached her hand down and started rubbing her pink bud. I felt her clench around me. Suddenly images of Tanya popped into my head. I didn't want to think of her while I was with my wife. It was the ultimate betrayal, but blue eyes clouded my brain. This reality sent a burst of pleasure throughout my body.

"Bella, I'm going to cum." I grunted. With three final hard thrusts we both came yelling out each others names. I felt horrible. I didn't even want to look at her. What I just did was completely uncalled for. I thought of another woman while fucking my wife.

This was not good.

"That was, wow." Bella said. Her cheeks were flushed and she looked stunning in this moment.

"It was. I love you." I said. I can't believe I did that.

After a few minutes of silence she finally spoke. "I better get dinner going. We're having company" She said.


"I thought we could be alone tonight." I said in my best whiny voice and pouting just a little.

"You can have me after dinner now get showered and changed our new neighbor will be here any moment."

I got a quick shower before the new neighbor came over. I walked down the steps and heard her voice. She and Bella were talking away. They seemed to be hitting it off fine. They were laughing and immediately stopped once I walked in the room. First sign they were talking about me. I made my way into the living room and was a little shocked to see her standing there.

"Hey Edward sweetie, this is Tanya our new neighbor from next door. Tanya this is my husband Edward."

"Well it's nice meeting you for the second time today doctor Cullen." She said shaking my hand.

"Second time? Doctor Cullen? You two have met?" Bella said looking a bit perplexed.

"Yeah, Tanya is actually the new nurse at the hospital honey. Wow I didn't know you moved next door though. Small world." I said pulling Bella closer to me by her waist.

"Very small." she said with a devilish smirk. It made me feel a bit uneasy, but I ignored the feelings I was having and chalked it up to the awkwardness of the situation.

"Hey babe what smells so good?" I asked quickly turning my attention to Bella and away from the blonde temptress that was standing before me.

"Spaghetti. Something quick and easy. I didn't have much time." Bella said adding a wink while I laughed. Tanya said nothing looking confused since she didn't know what we meant. "Anyways, Ed will you set the table?" I didn't even answer I just went straight to the cupboard and grabbed what was necessary. I guess we had been having sex longer than I had originally thought. I looked at the clock and it read seven thirty. Wow, an hour and a half. I could see why Bella didn't have time. I smirked at this thought.

I was on autopilot and barely realized I just ran into Tanya. I heard a squeak followed by a clutter. "Shit. I'm sorry." I said offering my hand. She looked somewhat dazed and I considered doing a medical exam, but in time she grabbed my hand. Once I hoisted her up we were mere inches apart. Our gazes were locked and I noticed her eyes glance toward my lips. She moved closer and I snapped out of my daze. I backed away. "Sorry." I said for a completely different reason.

I cannot believe I almost kissed Tanya. My wife was right there. She's the devil. I can't be around her its way to risky. She makes me feel what I haven't felt in ages and that's not good. If I were around her long enough I knew something would happen.

I set the table and waited for Bells to set the food on the table. Once she did we all took our seats and the conversation flowed easily. Apparently Tanya just got out of a three year relationship with a character named Jacob. I could feel her gaze on me as we talked about work. My eyes unintentionally focused on her face and that was mistake number one. She was licking sauce off of her lip and I could not help but to let my mind drift. It was so seductive. The way her little pink tongue darted out and slowly licked the sauce. It was sexy. I quickly brought my attention back to Bella before I said or did something I would regret. I was seated across from Tanya and I suddenly felt a pair of pair feet running up and down my calf. I shifted my gaze from Bella to Tanya who had an evil glint in her eye. I tried unsuccessfully to move my leg away from her foot. She was relentless. "So Edward how long have you and Bella been married?" She asked still lazily dragging her foot up and down my leg.

The feeling was incredible even though it was not intimate at all. It was just the fact that Tanya, incredibly sexy Tanya was even touching me. I squirmed in my seat hoping Bella wouldn't notice.

"Three and a half years." I quickly retorted. I looked at her and lipped stop. This only caused her to smirk and giggle. She started moving her foot up farther and farther. She pried my legs open and her big toe was tracing circles on my inner thigh. I could not hide the erection I was sporting. I mean I was a man after all. Bella was aimlessly chattering on about something. My mind was completely focused on Tanya right now. She had to stop I was not willing to throw my marriage away for her.

Her foot finally made contact with my erection and I groaned quietly. How could this woman do this to me? I barely even knew her and she had this hold over me. She started to rub her foot against my cock and I choked on my wine. "Why Edward, are you okay?" Tanya asked innocently.

"I'm fine," I spat at her. She continued to stroke it when Bella finally excused herself leaving Tanya and I completely alone. "What the fuck are you doing Tanya?" I whispered fighting back the urge to yell.

"I'm not doing anything." She retorted. She moved her foot a little and I could not bite back the grunt that threatened to escape my mouth. I just about came in my pants and all she was doing was a little heavy petting... With her foot!

"Tanya, cut the crap. I'm married. I don't want you." I lied. God did I want her. She was just... Perfect.

"Your dick tells me different." She laughed out. I just stared at her. Bella came back into the room with dessert and Tanya decided it was time to retract her foot. Although all I wanted was to keep feeling what she was doing to me under the table.

Conversation was simple now. No more foot jobs and Tanya was leaving, Bella pulled me off to the side. "I really like her." Her eyes were shining bright. I bet you wouldn't like her if you knew what she did to me.

"She was... Nice." And sexy and beautiful.

It was an hour after she left Bella and I decided to retire for the night. I felt horrible. I was in the arms of my wife while wishing it was another.