sorry to those who are eager but I'm going to abandon this. BUT I will be rewriting this. I'll be honest, from the start I didn't really have the whole entire plot in, lesson learned; right a rough draft. I will be back and I will post the entire fic, promise!

I have a better plot in mind, with a smoother paced script, and I'll let you know what the summary is gonna be just to give you all a taste of whats to come.

Aleu, an ignorant wolf husky is now the new leader of the wolf pack. Taku (legolas renamed) the beta, decides to help her with her hunting skills in secrecy. the wolves need hope, and knowing that a house trained dog is leading them simply won't cut it. an old enemy returns with a vengeance! He wants whats his and will do whatever it takes to get it, even if it includes war...

I'll be back, bye =3