It's been a while! This is my second fanfic. It's really based on some ideas I'm working on for a comic. Lots of techniques and characters are sort of "prototypes". Anyway, enjoy the prologue! Let's see if I have gotten better!

" The assassin's life…what can I say about it. We live to fight, and fight to live. We destroy, but we cannot create. We kill, and yet we showno remorse. The tales of life…that tale that people tell. We end it…before they can give it meaning. We are the enders of existences. We arethe men and women, who've ended the lives of children, mothers, fathers, sons, uncles. Once the taste of the blood of the innocence, thecarnal desires over take us. We are the fallen. We are the No More Heroes…

But…what if we want to be more? How can someone get out of this cycle? We have dreams. We want to tell our tales. We want to

live…even at the cost of others. Can someone like us…really rise? Can we become…heroes? Don't answer. Don't even try. No matter what.

Their will be the innocent…and then they're will be the assassins."- Roy Ragnarok

"Leviathus! The Emathia is almost prepared for take off! Cannon fodder has been placed! Energy supply has been fully recharged! Crew has been engaged! Alright! She's ready for take off!" yelled a mook dressed in a toga way too big for him.

"Good! Good! Once we deploy the Emathia, we will destroy Santa Destroy, along with everyone in it! I will rise through the ranks, becoming a shining god! I will be number 1!" yelled a man built like a tank. He looked like someone who should have eased up on those ab crunches.

Every possible muscle on his body has been trained and hardened. His movements seemed to hurt him, as he walked rigidly, and almost never changed his stoic expression. His beard was a thick gray, a clear sign of old age. Doing shit like this, he could croak any minute! But he had the body of a Greek god. If someone were to off him, I'm sure they would have there hands full. Too bad I'm not just a "someone".

"What do you mean one of the full cells has been destroyed! Due to your insolence, I assume! Away with thou! To Tartarus!" Leviathus yelled, his voice seeming to strain with every word. Suddenly, the palm of his hand began to glow a bright yellow. "No! It wasn't my fault! The ship was moving around and! Please sp-…"

He never got to finish his sentence. A bright blast of energy bursted from Leviathus's palm, turning the man into ashes. Leviathus, now satisfied with his kill, turned his attention back to the Emathia's control bank. Poor sap. All you can really say to people nowadays. I should probably give you some backstory on this old fuck. That's Aveel Amplatar. He's ranked 23rd. He is usually refereed to by Leviathus.

After being captured in Greece back during WW2, he had become so obsessed with their mythology, to the point where he tried to make it come to life. He emulated the creatures by mix matching their DNA, creating things that you would've thought came from some monster movie. After his body withered from old age, he began giving himself some special steroids. Whatever wasn't compatible was replaced with cold machine. Sort of like that manga with that alchemist guy. You know the one.

What's crazy about this guy are his views. He believes that him, and only him is superior to everyone. He believes that he is a god among men, and even I don't think he's satisfied with that. Probably had some entitlement issues as a kid. I'm sure you don't want to hear about that. Anyway, I'm disguised as a mook. Once this thing sets off to the skies, I'm going to off him. Don't you worry; I'll knock him down a few pegs, permanently.

Suddenly, an ear shattering roar sounded off through out the ship. I felt my ears pops as the shuttle slowly began to lift us into the air. I felt sorry for the girl, being ridden like a madman such as this guy. Don't worry, girl. You won't have to suffer for long. Unlike most assassins, I plan ahead. If I want you dead, your better off digging up your own grave. I've rigged the engines with bombs so neatly that these standard mooks won't be able to tell the difference. The Emathia was treading air fast. It would probably make it to Santa destroy in 45 minutes at the least. If I plan to make my escape, I 'm going to have to be fast. Such is the life of any above average assassin.

I slowly made me way to the engine, whistling peacefully so I didn't look suspicious. Even if I stood out, I'm sure no one would even care. Being simple foreigners trying to make ends meet, there too busy with their families and there lives to even take notice of me. I entered the engine room. Well, room wasn't really doing it justice. The engine could take in an entire city. It was a mass of metal and oil of all different sizes and colors. But everything was vital to its survival. Just one thing not moving like it was suppose to. Just one thing breaking. Just one drop of oil could cause this thing to plummet back to the earth. I think I have a little more than a "thing".

I made sure that every bomb was placed and set. All I had to do was get the hell out of here, and its over. The other engineers ignored me, as they had more important things to do than worry about some guy. If he fucks something up, it will be his head, not theirs. I smirked at the logic, and began to make my way to the exit. Now all I had to do was get out, and everything will be -…SHIT!

Leviathus stormed inside the engine room, his stoic expression remaining forever prevalent. Even though he was a geezer, his brain would switch to overdrive if the situation called it. He had a keen eye, which is why he was able to catch someone who wasn't doing their job right, and turn them to dust before they ccan fuck something up. And guess what I was doing! Leviathus eyed several individuals in the room, and made a "come here" gesture. Every single person gulped in resonance, making their way slowly towards him. He also eyed at me. Joy…so much for getting out of this easily. So god damn close! Leviathus attempted to pace around the room, but his rigid movements prevented him to do so. He stroked his grey beard, and stared at each individual intensively. He had a burning glow I didn't notice before. Maybe it's his humanity? Fuck if I know. But I really don't want to find out.

After pondering for a few minutes, he finally decided to say something. "For your threat to my rise through the ranks, I cannot allow you to live! Your families shall receive your ashes. Now make your prayers to your love ones, and prepare to be sent deep into the depths of Tartarus!" He screamed, his palms pulsating brightly with a strange energy. Everyone around me made a panicked scream, and quickly attempted to escape their fates. So much for having a cover. Guess I'll have to take out the geezer the old fashion way.

As the blast of energy fired and killed the chosen workers, I easily flipped out of the way, glaring at Leviathus violently. Leviathus returned the favor, changing his ever stoic expression into a scowl. "You dare try to escape your death! Coward! The fates have already cut your thread! You must be ended!" He yelled, tensing in pain as every word he said seemed to feel like a thousand pistons pumping into him. Guess the cost of having a mechanical body.

He fired several blast of energy my way, but its no problem for me! I easily slid side to side, and treaded in a menacing stroll towards Leviathus. If I had to fight, might as well savor it. After realizing that I wasn't some ordinary mook, a drop of oil treaded down Leviathus's forehead. Even his sweat was inhuman. He slowly began to make his way out of the engine room, sending some of his henchman my way.

"I don't have time for this! I have to witness my rise as a god! You all take care of him! No one must stop my rise!" He yelled, quickly limping towards the control room. That cocky bastard is sending some weaklings my way? I'm offended. I change my mind. I'm not leaving until I have his head.

A group of mere workers slowly treaded towards me. They had every medieval weapon imaginable, be it sword, spear, knife, halberd, flail. If I was found out, then there was no point in staying in my uniform. I removed my toga and turned towards the group. One of the mooks confronted me. He tried to keep a brave face, even though I knew he was scared out of his mind. I decided I would make him an example. I quickly grasped his head with my gauntlet arm and crushed it into mush. Blood spewed everywhere. The rest of the mooks ran the opposite direction, screaming in terror. Good, I'm glad they all learned there lesson.

Now, time to make my way to Leviathus. I quickly made my way to the control room, killing any mook that decided to confront me. As I made it to the door, a blast of yellow energy flew past me. My reflexes forced my body to turn to the right, avoiding being turned to ashes.

I eyed at Leviathus and smirked. In one angry burst of energy, he yelled and fired several more blasts from from his palm. " An assassin I see! No mere mortal can stop my ascent! I am a god!" He yelled. For some reason, it seemed like he was telling himself that.

The energy blast were faster than usual, but I managed to swish pass every one of them. I quickly turned my gauntlet into a gun, and let out a few rounds into him. Dammit! It didn't work! There just bouncing of his big metal ass! Leviathus laughed, and slowly began to tread towards me. Finally, we can stopped this range combat and get into some real fisticuffs!

I transferred my gauntlet into a beam claw (Think, claws made of beam energy) and confronted him. His body began to glow a bright shade of yellow, and now his attacks have gotten faster! He swiped at me with his metallic fist furiously. I slowly began to have trouble keeping up with them, and soon after, I parried. My gauntlet cracked slightly. That can't be good. I can't let it clash with him too much, or it could break! I swiped at his body, but it looked like that won't work either. Damn it! Is their anything that isn't metallic on him?" As he went for one last punch, he left himself open. I quickly began scratching and piercing at every vital organ I could. But…no good. I can't! His body was too strong!

I quickly pounced upon his head, and used it as a platform, putting distance between us. As I was in the air, Leviathus quickly sent a HUGE blast of energy my way. Winded myself, I had no time to dodge. So I did the thing that would have gotten me killed if I had fucked up. I quickly use my gauntlet to grasp the energy, using it as fuel. He isn't the only one with mechanical parts! I returned the favor by blasting him with his own attack. He let out a ear piercing cry as it hit him. I quickly ran out of the radius of the blast. I really hope I killed him. Even if it didn't, I still don't have that kind of time. I have to get off this damn ship. I'd survive this, or die trying.

I zoomed through the ship. The other workers decided to hightail it, seeing as how their boss was getting his ass handed to him. I made it to the deck, now all I had to do was start her u- Shit!

Leviathus slowly treaded towards me, now fully pissed of. "Now, you will witness the wrath of a god!"

I sighed. I don't have time for this! But I won't be able to get of this damn ship if I don't care of him! Looks like there's no leaving this fight… I clashed with Leviathus.

Dear God was he hard to look at. That blast really smoldered his body. All of his mechanical parts was either melted or just barely functioning. Even though he was half his usual fighting capacity, he could still put up a fight. He began swiping wildly at me, his anger blocking his vision. He had finally slowed down, so it was a bit easier to read his movements. But still, I had to be careful. I began punching him with by gauntlet, and luckily they were good punches. Each punch caused some parts of his body to fall of. Leviathus geared up for a blast, but I quickly swiped off one of his arms. He winced slightly, as a fountain of blood and oil gushed from his wound. Good, he's weakening. Now to finish him off!

Suddenly, energy began to envelope Leviathus's body. In order to not get fried, I had to keep my distance. I transferred my gauntlet into its gun module, and let off a few shots gun rounds into his body. With every bullet, he screamed in agony. Now who was the god! As the energy began to clear I quickly began to notice something red pulsing in his chest. One of the last remainders of his original human body. Leviathu's true heart. If I take that out, I can take him out. I rushed at him with full force, firing several more rounds into his abomination of a body. Then, with strong force, I firmly plowed into his chest and grasped his heart. He gasped for a moment, and began to realize that even gods can be defeated.

"At least…tell me the name of my savior?" He asked. I merely turned my head, and crushed his heart. His corpse slowly began to fall to the floor, life now leaving it. At least he was able to die nobly. I'm sure any god would have wanted that. But no time for moral speeches or victory dances, I have to get out. Only a few minutes before the ship blows! I quickly held out a key, and pressed the bright red button that resided upon it, almost instantly, a car began to take form. It was a beauty of a vehicle. It was modeled after a Mercedez Benz, with a few "tweaks" a mechanic of mine added. But no tine to admire it. I had to get out. Luckily it wasn't trashed this time. I'd hate to see what she's do to me if my ride ever broke again.

As I slowly flew back to the city, the Emathia began to glow brightly, and in one bright flash of lights, it was reduced to nothing. Its funny, how something that you put so much time in effort becomes something so great…only to end up as scrap metal. Maybe that's why life is so precious…but at the same time so worthless... Oh yea, I forgot.

You've probably been sitting there for like an hour reading this, and you still don't know my name. Well, didn't you read the beginning of the Prologue? Fine. I'll tell you again. My name is Roy Ragnarok, and I am ranked 23rd.

Dear God that took forever! I wrote this all in one go! So what do you think of Roy? I know he has a weird name, but doesn't everyone in No More Heroes? Anyway, a new chapter will come soon! See ya next time! Revised!