Author's Note: This Chapter takes place in the past, and is also in written in third person

Gaiden Chapter: He Who Fights Monsters...

The landscape was mountainous, with harsh snow falling throughout. A white wonderland made by nature to many, and a cold, cold grave to many more...

Young Huffington trudged over the snow. He wore A thick, wooly parka over his small frame, A black ski mask that was a bit too tight around his head, large rubber gloves as well as mittens underneath, and big, stocky timberlands on his rather large feet. Though movement was difficult, he made pace. But this wasn't the Huffington you know now. This was Huffington before he became a...

" Mo-MONSTER!" Huffington screeched, pointing in the distance. Their was a sense of urgency in his voice.

A large being moved through the snow, almost undecipherable from his surroundings. From Huffington's distance, it seemed like a tall man. But as it reared closer, it was so much more.

A creature nearly 7 ft tall moved through the snow at an speedy pace. It was covered with thick white fur that had frizzled from the cold. Its eyes were a remarkable yellow, practically able to see through any storm, no matter how fierce.

The monster turned its gazed towards Huffington and frowned. Without warning, it burst into a sprint. Huffington, fearing for his life, ran with all the strength that he could muster.

" Monster! Yeti! The Yeti's after me! M-Monster!"Huffington gasped, yelling as loud as he could. He heaved and heaved, lifting his tiny legs as fast as they could lift them. But with the weather so bad, the Yeti's amazing agility, and Huffington's fear, he could not make it far.


And with that one sound, the monster fell, dead before hitting the ground. It was partly eviscerated, with its abdomen almost completely blown apart. Its blood spewed upon the ground, but even that became shrouded in snow.

Huffington stopped dead in his tracks, examining his surroundings. The yeti was killed. All was well.

" P-Papa?" He muttered silently. He was always a timid child.

A figure almost as tall as the Yeti loomed towards the young boy. His mass was covered in Winter Wear and Hunting gear, which could have clothed 4 men. He had a musket the size of an automobile, and probably big enough to shoot one too!

The man removed his ski mask, and smiled. Though his form was monstrous and intimidating, he had a kind face. It was a face more fitting to him then a boy like Huffington.

" Young one, I told you not to chase the Yeti. If I had not arrived in time, you could have been killed. We...we don't need another death in the family, especially when we have so little..." The man said, a hint of melancholy in his voice.

Huffington bowed his head in shame. " I...I knew I could find it! All I had to do was follow it. I'm...sorry but it was! It was for us!" He cried.

Huffington's father placed one gigantic hand on his shoulder. " What am I to do with a boy so righteous? A Ying Yang with your brother, that's what you are!"

Huffington couldn't help but smile.

Huffington's father gathered the Yeti's remains and took his son by the hand. And together, they returned back home...

As you may know, Huffington was always a strange one. His childhood was no different. His family was small, but it did its job ( How well is completely subjective). Huffington had a loving father, and a bastard of a brother, the typical make up of a normal family. Sadly, there are no women in the picture. Huffington's mother died shortly after giving birth.

The normalities end here, however, as Huffington's life was far from normal...

Huffington's father was a Myth Hunter. He hunted mythological creatures and sold their bodies for profit. With tales of strange creatures running rampant throughout the world, Huffington never had time to go to school or play sports, like a normal child would. Huffington went with his family across the globe.

Through their travels, they have solved great myths like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster. They had stumbled on lost civilizations and animals thought to be extinct. They lived like few thought possible, not being burdened by bills or work. They lived in a fantasy, a dream.

But like every dream, everyone must come to reality someday.

"So does everyone understand?"

Things were usually hectic at the Myth Hunter Family's house. Their abode was smaller than they liked ( Especially for their father). But it did its job, giving shelter to a small but warm family. The rugs and curtains were made of animal skins they had hunted during their travels. The house only had 4 windows, but 3 of them were broken at the hands of Cornelius. Rather than getting them fixed and risked getting them broken again, they were ususally patched up with planks,

Huffington's father was either preparing for his next hunt or weightlifting trees. Cornelius was usually running amock, making his brother's life a living hell or pouring salt on caterpillars. But tonight was not the night for tomfoolery.

Huffington's father had gathered the two for a family meeting. He was to be out for several hours, and with the two's usual antics even when he IS around, there's no telling what they could do unsupervised.

Cornelius pretended throughout his father's warning. Cornelius, though significantly shorter and younger, looked a lot like the monster he would come to be. He was dressed in a simple t-shirt in and shorts. He had been developing muscles from the perilous trips the family had undergone as well.

" Cornelius, I told you to wake up. I will not say it once more." Their father said, impatiently.

Cornelius kept his eyes open for a few moments, then settled back into fake slumber. Their father sighed, and headed for the door.

" Like I said, no fooling around." He said, turning towards Cornelius. " Especially you. If you must behave, at least let it be this night. It will really mean a lot to me if I don't find the house on fire by the time I get back."

Cornelius quickly jumped to his feet, his eyes widening in defense. " That only happened twice, old man!"

But his father was out of the door before they knew it.

Cornelius huffed, stomping his foot on the floor. " What a twat. When will he realize I can do whatever I want!"

Huffington gulped. This was going to be a long night.

Without causing wanton destruction, there really wasn't a lot to do in the the house. They didn't have many toys, and whatever they did have was usually broken by Cornelius on the first week. Their house lacked electricity, so there couldn't possibly any tv or games to play. They had board games, but they were outdated, and usually their father was the only one who actually had fun with them. Besides, Cornelius would just cheat to win.

Huffington sat down quietly, waiting for his dad to return. He never really had chances to make friends, so he had no one to turn to a situation like this. All he had was Cornelius...

Cornelius tapped his foot violently on the ground, waiting for their father to return. As he waited, he eyed Huffington and scowled. " Look at you, being a goody little two shoes and waiting. Makes me sick. Haven't you ever considered what I taught you?

Huffington froze for a second. As he slowly regained his confidence, he replied " Papa said we should wait for him to re..."

Almost on cue, Cornelius repeated what Huffington said in a mocking tone. With confidence drained, Huffington bowed his head.

Cornelius let out a heavy sigh. " When is this man ever going to return home? It's almost been a millennium! I'll be paying bills before this bloke gets back!"

" It's only been about 30 minutes." Huffington said, feeling the need to correct his brother. Cornelius scowled his way, probably containing a great urge to hurt him. " Smart ass." he whispered.

More time went by, and still there was no sigh of their dad returning.

" What could he possibly be out doing this late? Hunting? He never goes hunting without us. Could he be on a date?" Cornelius though hard about it for a moment.

" Pleh! Someone as big as him! We can scratch date of the list for sure!" Cornelius said in disgust. Even Huffington had trouble imagining his father with another women. There were no women in the picture for a good while, so all the three had where each other.

" Well, since I'm bored, the least I can do to find entertain myself is find out what the bastards up to!" Cornelius said. A sly smile crept on his face. He exited the room, and quickly entered with his hunting pack.

Huffington could not believe what he was hearing. Didn't their father just spent a good hour asking us NOT to do anything that would get them in trouble.

" W-What do you think your doing!" Huffington asked, astounded.

Cornelius turned to him, slightly annoyed. " What does it look like I'm doing? I'm going to see what dad is up to!"

Cornelius took a firm grasp of Huffington's hand and tugged, pulling him towards him. " And don't think I'm doing this alone! Your coming with me!"

Huffington gulped. " An-d i-if I refuse?" he replied.

Cornelius glared at Huffington for a good while.

Huffington sighed, heading to his room. " I'll get my bag..."