Kakashi was grateful for the darkness shrouding the narrow alleyway. He looked, in a word, ridiculous. And not in the sense that Gai did.

He was decked out in a kimono printed in such bright shades of blue, red and yellow that it made Naruto's regular gear look downright bland. On top of that, he was trying to navigate a rickety, rusted out fire escape that swayed and groaned with every step just to reach the figure leaning out the window five floors above his head. The fire escape wasn't all thattroublesome, but when scaling the narrow ladder while holding yards of fabric out of the way and trying not to flash the street below… he'd had better times in foxholes surrounded by enemy ninja.

The kimono most definitely hadn't been his idea. He'd gone home earlier that evening to freshen up and found it in a box with a note on top instructing him to wear it… and nothing else. Kakashi could now safely say he was nota fan of the freefall effect. The updrafts alone were enough to convince him that underwear was the best invention since instant rice. He was practically swimming in the gaudy material and yet he'd never felt more exposed in his entire life.

He looked stupid, he felt stupid and if she didn't stop smothering those damn giggles in her hand he was going home and she could just forget about ever having sex with him again.

Kakashi paused half way up and sighed irritably as he leaned back to shoot the snickering figure over his head a dirty glare. "It'd be easier if I just walked up the building," he called.

Sakura laughed and the breeze that managed to squeeze between buildings blew a waft of her sweet perfume down to him. "Consider this payback for that trashy nurse outfit you asked me to wear."

"It wasn't trashy. It was very, very sexy. Besides… the scene from IchaIchaTactics called for it."

She waggled a paperback book between her fingers and said, "Yes, and the scene from ForbiddenPleasures calls for the samurai lover to climb a ladder to ravish his young, noble lover after the festival in the village."

Kakashi's eyes narrowed suspiciously as he glanced out toward the forest surrounding the village… where everyone was celebrating the fall festival. "You've been planning this for a while now, haven't you?" he accused. The festival date had been announced a month prior. Her insistence that he come over tonight was a little too coincidental not to have been planned.

"Maybe," she replied, though the smirk she shot him said it leaned a little closer to yes, she had.

"Now, that's not fair. I only came up with my role play suggestion last week when Genma mentioned the new nurse costumes at the sex shop down the street."

Sakura huffed impatiently and shook her head. Her fingers curled a little tighter around her book and Kakashi automatically tensed in preparation to dodge it should she lob it at his head. It wouldn't be the first time she chucked a book at him. "First off," she said crossly, leaning out the window further to better glare at him. "Life isn't fair. Second, I knew there wasn't a chance in hell I could ever talk you into doing this without having some kind of leverage. So… I dressed up for you, you dress up for me."

"… There wasn't a scene where the samurai wore something a little more manly and less difficult to climb a ladder in?"

"Remember how much you liked that nurse outfit?" she countered, her voice slipping into a delightful purr that sent a shiver down his spine.

Oh, he remembered. He remembered very well. She'd acted out one of his biggest fantasies and had done so without a single comment as to how incorrect the medical portion of that scene was. Kakashi nodded guardedly, his eye still trained on the book in her hand.

Sakura's smile was coy and all but dripping with sexual intent as she said in a voice that would have made a lesser man come on the spot, "Well, I really like that kimono on you… but it'd look better on my bedroom floor. So hurry and get your ass up that ladder."

He didn't think that was exactly what the noblewoman had said in the book, but this was her fantasy and if she wanted him to haul ass up the narrow, wobbly fire escape to sex her brains out… well, who was he to deny her?

Besides, the promise of finally getting out of that damn kimono was too tempting.