Before, During and After

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Ghost Whisperer is property of its producers and CBS

Random one shot that take place before, during and after the show ended. I have come across some discussions about missing moments between Jim and Melinda in the show. They never showed how he proposed and they never mentioned a honeymoon. I think some stories have to be told, so this is my way of filling the void felt by some fans.

First one takes place when Jim walks Melinda to her doorstep after they have been going out for a few weeks.

She liked how this was going. The silence as they walked towards her building. She knew she had to tell him. The few times he had seen her talking to ghosts she had brushed it off somehow.

Jim looked over at Melinda she seemed lost in thought. He really liked her, maybe he loved her already. She was quirky, funny and beautiful. He could sense there was more to her than the eyes could see at first glance.

He reached for her hand.

She snapped out of her thoughts and enclosed her hand in his. He pulled her closer to him. They locked eyes. She believed he was going to kiss her but instead he kept staring into her eyes.

"There is something about you Melinda Gordon. What are you hiding behind those beautiful eyes?" he inquired.

It was then and there she knew she had to tell him the truth.

She pulled back and looked at him firmly.

"Jim I really care about you. I just don't know if you'll still want to see me after I tell you this or that you'll believe me, "she stammered.

He looked at her with his full attention.

"Try me Mel," he whispered.

His expression and how he was earnestly looking at her made her heart melt all over again.

"The thing is I have a gift. I see ghosts..," she stated.

She looked back into his eyes.

"Wow that is very interesting. Do you see any right now?" he asked.

She looked at him startled.

"Melinda I did sense there was something different about you since the night we met. Remember you were so sure that man was in the building. We were able to save his life just in time. This is great! You can help people even after they die," he stated.

"You don't think I'm weird? Do you believe me?" she inquired.

Jim nodded.

"There was no way you guessed that man was inside. There was no way you could have known unless something or someone told you. Obviously I didn't see anyone or a ghost but you did. You helped save a life. Now that is amazing," he declared.

She didn't know whether to laugh or cry in relief.

She just embraced him with all her might.