Before During and After 14

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3x4 No Safe Place

When Melinda met Shane Carson she assumed he was the one being stalked. The first time she went into his office she felt him checking her out. She did not mention this to Jim or anyone else. After all some men did have a wandering eye. However when Shane started showing interest in her despite her objectives she got very afraid. Things got even worse when Shane meddled with Ned's application for a private school , Delia was trying to get him into.

Melinda got home as it was storming. The shower was running the bathroom She lifted the curtain and screamed. There was a rose there. It was planted by Shane!

Melinda scrambled to the window. Shane was smiling up at her.

"Go away. My husband will be home soon!," she hissed hoping she was right.

"Actually he won't be. Apparently his mother had some complications from a procedure. He won't be back for awhile Melinda," he retorted.

She was horrified. She scrambled for her cell phone as she crept around the house. The cell had no service. She cursed her fate when she realized that Shane had cut the house line too. She scrambled towards the kitchen and grabbed a knife. She hoped and prayed Jim would be home soon.

Meanwhile Jim arrived at the surgery center and was appalled to discover his mother had suffered no complications and he had been called as an hoax so Melinda would be alone. He tried calling the house but there was no connection. He rushed back to Grandview.

Melinda was trembling with fear. Colleen appeared was too scared to be much of help. Melinda was frustrated. He couldn't hurt Colleen anymore. But he could hurt her.

Melinda was ready to stab Shane but Jim appeared and stopped her from using the knife and took it out of her hold.

"Shane is here!," she cried.

"Tell me where he went!," Jim said.

"He went that way!," she yelled.

Jim chased after him but returned saying Shane had gotten away.

"Mel I am gonna run to the neighbor's to call the police. Stay here, I'll be back soon honey," he assured her.

She nodded and after Jim left she throw the gift Shane had given her to the ground. The pieces shattered on the kitchen floor.

Melinda was still feeling shaky when Jim got back. He knelt down beside her.

"I'm here Mel. He can't get to you," Jim whispered.

"He almost did Jim. I have to go back to Colleen's old apartment and meet her. We need to punish him for what he did," she stated firmly.

" Do you have to go now?," Jim inquired.

She shook her head.

"Just hold me tonight Jim. I am feeling so scared still," she said as she gripped his shirt.

The next day with Colleen's help, Melinda was able to expose Shane Carson for who he really was. By the end of the day he had lost his job and been sent to jail.

Melinda was in the basement of her shop a week later when Jim called to tell her some news.

"Mel, Shane Carson was found in his cell dead. Apparently he overdosed. We don't have to worry about him now," Jim said.

"That's great!,"Melinda said relieved.

Suddenly Shane's ghost appeared.

" Don't you think this is better Melinda? This way I can always be with you!," Shane declared.

She gasped.

"What's wrong Mel?." Jim asked.

"His ghost is here Jim!," she exclaimed.

"Get away from him Mel!"

The dark forces pulled Shane away before he could get close to Melinda. She nearly dropped the phone. She hoped for a quitter week ahead. God knew she needed it.

3x5 The Weight of What Was

Jim and Melinda were having a decent week. Melinda was zoned out after awhile. Jim started to comment about how he had to cook dinner and now the dishes.

The door bell rang.

"Mel at least you can do is answer the door," he shouted from the kitchen.

Melinda put down her magazine and opened the door. Who she saw on the other end shocked her.

"Mel who is it?," Jim inquired.

He grew angry when he saw Gabriel at their doorstep. He quickly pushed him back.

"I have some things for Melinda," Gabriel said.

" She was dead for the longest minute of my life because of you! How dare you come to your house to talk to us!," Jim yelled.

"Look I am sorry. I did not mean for that to happen. However I have these things for Melinda. Our old man preferred you anyways Melinda. Maybe these things will hold more meaning for you than they ever did for me," Gabriel stated as Melinda took the envelope.

Gabriel walked away and Jim shook his head.

Later inside the house, Jim asked," Do you really believe him after all he has done in the past?"

Melinda shook her head.

" I did want to know more about my father. I don't trust Gabriel," Melinda insisted.

Melinda started to explore and research about the new ghost she began to see soon after receiving the package.

At first she believed the ghost was Gabriel's mother but with due time she discovered she was her grandmother's great grandmother.

After Melinda entered the tunnels, Gabriel had the passageway closed. Melinda was now stuck and with no evidence of where she could be found.

Later Jim, Rick and Delia's quick thinking led them to Melinda. The ghost of Melinda's great- great grandmother guided them to Melinda. She supported Melinda while she waited for her friends and husband to come to her rescue.

Melinda screamed one last time with her remaining energy. Jim called back to her that they were there and would get her out. She climbed out and immediately wrapped herself around Jim not caring that Rick and Delia were watching. She knew she was a mess right now.

They pulled back and Jim said," You are over 12 hours late for dinner. That will not do," he hissed.

She cried with relief and remorse.

" I am sorry ," she wailed.

Jim kissed forehead and hugged her close.

"I am just glad you are safe now," he replied.

Later in an alleyway, Tom Gordon confronted Gabriel.

"The plan was not to get your sister killed," he hissed.

"Yeah whatever. I am going my way on this," Gabriel replied before walking away.

Meanwhile Melinda and Jim were resting at home.

" You know we owe Delia and Rick a dinner," he stated.

" Yeah I am really sorry for messing up things last night," Melinda stated.

Jim looked at her solemnly.

" You really did scare me," he said.

Melinda sighed.

"Yeah I know. Will you ever be able to forgive me?," she asked.

He looked straight into her eyes.

"Only if you promise to be more careful," he whispered.

She nodded and leaned forward to kiss him on the cheek.

He wrapped an arm protectively around her as they finally fell into a peaceful sleep.