Digimon Zero: Legend of the Chosen Ones

Written by: Steeldramon21

Disclaimer: I do not now nor will I ever own Digimon.

Plot: I decided to re-submit this story with several modifications. First of all, this now takes place ten years before Season 2, around the year 1992. Tai's group of DigiDestined will eventually appear but as children. Also, the plot will be similar to Season 3. Enjoy this first adventure in a Digimon epic story. The intro is the same one from Season 1.


Taichi "Tyler" Yagami- 12 years old

Lora Yamaguchi- 12 years old

Isagi "Isaac" Kimoto- 11 years old

Kasumi Yagami- 9 years old

Yamoto Miyagi- 10 years old

Part 1: Our First Adventure

Episode 1: The Journey Begins

Prologue: Everybody knows about the DigiDestined's final battle with MaloMyotismon. But the first battle with evil started almost ten years before that. Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself a little. Let me start at the beginning. It all started when the weather started getting really weird. For one thing, it got as cold as 50 degrees in the middle of July! Also, it started snowing in the Amazon jungles. Talk about weird. At the time, my friends and I were in school, so we didn't know any of this had happened. By the way, my name's Taichi "Tyler" Yagami, no relation to Tai Kamiya, my namesake and successor. You can call me Tyler so you won't get confused. There's Lora. She's okay… for a girl. Then there's Isaac. He could teach college, even though he's only eleven years old! There's my cousin, Kasumi. Man, she is sensitive! She cares about everything and anything. Finally, there's Yamoto. He's an okay kid but a little hyperactive sometimes. You never can tell what he'll do next. Anyway, we were all in school when it all started…

Chapter 1 (Six years before Season 1…)

"Man, I can't believe how hot it is." Tyler said as he walked out of the school into the sunshine. He was wearing his everyday clothes of a blue short-sleeve shirt over a yellow T-shirt with khaki pants and white Nike sneakers. His outfit was complete with a pair of round blue goggles straddled to his large and messy brown hair. "It's like a barbecue out here."

"Hey Tyler!" a familiar voice called to him. He turned around and saw that it was his friend, Lora Yamaguchi. She was wearing a yellow tank top and blue jeans with a jean jacket. She was also wearing a red headband.

"Hey Lora." Tyler said to his friend. "How's it hanging?"

"Other than frying in this heat, not much." Lora said jokingly. "So, what's up?"

"Nothing." Tyler said as he looked around. "By the way, have you seen anyone else?"

"Actually, I saw Isaac earlier. He said that he wanted to see us in the computer lab."

"Thanks." Tyler said as he ran back inside the building.

"Hey, Goggle Boy, wait up!" Lora said as she ran after her friend. When they got to the lab, they found Isaac there with Kasumi and Yamoto. Isaac was, as usual, busy on the computer while Kasumi and Yamoto were talking. Isaac was wearing an orange shirt with green pants. Kasumi was wearing a hot pink shirt and jeans. Yamoto was wearing a green T-shirt with matching baseball cap and jeans.

"It's about time you two got here." Kasumi said as Tyler and Lora came into the room, out of breath from running. "Where have you been?"

"I was outside, so we ran here." Tyler said as he caught his breath. "So, what's up?"

"Well, I was going over the computer's hard drive when this happened." Isaac said as he turned on one of the terminals. Suddenly, a window opened up on the screen. It was filled with all kinds of bright lights and colors.

"What is it?" Yamoto asked.

"I don't know." Isaac said to them. "From the looks of it, I'd say that it's some kind of screen saver. But I never seen anything that could do this to the computer." Suddenly the screen erupted in an explosion of light and color. The children shielded their eyes from the brightness.

"What's happening?" Lora asked. Just then, five objects shot out of the screen and into the children's hands. When the light faded, they found themselves holding digivices. They were similar to the digivices of Tai's group of DigiDestined but had larger screens and were different solid colors.

"What… what is this thing?" Tyler demanded.

"They look almost like some kind of digital device, like a hand-held organizer or video game system." Isaac stated as he examined his.

"Whatever it is, it looks broken to me." Kasumi said. Just then, the computer screen erupted into color once again, this time, creating a type of vacuum.

"What's happening?" Yamoto said.

"Hang on!" Tyler said as the children were pulled into the computer screen. When the light and color died down, the children were gone.

Chapter 2

When Tyler came to, he found himself in a lush jungle area. The device, which was a dark blue, was now clipped to his belt. As he sat up, he found himself staring into a pair of bright blue eyes. It was a small, blue creature perched onto his chest, smiling at him.

"AAAAHHHH!" Tyler screamed as he back away from the creature.

"Don't be afraid, Tyler." The small creature said. "I'm not going to hurt you."

"Okay, this qualifies as weird." Tyler said nervously. "Who are you and how do you know my name?"

"My name's DemiVeemon and I'm your partner Digimon." The small creature said to him.

Digimon Analyzer: DemiVeemon is a very sweet In-Training Digimon whose "Bubble Blow" attack is as big as his appetite. (It's the same one.)

"I've been waiting a long time for you to show up, Tyler." DemiVeemon said as he hopped into his arms. "We're going to be partners!"

"Listen, I really don't know what you're talking about." Tyler said. "Heck, I don't even know what you are." Just then, he hard a familiar voice calling him from nearby.

"Tyler, where are you?" the voice said. He turned to see Lora and a small white creature coming from nearby.

"Hey, Lora. You've got one, too?" Tyler said to his friend.

"Yeah, me too." Lora said as she picked up the white creature that resembled a ball-shaped bird with no wings and large eyes. "This is Pipimon, my Digimon, whatever that is."

"Hey guys!" another voice said. The duo turned and saw that it was Kasumi, Isaac, and Yamoto. They were all holding different types of Digimon.

"Okay, this is getting strange." Lora said. "We all have one?"

"Yep." Yamoto said as he held a small grey creature. "This is Pagumon. He's really cool."

"Nyaramon's cute." Kasumi said as she cradled a small yellow creature that resembled a cat's head. "I think I'll keep her."

"Well, I think that Motimon is more than adequate for me." Isaac said as he pointed to the small creature that resembled a pink blob with eyes.

"We can compare these things, whatever they are, later." Tyler said. "Right now, we have to figure out how to get back home." Just then, they heard a rumbling in the distance. The children turned to see a large fireball rush out of the trees at them.

"What the…" Lora started. Just then, the children looked up and saw what it was that produced the fireball. It was a bluish-gray dinosaur.

"What is that?" Kasumi asked her Digimon.

"That's DarkGreymon." Nyaramon said to her partner.

Digimon Analyzer: DarkGreymon is a Champion Digimon whose "Nova Blast" attack can fry you in seconds! (The Virus form of Greymon.)

"Run!" Tyler said. With that, the children grabbed their Digimon and ran for their lives. They continued running until they came to a canyon. DarkGreymon was behind them, roaring as he went.

"Great. Now where do we go?" Lora said.

"Okay, that's it." Tyler said. "No more running."

"Are you nuts?" Yamoto said. "We can't fight that thing."

"But we can." DemiVeemon said as he and the other Digimon jumped out of their partner's arms. "We can stop him."

"No, don't!" Kasumi cried. "You'll be killed!" Just then, all of the children's digivices went off and surrounded the Digimon with a bright light. (The sequence is the same one from Seasons 1 and 2.)

"DemiVeemon, digivolve to… Veemon!"

"Pipimon, digivolve to… Quailmon!"

"Pagumon, digivolve to… Gotsumon!"

"Motimon, digivolve to… Pincermon!"

"Nyaramon, digivolve to… Ringmon!"

"They're… bigger." Tyler remarked as the light faded from their Digimon. "But… how?"

Digimon Analyzer: Veemon is a Rookie Digimon with fighting potential. His "V-Headbutt" hits harder than a ton of bricks!

Digimon Analyzer: Quailmon is a Rookie Digimon that rules the skies. She uses her "Lightning Wing" to paralyze her opponents. (She resembles Biyomon except for being white with green eyes and is far more mature.) [Note: Her voice is the same as Renamon's.]

Digimon Analyzer: Gotsumon has a body that gives a whole new meaning to "rock head". His "Rock Fist Pummel" turns his foes into gravel!

Digimon Analyzer: Pincermon is an intelligent Rookie Digimon that uses his "Steel Pincer" to crush his enemies. (He looks like a robotic Japanese beetle with taser-like claws.)

Digimon Analyzer: Ringmon is a graceful Rookie Digimon that is a lean, mean, fighting machine. Her "Mega Swipe" slices through her enemies. (She looks like a brown version of Gatomon.)

"Okay, let's do it!" Veemon said as he and the others stood in front of their partners. "V-Headbutt!" he shouted as he gave a hard headbutt to DarkGreymon.

"Lightning Wing!" Quailmon shouted as lightning bolts jutted from her wings and electrocuted DarkGreymon.

"Rock Fist Pummel!" Gotsumon shouted as several rocks were fired from his head at DarkGreymon.

"Steel Pincer!" Pincermon shouted as he used his electric pincers to punch and shock DarkGreymon in the stomach.

"Mega Swipe!" Ringmon shouted as she slashed her claws through DarkGreymon. The Champion Digimon was unaffected by the attacks.

"Now what?" Yamoto said. "Their attacks didn't do a thing to that Barney wannabe!"

"Nova Blast!" DarkGreymon shouted as he spit out a ball of fire at the children. The attack pushed all of them over the edge and into the canyon below. The children screamed as they fell down into the river below…