Episode 10: A Friend in Need…

Chapter 25

As the group traveled through the Digital Desert, Tyler thought to himself once again. He was still blaming himself for Veemon's evolution into SkullVeedramon. That one accident nearly destroyed their friends. To him, it was something that was almost unforgivable.

"DemiVeemon, I'm so sorry that I pushed you like that." Tyler said to his In-Training partner. "If I hadn't forced you to digivolve…"

"Tyler, it's okay." DemiVeemon reassured him. "I forgive you, and so does everyone else."

"That's right." Kasumi added, since she was listening from behind them. "We know you're sorry, so don't blame yourself anymore."

"That's easy for you to say." Tyler told his cousin. "You didn't have Ringmon digivolve into a demented dinosaur bent on destroying anything." Just then, Kasumi's tag went off.

"Hey, my tag is glowing." She said with astonishment.

"Mine's glowing again as well." Yamoto added. "That must mean the crests are nearby somewhere."

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Lora said to them. "Let's go find them." With that, the group set off to find the new crests.

Meanwhile, far away from where the children were, the same mysterious figure watched with avid interest as the group raced to find the crests. His cold, emotionless eyes flashed as he pondered the situation.

"So, the Chosen Children are coming closer." He said to himself in a low tone. "This could prove interesting when they reach their destination."

Chapter 26

The children ran until they saw a huge, dome-like structure in the center of the desert. It looked like a futuristic city.

"Wow." Lora said as she stopped and looked at the structure. "It's huge."

"That is the city of Circuit." Quailmon commented as the other children finally arrived. "It is the only city in this wasteland and is populated by machine-like Digimon."

"That's got to be where the crests are." Yamoto said. "We've got to go down there and find them." With that, he ran off to the city, Gotsumon trying to keep up.

"Hey, wait up!" Kasumi called as she and the other children ran after him. As soon as they got to the main gates, they were in shock of what they found. The gates were ripped off. The buildings were a wreck and many of the Digimon were lying around damaged.

"What happened here?" Tyler asked. "It looks like a tornado hit."

"Some devastating force must have passed through here." Isaac said as he whipped out his laptop and began analyzing some of the Digimon.

Digimon Analyzer: This Digimon is Guardromon, a Champion Digimon. He protects the city with his "Grenade Destroyer" attack.

Digimon Analyzer: The other one is Mechanorimon, another Champion level Digimon. He serves as a transport and uses his "Twin Beam" to paralyze his opponents.

"They look busted to me." Lora said as she looked around. Suddenly, one of the Guardromon opened his eyes and began to get up, startling the children.

"I hope it's friendly." Yamoto said.

"What- what is going on?" Guardromon asked as he saw the children. "Identify yourselves. Are you friend or foe?"

"We're not here to hurt you, Guardromon." Tyler told the mechanical Digimon. "My name's Tyler and these are my friends. We just want to know what happened to your city."

"The city…" Guardromon looked around and saw the devastation. "The city was under attack by a strange Digimon. I've never seen him before. We tried to stop him but… that's all my memory banks can recall."

"Can you tell us what he was like?" Yamoto asked.

"He looked as if his entire body was encased in black body armor. His face couldn't be seen at all, only his eyes, and you didn't want to look into them."

"Wait a second." Isaac said as he furiously typed into his laptop, taking all of the information down. "I called up a picture of a Digimon matching that description. Is this the one?" He showed Guardromon the picture on the screen.

"Yes, he's the one." Guardromon said. "His name is… Servermon."

Digimon Analyzer: Servermon is a fully digivolved Digimon. His power is unmatched by anything on record. He uses his "Dark Desolation" attack to destroy his enemies.

"Just leave me in an alley with that freak." Ringmon said as she extended her claws. "Ill rip him apart."

"Your enthusiasm is appreciated, but you would have to be fully evolved as well to take him on." Guardromon noted. Just then, the group heard some rumbling from nearby. They turned and saw that another mechanical-looking Digimon had arrived. He resembled a python but was made out of metal and had powerful-looking arms.

"What's that?" Tyler asked.

Digimon Analyzer: That's Cobramon, one of Servermon's mercenaries. His "Venom Strike" attack makes him almost unbeatable.

"Go for it, guys!" Lora shouted as she took out her digivice.

"How about it, Tyler?" DemiVeemon asked his partner. He thought for a second, wondering if it was a good idea or not after what happened at the Coliseum. After a minute, Tyler gave his answer.

"Go for it, buddy." He answered as he held out his digivice.

"DemiVeemon, digivolve to… Veemon!"


"Veemon, digivolve to… Veedramon!"

"Quailmon, digivolve to… Fauldramon!"

"Gotsumon, digivolve to… Monocromon!"

"Pincermon, digivolve to… Kuwagamon!"

"Ringmon, digivolve to… Cleomon!"

"Great to see you back in action." Lora said to her friend as Tyler joined with them on Veedramon's back.

"Thanks. Now let's take care of this snake."

"V-Breath Arrow!" Veedramon shouted as he blasted Cobramon with the blue energy.

"Fire Storm!" Fauldramon shouted as she sent her fireballs slamming into Cobramon. The attacks fizzled out.

"Scissor Claw!" Kuwagamon shouted as he tried to clamp onto Cobramon's body.

"Venom Strike!" Cobramon shouted as he spit a spray of poison at the three Digimon, de-digivolving them on the spot to their Rookie forms.

"Oh, man!" Tyler exclaimed as the children caught their weakened Digimon. "What happened to them?"

"They must have been drained of their energy." Isaac observed. "At the moment, Monocromon and Cleomon are the only ones left."

"Then we'll make it a good fight." Yamoto said as he turned to his Digimon. "Go get him, Monocromon!"

"Volcanic Strike!" Monocromon shouted as he fired his attack, which actually did some damage to Cobramon.

"Finish the job, Cleomon!" Kasumi called to her Digimon.

"Egyptian Spirit!" Cleomon shouted as she fired her attack, deleting Cobramon. As the Digimon de-digivolved, a gray crest appeared in Yamoto's tag and a pink crest appeared in Kasumi's.

Chapter 27

"All right!" Yamoto exclaimed happily. "We've got our crests!"

"I've got one too." Kasumi chimed in. Her crest was the crest of Light and Yamoto's crest was the crest of Friendship.

"Well, so far the day has gone explicitly well." Isaac noted. "We have two new crests and helped save a city. Lora's crest as well as my own are the only ones left to find."

"Don't forget that Tyler got his confidence back." Lora added as she turned to her friend. "Seriously though, it's great to have you back at full, Goggle Boy."

"Thanks, and stop calling me that." Tyler told her, a light blush on his face.

"Children, I must thank you for saving this city." Guardromon said to them. "I can now begin repairs on my fallen brethren and the equipment."

"Anytime." Tyler said as the children prepared to leave. "Well, it's time for us to find the other crests so we'd better get moving."

"Bye, Guardromon!" All of the children called as they left the city to search for the other crests. Meanwhile, the mysterious figure became so enraged at what he saw that he ripped the view screen away.

"Curses! The children grow even more powerful as they approach." He stepped down from the shadows, revealing himself to be Servermon. "If you want something done right, do it yourself."