Chapter 1

Summary: A mysterious young man enters the Winchesters and Booby's life, claiming to be Bobby's own flesh and blood. Could there be more about this boy than what everyone sees?

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Driving down a road in South Dakota in the middle of the night, during a thunderstorm was not the smartest thing to do, I know realized as the engine of my beat up, puke green 96 Oldsmobile started to groan.

"Oh great," I moaned, "you're going to do this now?"

I pulled the car over to the shoulder of the road and got out. I popped the hood to find the engine smoking.

I'm probably getting ahead of myself. My name is Wallace and I came to South Dakota to find my birth father. I am twenty years old and my mother passed away about two months ago. I never gave much thought about my father until the day before my mother died, when she asked me to find him. She told me that he lived in some hick town in South Dakota.

After mourning the death of my mother, I decided to take the car she gave me for a graduation gift and set out to fulfill her dying wish.

I was standing in the middle of the road when I heard the pouring of another engine down the road. I lifted my head to look in the direction of the approaching vehicle.

I saw a sleek black Chevy Impala stop next to me. The passenger window rolled down to reveal a shaggy brown head. "Do you need some help?" The passenger asked politely.

"Yeah, this piece of crap broke down on me again." I replied with a frustrated tone.

The one driving chuckled. "Yeah, it looks like it should've kicked the bucket years ago." I looked into the car to see that the driver had short, spiky, dirty blonde hair and was wearing an old leather jacket.

The passenger spoke again, "we could give you a ride into town, and then call our friend Bobby. He has a pick up truck and a garage."

My face paled, "you don't mean Bobby, as in Bobby singer, do you?"

The two men looked at me before the driver spoke. "How do you know Bobby?"

I spoke with a lump in my throat, "he's my father."

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