AN- hey people so this is my first story for this book. this idea came up in my mind and i thought that Keeping you a Secret would be perfect for it. so please let me know what you think. its not long, but i might write more but im not sure. oh and it changes point of views so it might be a little confusing. but ok so enough talk, here you guys go.

As i walked her to her front door, and kissed her goodbye i felt my heart jump in my chest. that jump made it clear that whatever might be in my mind about this relationship, it doesnt matter. my heart had made up its mind, and i has no control over it. she pulled away and i saw that she had the biggest smile on her face, and my heart did that jump again. At this one moment i knew that i was a gonner, and i didnt care. she will have me, forever, and that is that.

She leans up and kisses her again, this time her heart jumps in her chest and now she is a gonner. and she cant seem to care as she see's that smile on her lovers face that mirrors her own. and as they both look into eachothers eyes, both there hearts jump at the same time, and they both know in that moment its true and nothing can seperate them, no matter what there family might think, no matter if its againts the laws of the church. They at that one moment in time, will risk everything just to be able to follow their hearts, and love forever.

The two hearts that waited over 5 centeries to find one another again, and this time nothing and no one will stop the hearts from doing what they wanted. they found each other again, and this time they will make it last forever, because if this lifetime is like the last one, it still wont matter, the two hearts will wait forever just to be able to be together again. The two hearts that will beat as one, together and forever.